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This train case allows me to separate the compartments with the foam dividers so I can customize it to my liking and separate products. As far as the review goes you can watch my video down below and also check out the items I have inside but long story short I think the quality is good but not great but definitely not bad. Do watch my video below on what’s in my train case and an overall collection overview. I take out my iPhone and see how many Guest Rewards points I have using the Amtrak App for iOS which is a free application I downloaded from the App store.

After I have determined what type of deal I can get by using my points from my previous travels, I follow the seven steps below to maximize my trip experience. When you board the train, they will find you a comfortable seat near the dining cart and the restrooms. Don't worry, this type of help is available throughout your whole trip from the short breaks between cities where you get out to stretch your legs, to when you need to possibly switch trains. While on the train you have all types of dining options including steak, seafood, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Free WiFi is available, as well as spacious seating and a power outlet to charge your electronics.

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