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Jackson talks about what you didn’t see on the most recent episode of My Cat From Hell, when he worked with Mufasa (a female Norwegian Forest Cat) and her guardians Rudy and Andrea. So, this is something that can be fairly obvious to me and not obvious to the people I work with. These guys were going through 25 pounds of litter a week because they were taking all the litter out. My cats are well cared for, have a huge water fountain just for them ( not the dog) and are fed good food with frequent treats of cooked chicken or salmon etc. I have two cats that are sisters from the same litter and one is totally fluffy, and I read the post about the size of the litter box, which we’ve always suspected, but our fluffy cat has always, always, always pooped on the floor. I have a cat that has always used her litter box with no problem, but now for some reason she is not using it for pooping all the time.
Litter boxes can get old and it is impossible to get all the odor out even if you wash them.
I have used this product and it has taken the smell out pretty much, but it has not kept Josh from peeing.
Abandonment is a criminal act in most locations and is inhumane especially to a cat that has lived all of its life indoors. I know you said you had blood tests done already on Gizmo, but did they run blood glucose levels for diabetes? My Vet told me that she thinks his going on the floor may be a form of trauma from the Constipation he was experiencing. I would love to know what I need to do to help him feel comfortable about pooping in the litter box again.
He is a very sweet boy who has some quirks like he will only drink water from a special coffee cup and from nothing else.
We have three cats (all from the same litter) but one of the males occasionally acts out by urinating in the floor or on furniture near the litter box. Loki will scream at me when he wants fed and has recently started drinking water only from a small, plastic cup.
I’m sure all my attempts have made the situation worse because the litter boxes have changed location, size (larger), the litter has changed, and then changed back again. My next best guess is to create a catio just for her, where she can retreat and mark her territory with a litter box outside the house. The CitiKitty is a kit that you can put in to your toilet to train your cat how to pee in the toilet.

The CitiKitty cat toilet training kit will work with all shapes and sizes of toilets, includes a training seat, one insert (which you'll need to purchase more if your cat needs extra training), an instruction guide and tip card, along with some catnip to help in training. Odditymall features unique gifts with a focus on geeky gadgets, survival gear, outdoor gizmos, unique kitchenware, pet gadgets, novelty gifts, and amazing product designs. I have only two cats and they require their own litter boxes, cleaned twice daily, since they don’t like peeing and pooping in the same box. It has been in the same place and has been the same box since I have had her, and she decides to poop on our kitchen floor even after I clean it, can anyone help? I was looking at some products in pet store just the other day but really didn’t have a clue as to which one was best.
Use a bit of psychology… Eg some cats love to go on plastic shopping or black bin bags, so take this (or whatever it is) and put that in a litter trays (1 with litter and 1 without) and see can you crack it! While he might not have a UTI, he probably is starting to have some memory loss and maybe some bladder control loss. One is about three, I found her stuck under the porch of my apartment so I took her in, and the other is 2. Featured on Shark Tank, the CitiKitty consists of a 4-ring training system that will teach your cat over time to stand on the toilet seat and urinate into the toilet water. Jinx to piss in the toilet, the CitiKitty cat toilet training kit will progress your cat through 4 rings, with each ring taking 1 week to train you cat. The cat toilet training kit is ideal for households with multiple cats, larger cats, cats over 3 months old, as well as older cats. It was very stressful time and incredibly time-consuming to have to keep cleaning it up day in day out.
I just took him to the vet to check for UTI’s and nothing there and blood tests are clean. I recalled a show where Jackson mention a urine cleaner that had a carbon base to it but couldn’t find anything. We were having all of those problems of him peeing in the bed about 4 years ago and he started getting insulin and we didn’t have those problems anymore.
He is probably sleeping on those soft spots and doesn’t realize until it is too late that he has to pee.
During the first step you will essentially be placing a make-shift kitty litter box in the toilet seat so that they think that is where their litter box has moved to. I keep the fountain up so my dog doesn’t drink from there, he is fine with his big bowl.

As the training moves on you insert rings that have a larger and larger hole in the center of them so that over time there will be no litter box left and they will be peeing and pooping directly into the toilet.
Now you just need to train your cat to flush the toilet, although the lack of apposing thumbs could pose a problem.
I have tried ever type of litter available and I am meticulous about keeping things clean and reducing the pee smell best I am able. We tried giving them a separate litter box but all three cats continued to use the same box. No longer will you have to dig turds out of a sand box like some sort of savage, simply train you cat to go in the toilet and you will be living the care-free lifestyle of a cat owner in no-time. Also make sure the toilet they're flushing won't back up and leak in the back yard before your wedding. Justbwatch out as a fresh clean sterile place can be like an open invite like fingers to wet cement. Still, Dora will use a box to poop but then pee either just outside the box or occasionally on the carpet in another room. Last year he suddenly stopped using his litter box and while he poops in it, he pees on either the bed or the couch, soft spots. I am now one of those folks who has removed all the carpet and covered the remaining with layers of plastic. I have plastic under all my bedding and occasionally through the day take him to his box and rub his belly gently, and a little lower like vet showed me. They spray when I go away on vacation, when I have visitors,and what seems like absolutely no reason at all.. Particularly spots where I may have a bag (travel bag, my give away clothes bag) I hate to keep her out even when were sleeping.
I have two litter boxes separate from each other and she goes no where else except the bedroom.

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