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The first floor, which rests on the eighth floor of the building, has a living room with a connected kitchen (with a fully functional sink with real plumbing on set).
The stairs along with the cargo elevator are both located towards the back of the apartment. The second floor, the building's ninth floor, never seen on-screen until iGot a Hot Room, houses Carly's bedroom.
The apartment also comes with its own "built-in" cat, who's currently stuck behind the wall.
The Shays' living room is decorated with collections of insulated drink containers, older model transistor radios, stereos and telephones and models of gummy bears. The chain lock on the Shays' apartment front door has been broken several times, and it was even missing in the episode iPromise Not To Tell. Perhaps the oddest item in the living room is a yellow diaper pail of the sort used to soak cloth diapers prior to washing, that sits close to front door of the apartment. On a shelf in the kitchen is a "cookie time" cookie jar that appears identical to one that was used on the set of "Friends" for many years. It was mentioned by Dan Schneider that Spencer's room after iChristmas was rebuilt to be Carly's new bedroom.
This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Speaking of hard work, downstairs, Charlotte is on the phone with Jonathan as a Reptar pinata is being hoisted up. Angelica sadly brushes Cynthia's hair as Lou brings her her present and wishes her a happy birthday. Back downstairs, Charlotte is still on the phone with Jonathan, who tells her the Russian Circus she reserved has been cancelled.
Back in her room, Angelica sadly tells Cynthia that soon, her life as an innocent kid will be over. Back downstairs, Charlotte tells another caterer to take the sheep to the tent out back, and another one to add more streamers so there'll be lots of color. Back in Angelica's bedroom, as Angelica sucks on her pacifier, Tommy asks her if she's really going through with acting like a baby, and Angelica responds by asking him if he has a problem with it. Drew walks down the stairs, and tells Charlotte that Angelica is crawling around her room, dressed like a baby, and won't even speak to him. Back in her bedroom, Angelica cries like a baby as Drew tries to get her to put her new party dress on, telling her that it's a lovely dress, and he's sure it costs a lot of money.
Later that day, Angelica's friends, including Dean and Susie, come over, and Charlotte greets them.
As another of Angelica's friends hits the pinata, getting some candy out, Angelica tells the babies she's going to miss all the chocolates.
As Angelica and her friends collect their candy, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil watch from inside the playpen.
Charlotte then calls Angelica and her friends over to watch a performance from Flubbo and Looney Boy. Right before Angelica jumps out of the playpen, there is a scene where Lil is missing her bow. Although it's never stated which birthday this was for Angelica, she's continually referred to as being three for the remainder of the series. The babies and Angelica are watching the Mega Hyper Heroes, a Captain Planet type television show. Tommy becomes Changing Baby (capable of turning into animals), Phil becomes Spitball Boy (who can shoot out machine gun like spitballs from a spitball gun), Lil becomes Dotted Line Girl (who is a dotted line), and Chuckie becomes Stinky (who smells as strong as two babies).
It's revealed that the Robo-Buster was really a vacuum cleaner and Lil really tripped the switch. The babies are wondering how to get past Angelitron's robot guards, who are armed with laser guns. Unimpressed, Angelitron reveals her abilities and unleashes various weapons from her body, including a plasma launcher.
The announcer from the show then states that thanks to a little help from the babies the day is once again saved thanks to the Mega Hyper Heroes.
The Mega Hyper-Heros is based loosely on Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four and their show is based on the 1994 animated cartoon of the same name. Coloring Pages for children is a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity. It is a three-story apartment with a private elevator in Bushwell Plaza, apartment number 8-C.
It is also known to be a sort of space behind the studio, where iCarly guests wait to be introduced onto the show. In "iPsycho" Spencer purchases a granite counter top to replace the broken wooden one, but it completely crushes the counter. It is speculated that each unit does not have three floors, as Marty Klemish lives in 7-C, directly below the Shay's residence. When her parents tell her that now that she's older, she will have more responsability, Angelica decides to regress and become a baby again. It's Angelica's birthday, and in her room, Angelica is looking at a picture of the Taj Mahal, thinking about using it as a summer home. Some caterers pass by her, pushing and pulling live goats, and she tells them to take all animals out back to the tent. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil then walk into her room, wish her a happy birthday, and reveal they have brought her a mud pie (made with literal mud) in Spike's food bowl.
She gathers a purple shirt and a green bonnet from the dolls in her own bedroom, then she gathers supplies from the babies' diaper bag, including a pacifier and a diaper.
Charlotte tells him that she's very busy, as she needs to check on the chocolate swan sculpture, and the Chinese Acrobats have arrived. He hands her the dress, and she stops crying, but only briefly, as she now throws the dress on the floor and stomps on it, screaming. Chuckie then tells her that she can't have any little candies, either, as they're too dangerous for babies. Chuckie then tells Tommy and the twins that getting older doesn't sound as bad as Angelica let on earlier.

Two of the heroes are being chased by Metallitron, a giant robot that is firing lasers at them. She punches Changeling into a wall causing him to turn into a cobra which she uses to tie up the others. Tommy states that she is evil and takes what isn't hers, such as the world's oxygen supply.
Chuckie, however, doesn't want to be Stinky, but Tommy refutes his statement by claiming that it's an honor to be the stronger hero.
Chuckie wants to play something else, but Tommy says they got to save the heroes and they head on.
Phil notes how high the mountains are for climbing, and Changing Baby turns into a spider and they start climbing up the web rope. Angered, Tommy states that the Mega Hyper Heroes never gave up when the Earth needed them and neither should they. Dotted Line Girl attempts to battle her with her ship, but Angelitron hurls it into a wall then destroys it with a laser, causing it to go up in flames (which Angelitron states is "cool").
Changeling thanks the babies, but Changing Baby tells him there's no time for that because they have to reclaim the world's supply of oxygen from Metallitron. It is an educational tool and is considered an important contribution to a child's development. However in subsequent episodes the counter was rebuilt with its original wooden top and the granite top was never used, which seems odd given that granite counter tops are quite expensive. She then sees Drew, and tells her that she's been making last-minute suggestions for her birthday. As she talks to him, a caterer brings in a cake the size of a wedding cake, with a figure of Angelica at the top.
She then talks to Jonathan again, telling him to tell the Russian Circus performers that if they ever want to work in this town again, they'll make sure not to cancel a Charlotte C. When the babies return, they are shocked to find Angelica dressed as a baby, specifically wearing the green bonnet, purple shirt, and the diaper from the diaper bag. They explain to Charlotte that they have come to perform for Angelica's party, and that when they were in school, they made all their spending money off of birthday clown appearances. Phil, Lil, and Chuckie add playing big kid games, crossing the street, and eating solid food as their respective examples. The Chinese Acrobats perform for her, then she says, "I'll be right there" to them in Chinese. Angelica is now in the playpen with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil, who are all very impressed with how well she was able to pull off acting like a baby. Phil likes the idea of getting bigger and stronger, Tommy likes the idea of eating chocolates, and Lil likes the idea of hitting things with sticks. Chas juggles three cakes as Howard hits his foot with a hammer, causing him to scream and throw his cakes in the air, causing two of them to land on their heads. Johnny, one of them, states that if the others were here they could put their rings together and become the Mega Hyper Heroes, as the rings only work when all four of them are together.
Angelica does the same and snatches the babies Mega Hyper Hero action figures and runs off. Phil and Lil agree to go on, reluctantly Chuckie agrees as well but angrily asks why he has to be Stinky. She gets past the guards and, just as she is about to reach the heroes, Angelitron stops her. Beyond the educational virtues, coloring sessions allow us, the adults, a little peace and quiet while the boy or girl enjoy coloring. Because of this, it can be speculated that the Shays' apartment is special in comparison with the other apartment units. Angelica tells him, Tommy, and the twins that she's too old for mud pies now, as she now has responsibilities. Angelica tells them that now that she's a baby again, nobody can give her any responsibilities.
Charlotte tells them that she's already booked enough entertainment, but Chas insists that she gives him and Howard a brief demo before she says no.
Angelica tells them that being a baby will be easy for her, but Chuckie tells her he doesn't think she can do it.
Drew then asks her what he should do about Angelica, as whenever she wants something, she just cries. Angelica has now had enough and tells the babies they've ruined everything for her, as now she can't do anything fun. They run into a cave and are reunited with the other two who were off saving the rain forests. As the babies are nearing, Angelitron shows up and unleashes the Robo-Buster, a deadly robot and the secret weapon that Angelitron mentioned earlier.
Spitball Boy attempts to hold them off but his spitballs have no effect so they are forced to retreat. Changeling turns into an eagle and takes off with Flamo holding on while Miss Invisible and the Bolt take off in her ship. Not to mention the result: coloring pages for preschoolers are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room! Please note the images are not hosted on our servers, hence some of the images might not download.
Angelica excitedly runs up to the letter and opens it, but as she looks through the card, she is disappointed not to find any money inside, and tosses it on the floor. She then tells Jonathan he'll be in a lot of trouble if the karaoke machine she ordered doesn't work. Lou thinks for a minute, then tells her that when you get older, first your back aches, and it's tough to get out of bed in the morning, then your hearing isn't as good, you get false teeth, and your vision blurs.
Phil asks her what those are, and Angelica tells him that she's not allowed to have fun anymore for the rest of her life.
As she pretends to be a baby, Chuckie and Tommy begin to doubt if she can really pull it off. Chas then plays some clown music and introduces himself as the Amazing Flubbo, and Howard as his sidekick, Looney Boy. Angelica then tells him to give her any baby thing to do, and she'll do it just as good as any of them.

Charlotte tells him that Angelica is just going through a phase, and since it's her birthday, she can do whatever she wants, including cry.
Dean asks her what she's doing in the playpen, and Susie tells her that she looks like a baby. Right now, she could be out there with her friends, hitting the pinata, but instead, she's been reduced to sitting in a playpen, wearing a diaper, and drinking from a bottle. Angelica's friends continue laughing, and Angelica throws some of her cake at Belinda and Susie.
Changing Baby becomes an octopus and attempts to fight it, but he is no match for the robot's abilities. If you like to completely remove your website from our search engine index, please follow the instructions below, "Remove from Index". Drew picks up the card and reads it to her, revealing it to have a poem from her grandmother inside. Charlotte is outraged, as the performers shouldn't have been deported until after their performance at her daughter's birthday. Tommy tells her that today is her birthday, and Phil says that on your birthday, everyone has to be nice to her and give her presents. Drew then tells Charlotte that he's going to see if he can at least get Angelica to put on her new party dress, as he knows she likes dressing up.
Chuckie tells her that it may not look like much to her, but it's the world of him, Tommy, Phil, and Lil, and it's all they know.
Angelica and her friends all laugh, and the episode ends with a view of the figure of Angelica on top of her cake.
Before Angelitron can kill her, Changing Baby (as a rhino) smashes through the wall with the others behind him. Lil then adds that she also gets to blow out the candles and make a special birthday wish, and Chuckie concludes by saying she gets to eat cake and ice cream until she throws up. Lil then tells them that if Angelica's a baby, she'll be just like them, and Phil says that if Angelica's one of them, she won't boss them around anymore. Their next trick involves Chas balancing a plate of pies on his head while riding a unicycle, while Howard juggles bowling pins. Angelica tells the babies that she's not going to be a baby anymore, and she jumps out of the playpen to join her friends in hitting the pinata. Reunited, they state that they are the Mega Diaper Babies, with Stinky being rather enthusiastic this time around!
Angelica, missing the point, tells Drew that her grandmother must have forgotten to put the money in the card, and they can always call her so she can deliver it to them. Angelica asks him if that will happen to her, and he tells her that sooner or later, it happens to everyone. Angelica tells Chuckie that all she wants for her birthday is never to get another year older as long as she lives. Lil adds on by saying she won't steal their toys anymore, and Chuckie adds on by saying she won't make them wear frilly panties.
Tommy then tells her that babies are not supposed to talk to adults, and following his advice, Angelica screams. As Susie and the rest of Angelica's friends run over to the pinata, Drew asks Angelica if she's sure she doesn't want to join them.
Tommy, Phil, and Lil are shocked when they hear this, and Chuckie tells them he doesn't want to talk about that particular experience.
Howard then berates Chas for messing up, but Charlotte laughs hysterically at their performance, and tells them they got the job, and the kids will love their routine.
Drew rushes in and asks Angelica if she's okay, but is then shocked to find her dressed like a baby. Dean asks her if she wants to get all the chocolates for herself like she did at his birthday party. Putting them together they become the Mega Diaper Babies, young superheroes with incredible power. Angelica tells him that she is, and soon, she'll be an adult that can do whatever she wants.
He then recalls the best year of his life was at Woodstock, save for pesky kids making a racket. He asks her what she's doing dressed in baby clothes, and Angelica responds that she's fine.
Angelica, knowing she loves chocolate, but hates responsibility, reluctantly declines by groaning. Drew tells Angelica that now that's she's a year older, he and Charlotte will be able to treat her like an adult and trust her with more responsibilities. Tommy is surprised that Angelica feels very strongly about this, and tells her it's too bad she can't stay little like him and his friends. She tries to tell him she wants some milk, but then looks at Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil, who all nod their heads, "No" in unison. Angelica asks Drew if responsibility means she will be able to stay up late and eat ice cream whenever she wants, but Drew tells her that responsibility means taking care of yourself, and doing such things as clearing your own plate from the dinner table, picking up your own toys, and paying a mortgage, among other things. Angelica then gets on her hands and knees and gurgles and coos like a baby to tell Drew she wants some milk. Angelica tells Drew that that stuff doesn't sound like fun, but Drew tells her that part of growing up is doing things that you have to do, not just doing whatever you want.
Drew tells her that if she wants something, she should talk like a big girl, not a baby, but Angelica continues cooing like a baby. Drew then tells Angelica that he'll make a deal with her; he'll get her some milk if she changes out of her baby clothes, but Angelica continues cooing like a baby.
She watches Susie hit the pinata, but not get any candy out of it, and tells the babies she's going out. Angelica is shocked when she hears about all the hard work she'll have to do in the future.
Phil then asks her if she doesn't want to have responsibilities, and Angelica reluctantly decides to stay with them.

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