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Baby dragons hatch from eggs, which is the beginning of the second stage of a dragon's life cycle. Born from an egg with spikes; baby Nadders come in a assortment of tropical colors, like their parents.
Whispering Death babies are the only known dragons to be born with razor sharp teeth, spines, and uncontrollable jaw strength. Baby Thunderdrums can be very loud and uncontrollable unless corralled by a bigger, older Thunderdrum, such as how Thornado could control Bing, Bam, and Boom. Some are playful, mischievous and appear adorable to even the toughest of Vikings, as shown when Stoick commented that baby Thunderdrums were cute. Like most baby dragons, their teeth, horns, spines, talons, and claws are smooth and not sharp.
As a baby, one head can breathe gas, but the other can't light it with sparks until it matures.

A baby Thunderdrum's playful nature can lead to destruction, noise making, and making a mess where ever they go.
They also have some of the most alert senses, most spryness, and are able to fly sooner the other baby dragons. Baby Nightmares are some of the most willful baby dragons, and are known for being the first to separate from their litter and assume independence within minutes of their birth. Newly hatched Whispering Deaths have mouths full of sharp teeth and are unable to control their teeth and spines, thus making them dangerous. They tend to flock around their mothers for protection and food (mostly regurgitated fish). Their saliva, due to it's kerosene composition, is akin to lighter fluid, which indirectly gave Hiccup the idea for Inferno, his flame sword. But in order to see them clearly, they have to be still, which is hard because baby Thunderdrums are always on the move.

All baby dragons have the ability to withstand a Bewilderbeast's mind control as they 'listen to no one'. Despite their self-reliance and solitary natures, Nightmares grow up to be some of the most devoted dragons and are particularly protective of their Viking riders, even if they have a funny way of showing it sometimes.
Like adults, babies can be heard from miles away, which is helpful when a baby calls for its mom.

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