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Swank: The well–known brand Baby Bjorn also manufactures six hues of bright plastic potties for youngsters in training. The ones with all the decorations and sounds are stupid, a potty is not a toy, and IMO shouldn't be made out to be like one to a child. We used the Bjorn while potty training our son, and I have to say, the extra $6 is WAY worth it. We used the Bjorn toilet seat that goes on the adult potty for at home and this one for travel (we road trip A LOT). I'm a total IKEA fan, but on this one, I'm voting for Bjorn, durability is something that is more important to me on this.
I have the Bjorn one, I never considered it posh, there are much fancier and pricier options out there.
Anyway, my son has yet to go in it, he thinks it's a very interesting toy and keeps trying to put his feet in it. Maybe they are a necessity for public events, but porta-potties have become synonymous with being grossed out. Spending $10 on a training toilet doesn't seem over the top to me, but I did stumble across a cheaper version.
The $10 pot gets you the brand name, a cute teddy bear logo and smoother surface for the tush. An upgraded version of these bathrooms is long overdue. FACETOCH is a step in the right direction, and is a mobile unit includes both men’s and women’s facilities. Learning the ways of the loo can be exciting yet intimidating for little trainees, so finding exactly the right toilet training potty that motivates, teaches and makes little bums as comfortable as can be is crucial.
She's only 18 months so toilet training hasn't begun, but it is offered to her before her bath every day.
The aesthetic is much nicer than conventional porta-potties and utilizes solar energy and water recovery to operate while also focusing on privacy and hygiene. She peed in it once last week, but it was my hubbie's encouragement, I think, because she won't do it for me. The Fisher Price Royal Potty ($59.99), available in pink or green, celebrates every little achievement with a rousing tune.

It can be attached to a regular toilet seat, and also converts to a stepstool for reaching the sink to wash hands.3. Prince Lionheart 3 in 1 PottyThe Prince Lionheart 3 in 1 Potty ($49) has a futuristic and minimalist feel, and makes for a very cool step stool when the lid is closed.7.
Baby Bjorn Smart PottyThe Baby Bjorn Smart Potty ($39.95) was designed with ergonomic lines in mind, to keep small bums completely comfortable. Baby Solutions High Back PottyThe Baby Solutions High Back Potty ($6) is another simple and cheap potty without any bells and whistles. We wonder if they make an adult version of the 3 in 1 Flushing Sounds Potty Mickey Mouse ($49.99)?
Oricom Intelligent PottySelect your own words of wisdom or cries of encouragement with the Oricom Intelligent Potty ($89.95). Just press the record button to record a personalised message, when your little one has finished and stands up, they will hear your message, followed by a pleasant tune. The secret is the rubber seal and clip shut lid that provides a completely leak and odour-proof container.13. Combi 3 Step Toilet TrainerThe Combi 3 Step Toilet Trainer ($199) features a handle and step that can be used for different training stages.14. Sesame Beginnings 4 in 1 Total TrainerThe Sesame Beginnings 4 in 1 Total Trainer ($40) can be transformed into a deluxe potty, a portable training seat, a high step stool or a low step stool. Disney Baby Starry Night Contour PottyWith this simple potty, your child can spend some time with Pooh whilst they … you know. The Disney Baby Starry Night Contour Potty ($13) features a high back comfortable seat and splash guard.18. The First Years Magical Sounds 3 In 1 Potty – PrincessAs potties go, the The Disney Princess Magical Sounds 3 In 1 Potty ($48) is rather fancy. The First Years Magical Sounds 3 In 1 Potty – CarsThe Disney Cars Magical Sounds 3 In 1 Potty  ($48) is the ultimate choice for auto enthusiasts.
The lovely thick tyres and engine sounds will have little ones making any excuse to practise using it.20. BIG Baby PottyThe BIG Baby Potty Pink ($44.90) features a steering wheel and auto-detailing on the body, offering the ultimate multi-tasking.

Mum and Dad can be summoned when the job’s been done by sounding the horn on the steering wheel. Love N Care 4 in 1 PottyThe Love N Care 4 in 1 Potty ($59.95) turns from a simply potty into a sturdy stepping stool with closed lid, whilst the set can be removed and placed on the grown-up toilet. The separated potty is easy to clean and the easily gripped handle makes positioning and holding on easy for little ones.22.
The set includes a hygienic carry bag and super absorbent liners to keep it as mess-free and yuck-free as possible.23.
Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 PotteeThe Tommee Tippee 3-in-1 Pottee ($24) is a simple and unfussy three-in-one design featuring a comfortable soft cushion seat.24. Fisher Price My Potty FriendThe Fisher Price My Potty Friend ($68.99) is the happiest little toilet-time companion. Bambino Mio Potty Training KitThe Bambino Mio Potty Training Kit ($25) includes a simple potty, two reusable training pants, a training guide and a sheet of reward stickers, to help your child on their path of potty training.26. Sunny Safari Potty ChairThe Sunny Safari Potty Chair ($139.95) is truly the King of Potties. Hand-carved and painted, the Sunny Safari Potty Chair features beautiful illustrations of safari animals.
The chair also includes a toilet paper holder and magazine rack – just in case there’s time for reading!
The chair can be converted into a normal chair for your little one to enjoy when toilet training is over.27. Wee ManThe Wee Man helps little men learn to stand and tinkle … without missing the big bowl. After wee success, the contents can then be easily tipped in to the big toilet and flushed away.29.

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