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By following your friends and influencers you'll be able to see what they're saving in real time. I taught Brimley tricks to exercise his mind the same way I exercise his body by taking him on walks.
Admittedly, this teaching process may take a while, but when it happens, reward your dog like crazy! Try this a few times and praise and treat each time he follows the treat and lies flat on his side with his head on the floor.
Now continue the movement of your hand, holding a treat, once he is lying flat, from his shoulder to his backbone. Gradually reduce the hand motion and treat lure, until your dog can perform the trick on just a verbal cue.
Teaching your dogs tricks puts you on top: Your dog looks to you for instructions, commands, and guidance. Seems obvious, but most training sessions should start with your dog sitting and getting a reward for doing so.

Once your dog is laying down, offer him high value treats as you pet his belly, encouraging him to lay on his side. Redirect all that crazy puppy energy into learning a new trick, which sounds a little wacky, but it really works. Cute as can be but devilishly clever and rambunctious, this pup gave me a run for my money from the very first day. This tendency is obviously very beneficial when it rubs off on their everyday behavior. I followed the guidelines from several training books and found that a combination of their tips worked wonders! For my dog, high value treats mean small pieces of bacon or cheese, but the thing he wants most is my praise and lots of petting.
I also received an amazing tip to teach your dog to lay down by holding your arm straight up in the air rather than motioning towards the ground. This is pretty easy with most dogs, but if your dog is skiddish at all you may need to spend a good amount of time here, rewarding your pup for this good behavior.

Your dog’s instinct will be to follow the treat, and this motion will naturally roll them over. Eventually you can remove the treat from your hand, and teach the dog a regular hand motion like spinning your finger around to command them to roll over. This way, your dog can see you asking him to lay down from a distance whether it’s across the room or across the dog park. I have a friend whose dog only does tricks if it means he will get a tennis ball thrown for him afterward!
When Brimley was a puppy, I would train him to do tricks using his regular kibble as the reward.

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