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As soon as I found out I was having twins, I started to freak out about how hard it was going to be to take care of two babies at once.
Then I was able to pick them up the next time I was at the store at the site to store counter.  It was SUPER easy to do and I loved not having to search for them at my store because they are not always in stock. My daughter is so excited to get started with her potty adventure, as you can see in the picture.  She loves showing her Pull-Upa off to everyone in the house any time she can!  Me on the other hand wouldn’t mind waiting, so I am happy to have Pull-Ups to minimize the mess! We started a week before he turned two and by the time it was his birthday he was completely trained.
We tried sticker charts and candy rewards, but found that simply using the timer method and positive reinforcement worked the best. They wore diapers or Pull-Ups during nap time for about six months, but after that they only wore them at nighttime. We were heading to Walmart anyway to pick up a few things, so it was super easy to just grab them when we were there!

Each store will be different as to how many you can pick up.  If you have them shipped to your house you can get as many as you would like. I desperately wanted them both to learn at the same time so that I didn’t have to buy diapers anymore. Every time the girls successfully went potty, we clapped and cheered and made it a huge deal. Just within the past week, one of my twins has decided that she doesn’t need a Pull-Up at nighttime anymore. She does have dry nights, but she just can’t seem to make it until morning to go potty. My girls love being able put them on by themselves. I also like that they come in super cute Disney designs for both boys and girls that fade when wet.
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After potty training three kids, including twins, I have found that it’s best to just keep it simple. With a lot of encouragement and persistence, we did succeed in getting both girls potty trained by the time they turned two. As a former teacher, I know how well positive reinforcement works with kids so I wasn’t surprised to see how much my girls thrived on it when they first learning to use the potty. I dreaded the thought of it, but decided that I would approach it the same way I did with my son.

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