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I deeply appreciate everyone who has purchased the book in the past, and I hope each one of you has found some bit of information in the book to help you understand your puppy better. Karen Pryor is a GREAT trainer with top quality training products for people who LOVE their new puppy and want to train her right! Train for success… When training your puppy you will want to break the training sessions up into many small 3 to 8 minute trainings. Night Time Help… For young puppies it is a good idea to feed the last meal a few hours before bedtime. That way they can eliminate before bedtime and have less problems for both of you during the night.
Visit your vet… A good thing to do while your puppy is still young is to visit your veterinarian. Review of: Karen Pryor Clicker Training This training method uses what is still cutting edge information in dog and puppy training! My Blog ~ Talk On DogsTip of the Week!Here’s your “Tip of the Week” : Leash walk every day… Take your puppy out for a leash walk every day.
How potty train puppy clicker karen, Potty problems are you having trouble teaching your puppy (or even your adult dog) appropriate elimination behaviors don't despair. Dog puppy potty training system , How to potty train a dog the new gotta potty system is a complete digital dog and puppy potty training solution.
Can any one give advice on a 6 month old rotty who wont leave the house for a walk without everyone in the house going with her, if just one of the family tried to take her she wont move they have tried toy, treats, pulling her etc.  Also when the owner comes in the back door from the garden she is growling at her, but not when she comes in from the front. I know this question was already asked, but it never was answered ("Help, new pup goes everywhere").
I take him out incredibly frequently (after drinking, eating, etc.) and give tons of praise and treats when I take him to his potty spot outside and he goes. If you can, potty your pup BEFORE going on a walk, and use the walk as a reward for a job well done! You are doing everything correctly by taking your puppy outside frequently, however to avoid your puppy from urinating inside the house after you have just taken him outside, make sure his blatter is completely empty before entering the house. I have a 5 month old lab who is fully potty trained, but we recently (1 month ago) adopted a lab mix puppy from a rescue facility and she is making us CRAZY with this potty training! Also my Mother has a dog that potties in her crate when she has not had enough attention in a few days.
As soon as you feel comfortable that he knows what he should be doing, and you add his verbal cue 'go potty', 'get busy', 'hurry up', 'go pee', etc., then you can continue using the cue for a while until you think he knows it, and slowly wean off the clicker.
I can't seem to get her to figure out that I want her to go to the bathroom in the litter box. Sign up for our newsletters and get articles, new products, events, and exclusive deals sent directly to your inbox! Walking with your puppy on a leash is the best way for you to establish a wonderful relationship with your puppy. One of the most important aspects of training a new puppy is that you reward and praise her every time she does the right thing. Take the time to help him learn acceptable behaviors and he will reward you by being the dog of your dreams!
A routine will increase the chances that your dog will eliminate in the right place, where you want her to. Eliminating in the right place, in your presence, allows you to praised and reward her for correct behavior. One of the first steps in training your puppy is to develop a little insight as to how your dog is motivated. One of the very best things you can do for yourself and your puppy is to find a good puppy class to attend.
Gentle, proper social interactions as a young puppy can make a huge difference in how your dog reacts to things later in life.
The on-line courses, books, videos and equipment that is available on Karen’s websites are state of the art and WILL help you train that new puppy of yours in no time. I have been using the Kong brand toys for my dogs for many years because they are fun for the dogs and they last for a long time.
It is easy to read and understand, with chapters on some of the most frequently asked questions about puppy behaviors and training. When a puppy knows right from the beginning that it can earn rewards—whether a treat or a chance to play with you—by paying attention and learning new behaviors, it matures into an extraordinary canine companion.
All other basic training is going well, and when they all go to the park she is very sociable and well behaved. The woman told me that he was housetrained and that he only had one accident the whole time that she had him. However, many times, right when we come back in (from a 10-15 minute wait for him to go), he will walk into the house and go on the carpet--in an area he's never gone before! I suggest going outside for at least 15 minutes with your puppy. If the puppy continues to urinate in the house after spending 15 minutes outside, do not let the puppy run free after returning home. I was thinking of adopting one from an Italian greyhound shelter but I was doing some research on them and it said that is why some many of them are brought to shelters.
I found an article on the subject and my first question for you is did you get your puppy from a pet store? I recently thought it would be a huge time saver to teach the dog to use a litter box on the balcony.
I’ve had my own ‘puppy training problems’ in the past that I’ve overcome and I’ve helped others deal with their puppy and dog training and behavior issues over the years. Instead of trying to train your pup by giving one long lesson a day, make it many short lessons and you will be happy to see how fast she learns her commands!
You must be in control of where you go, how fast and when to stop, so your puppy will get in the habit of following your lead.
Rewarding her for going where you want and when you want, decreases the chances that your dog will eliminate in the house. If she does have an accident, it means that you have given her unsupervised access to your house too soon. To ‘train’ your puppy using a rewards system, you need to determine how your dog is motivated so you can offer him something in exchange for correct behavior.

If you start trimming the toenails early in the puppy’s life, your puppy will learn to have his feet handled and that will help in all aspects of grooming and first aid care.
You will keep him guessing and always looking for that great treat and you will keep his interest longer.
While still young, introduce your pup to all sorts of people, animals and situations in a safe, low key manner. Your vet will get to meet your new puppy and give you a clean bill of health.  If any problems are found during the exam he can give you advice on how to proceed or options for you to consider at that time.
The Karen Pryor Academy has helped thousands of people train their puppies and dogs using the most up to date methods available. The book includes information on some of the most frequently asked questions about puppy behavior, training and equipment as well as what to expect when you first bring your puppy home. I’ve had some very heavy chewers in the past and even now one of my young pups can really chew through toys and rawhide.
I have three Decker Rat Terriers and they love to chew so I am always on the look-out for good healthy products for them. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Potty Training Your Puppy interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Clicking will give your puppy confidence and comfort through positive experiences and clear communication. Well after getting him home and after a couple of days I realized that woman was lying to get rid of him quicker.
Instead, carry him inside the house and crate him until you are ready to take him outside again in 3-4 hours. My dog is from a pet store and according to what I read since they are kept in cage where they are forced to go to the bathroom where they sleep and have probably never been outside they don't understand that when you go outside that it is where you want them to go potty. If your dog doesn't get it and you tell it to go in the litter box it may think it can go potty either any where in the house or on the balcony.
As you walk more often with your puppy he will start to look to you for direction and security.
What you are doing is developing habits with a reward system for puppy doing what you want, when you want it. If given an opportunity to eliminate elsewhere, they will learn very fast NOT to ‘go’ where they sleep, play and live. Remember, keep your training sessions short and always end them on a positive note with something that he knows and can do well.
A good puppy class will include socializing with the other puppies and the other people who attend the class. Take any paperwork on shots or worming your pup has already had with you so they can put them in their records. The system includes 3 hours of audio lessons, 2 hours of live puppy training footage and over 55+ pages of step-by-step guides, plus much more! Also included is a section that lists items you will need for your new puppy, crate training, what your puppy has gone through before you got him and information on veterinary visits, shots and feeding. If you leave a strong chewer with a toy, it had better be a good one or you’ll be picking up shreds of it everywhere or worse yet, you might have to take an unplanned trip to the vet.
Here's how to get started housetraining the clicker way.If your puppy came from a knowledgeable breeder, his mother may have already trained him to eliminate outside. I often let her out in the garden, where she sometimes goes potty, but often keeps it until she comes back!
Some of us feel that the dog should be kept in the crate at any moment that she can not be actively supervised in order to prevent accidents - this meaning a lot of the time (while making dinner, eating dinner, putting young children to sleep, etc).
Especially with Italian greyhounds you should start potty training at 8 weeks if not sooner. The recommendation was to pick up some of the poop your dog makes in the house or a paper towel you used to soak up the pee and set it somewhere outside where you want your puppy to go.
When training your new dog, though, DO use clicker and treat all the time you can, as he is not trained yet, and needs reinforcement continuously. Ask questions, visit, talk on the phone, ask more questions, find out all you can so you will be prepared for the next 2 years of puppy antics and the next 10 to 16 years of dog ownership. If a mistake or accident occurs, it’s best to go back to the crate training for awhile.
Temporarily confining your puppy to a small area, a crate for example, strongly inhibits the tendency to urinate and defecate. It’s fun and rewarding to be with other people who are having the same fun times as you are raising your new puppy!
The best of all scenarios is to find a way to combine your pups training with his play so he has lots of fun and stays engaged in what you are trying to teach him.
I’ve used Chet’s techniques with my puppies successfully and I really like the way it works.
If you want to learn the basics about your  new puppy and what you can do to help him grow into the dog you want him to be…this is the book for you! When breeders provide a way for the mother dog to take her puppies out, the mother dog will often housetrain her puppies. Other family members feel that accidents are inevitable and the dog should be allowed out and about while people are home - in order for human-canine bonding to occur and to give the dog the opportunity to exercise and play that she doesn't have during the rest of the day.
When you see him sniffing the floor and circling pick him up and say "outside" then take him to the spot where you left the poop or paper towel. I want to help you in any way I can so that you can have the relationship you want with your new puppy.
The more time you spend with your puppy the quicker and easier it will be to train her to behave the way you want her to. You need to learn the signs your puppy uses when she needs to eliminate and she needs to develop more bladder and bowel control so she can hold it until she goes out to her spot. As you gradually lengthen the time your puppy stays in the crate, this teaches your puppy to ‘hold it’.

The bones last a long time and the little ridges that appear as they chew on the bones help to keep the dogs teeth clean. It takes alot of patience and you will have to watch her just like a 2 year old child, take it out after it eats, when it wakes up from a nap, and every time she drinks or eats and playing or alot of excitement.
I'm assuming this is not normal and she will increase the frequency as she gets more comfortable and eats and drinks more.
When you get him out there walk him in a circle around the poop (this naturally stimulates there bowels) and he will go. Certainly problems will come from not getting enough attention, and this can be solved by paying attention to them! With this website, the goal is to expand that help to include people all over the world, who are desperately looking for ways to deal with their new puppy and the problems that sometimes come up while raising and training puppies.
You can avoid many health issues and temperament problems by getting you new puppy from someone who really LOVES the breed you are interested in. I bought a clicker and Karen's book, but I did it the wrong way and clicked her for going on the newspaper instead of trying to restart the whole process.
It might not happen right away so expect to be outside a little while and bring treats with you to reward him immediately when he has finished going. OR what i do is just take the puppy puddle pads that my baby already peed on and put that in there.. The first thing you must do is choose one spot that will be his permanent bathroom: the "potty" spot.
I do not have a fence, therefore I have been training her to walk on and off the leash, and to come when I call. When you take your puppy out to potty, always use the same door and go to the same potty spot. I resorted to getting a crate to keep him in at night and while me and my husband are at work. It is important to MAKE her accept the leash, and I took a chair outside and sat with her on the lease and she fought and threw a fit but in the end she accepted the leash. If you are spending the time to train your puppy, you will also want to give him the best possible chance to do the right thing. Unlike other dogs I have, he doesn't go to the door to let me know if he has to go, he'll just go! Also, its hard to get a potty spot, because the garden is huge and I always praised her going anywhere but inside the hosue! This site is designed to help as many people as possible to have a GREAT relationship and wonderful full life with their puppy or dog. Its hard to put her on a leash in the garden, because she got used to her freedom in the garden and goes mad! Take him for a long walk, play ball, Frisbee, or fetch or go swimming…whatever it takes to give him the appropriate type and amount of exercise he needs to be a calm and collected little guy in the evening when you are ready to kick back and relax. When he begins going, quietly say your potty cue—a word that will tell your dog that this is the place and time to go.
She woke up at 3:00 am last night and I stumbled out of bed took a treat and put her on the lease and took her out.
This cue will come in very handy when you're away from home.) Click and treat just as your puppy is finishing his business. He is real skittish and will not come to my husband and when my husband tries to hold and pet him, he'll wiggle and squirm.
You want to click while the behavior is still happening, but not so early in the process that your puppy stops eliminating prematurely in order to get to his treat.
With a bit of practice you'll quickly learn to time your click and treat so that your puppy associates his reward with eliminating in the right place—yet isn't interrupted before completion. Soon your puppy will know that: potty in house = no reward; potty in potty spot = really great rewards!
Bell signal Click here for video on housetraining your puppy A bell can be a useful tool for your dog to tell you he wants to go out. And he'll walk on the leash just perfect for me but when someone else tries to lead him, he'll fight the leash.
Because he can't speak to you in your language, he must use a signal to tell you he needs to go out. Crate training It is a good idea to put the puppy in a crate at night and during the day when you can't watch him. If your puppy is very small and you have a large crate, divide it up so the puppy has just enough room to stand up and turn around. Depending on the age of the puppy, you may have to get up in the middle of the night to take him out. Some people like to keep their puppy's crate in their bedroom at night, so they can easily hear when he wakes and can take him out before he eliminates in his crate.
Accidents If your puppy has an accident, try not to be angry or upset (this is sometimes hard), because if he fears you it will slow his learning. This is not an instant process, but if it's done properly your dog won't fear you and he will learn what you want. When he does go, click, make a fuss over him, and reward him with a treat or play.) Go back into the house and use paper towels to pick up the mistake. Leave the towels there as a signal to your dog that this is the correct place for him to eliminate. Removal of the odor is important in discouraging the puppy from using that spot again.If you understand when your puppy needs to go out, then you can eliminate many accidents.

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