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June 1944 This little book has been so neatly kept by our dear son Melvin before he was called into the service of his country (April 6, 1943) and had no further need for it as a cash and expense account, so I have decided to use it as a diary for our missionary work. Friday evening for Farmington to take a sister of theirs who had been visiting them for a week or two.
An article in the Holbrook Tribune says he wears the Air Medal, the Three Oak Cluster, and European Theatre Ribbon. Among the mail this week was an announcement of Vern and Maxinea€™s baby (Stephen Leroy Nebeker, born Dec 6).
Imagine our surprise and joy to see Joe's nice car with Marva and the children, then our dear Navy boy, Maurice. Christmas 1945 It has been a long time since I wrote in this little book, (my main companion when I am alone) and a great many things have happened. Sometimes the children would want a tree, sometimes they wanted their stockings hung in a row on the mantel. We were not always quite so far behind, although Dad usually did make it in from the cattle ranch about dark on Christmas Eve, then would have to go after that to Bro.
7 June 1945 -- on the 40th wedding anniversary of Rhoda and Ira.a€?This was also the last time the entire family was ever together at one time. Friday evening for Farmington to take a sister of theirs who had been visiting them for a week or two.A  This lady, Mrs. Chicago and selecting FDR for a 4th term.A  He seems to be the only man for the place at present with the war on. In this July 28, 2015 file photo, electricians install solar panels on a roof for Arizona Public Service company in Goodyear, Ariz. PRIMM, Nevada — A small fire shut down a generating tower Thursday at the world’s largest solar power plant, leaving the sprawling facility on the California-Nevada border operating at only a third of its capacity, authorities said.
The plant works by using mirrors to focus sunlight on boilers at the top of three 459-foot towers, creating steam that drive turbines to produce electricity. But some misaligned mirrors instead focused sunbeams on a different level of Unit 3, causing electrical cables to catch fire, San Bernardino County, California fire Capt.
David Knox, spokesman for plant operator NRG Energy, said it was too early to comment on the cause, which was under investigation. The fire was located about two-thirds of the way up the tower, said Jeff Buchanan of Nevada’s Clark County Fire Department, which also responded to the blaze.
Plant personnel had the fire out by the time firefighters reached the spot, and it was officially declared out in about 20 minutes. The plant can produce enough power for 140,000 California homes, but a second tower is shut down for maintenance, leaving only one running.
It was not immediately clear what impact that would have on California’s electricity supply. It was the first fire at the plant, which opened two years ago on federal land in the Mojave Desert about 45 miles southwest of Las Vegas. The $2.2 billion complex has nearly 350,000 computer controlled mirrors — each roughly the size of a garage door — that sprawl over roughly five square miles of desert.
LONDON—British stars including Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley and Patrick Stewart urged voters to back staying in the European Union in a joint letter on Friday. Signed by 282 people from the worlds of film, music and literature, the letter was published in the Daily Telegraph as Britain prepares for a June 23 referendum on whether to remain in the 28-member bloc. Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle and poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy put their name to the call, as did authors Hilary Mantel and John le Carre and designer Vivienne Westwood. Actors Helena Bonham Carter, Kristin Scott Thomas, Bill Nighy, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Dominic West also signed, as did music stars Hot Chip and Paloma Faith. Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that leaving the EU would damage Britain’s economy, but those campaigning to leave argue it will save money and give Britain greater control over immigration. Tsai took office after winning a landslide victory in January to defeat the ruling Kuomintang, ending an eight-year rapprochement with Beijing under outgoing president Ma Ying-jeou. Voters felt Ma had moved too close to China, which still sees self-ruling Taiwan as part of its territory awaiting reunification.
Beijing-sceptic Tsai swept in with a campaign to restore Taiwanese pride, a message that resonated with a public tired of living in China’s shadow. As 20,000 invited guests and cheering members of the public watched outside the presidential office, Tsai raised her right arm as she read the oath in front of Taiwan’s national flag. Tsai then accompanied Ma out of the presidential office as he shook hands with smiling staff and a brass marching band paraded. Recognition of that agreement formed the bedrock of the thaw under Ma, but Tsai and her Democratic Progressive Party have never backed it.
The vast majority of Taiwanese want peaceful relations with China, but not at the expense of their cherished democratic culture. Taiwan split from the mainland in 1949 after a civil war but has never declared a breakaway. Beijing has warned Tsai against any move towards formal independence — the DPP is traditionally a pro-independence party. Chinese pressure tactics in recent months have included the deportation of Taiwanese fraud suspects to the mainland from Kenya and Malaysia, infuriating Taipei. RIO DE JANEIRO — Acting President Michel Temer promised on Thursday that he will at some point have women in his currently all white-male Cabinet. Legislator Mara Gabrilli blamed Brazil’s political parties for the lack of women in the new Cabinet. Gabrilli said the female lawmakers met with the acting president to advocate for one of them to be speaker of Congress’ lower house, the Chamber of Deputies.
Temer took office last week after President Dilma Rousseff was suspended for up to 180 days while the Senate holds an impeachment trial.
To counter some of the gender-based criticism, Temer appointed a woman to as chairman of Brazil’s state-run investment bank BNDES and another to lead his human rights secretariat, a position that was a Cabinet post under Rousseff. Temer also reportedly sought to name a female culture secretary but eventually chose a man after five women said they had refused the job. This Thursday, May 19, 2016, booking photo provided by the Chicago Police Department shows Jafeth Ramos and Diego Uribe. Diego Uribe and his girlfriend, 19-year-old Jafeth Ramos, were each charged with six counts of first-degree murder. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said cellphone records also put Uribe at the scene and the motive was to rob the family for money.
Police said there were no signs of forced entry to the residence in the Gage Park neighborhood.
Autopsy reports showed Maria Herminia Martinez, 32, had four bullet wounds to her head and gunshots to each of her hands, and Noe Martinez Sr., 62, had 42 knife wounds all over his body.
Rosaura Martinez, 58, was stabbed five times in the abdomen, had a cut across her face and arteries in her neck were slashed. Alexis Cruz, 10, was found stabbed repeatedly and left on an area rug not far from a book bag filled with drawings. The body of Noe Martinez Jr., 32, was marked with knife wounds and he was found battered on his head.
Clinton cited recent comments from Trump criticizing Great Britain, praising the leader of North Korea and questioning America’s membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO.
On divisions among Democrats, Clinton said she was committed to party unity, but argued that Sanders will also have to play a role in bringing Democrats together. She declined to say whether she’d consider Sanders for her running mate if she wins the nomination. Clinton said she was ready to take on Trump, but vowed to keep the conversation focused on issues and her record, rather than personal attacks. Clinton said she would not engage with Trump when he takes shots at her husband, former President Bill Clinton.
The incoming chief of the Philippine National Police  similarly warned scalawags in the police force: “If you work well, I will support you all the way. The former police chief of Davao City vowed to stamp out illegal drugs within the three to six months that his patron, presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, had sworn to do.
If he were to have his way, the country’s incoming top cop said he will conduct an “internal cleansing” of the 160,000-strong PNP.
As Davao City police chief, Dela Rosa said he involved the community in anticriminality drives by getting information from those on the ground that law enforcers later used to immediately conduct operations. The incoming PNP chief said he would issue shoot-to-kill orders against criminals, especially if a policeman’s life was at risk. Dela Rosa said he will not tolerate a cover-up of policemen’s wrongdoings, and that the PNP has measures to ensure that abusive policemen are sanctioned or, in some cases, dismissed from the service.
Complaints against errant law enforcers may be forwarded through the Internal Affairs Service, the National Police Commission and the Office of the Ombudsman, he added.
While he was ready to act as father of the PNP, Dela Rosa warned that errant policemen have no place in the organization. LUCENA CITY—Presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte should watch out for coup d’etat and assassination plots by disgruntled military officers supposedly supported by Sen. On the eve of the national elections, a 13-minute video was uploaded on YouTube by a group called the Network of Officers to Defend the Republic. Sison said Duterte’s statement meant the incoming Philippine leader was willing to inspire the achievement of a just and lasting peace.
Duterte’s proposed general amnesty was based on “sound precedents” of the amnesty proclamations by former Presidents Corazon Aquino in 1986 and Fidel Ramos in 1992, Sison said. He said the Filipino people and the majority of government officials, businessmen and military and police officers were interested in the resumption of  peace talks between the Duterte administration and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). Sison said the NDFP would consult with the special envoy of the Norwegian government for advice and assistance on ceasefire monitoring and the formation of reciprocal ceasefire committees and liaison officers. The Norwegian government is brokering the peace negotiations between the Philippine government and the NDFP. The Senate blue ribbon committee will recommend that casinos be covered by the Anti-Money Laundering law following its hearings on the $81-million stolen from the Bangladesh central bank and laundered apparently through Philippine casinos.
The stolen funds had come from the Bangladesh account in the New York Federal Reserve and found its way to a Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. He said the operation’s mastermind could not be determined because not all the players surfaced at the Senate probe.
Among those who failed to show up to answer questions was Weikang Xu, the person remittance firm Philrem Service Corp. But casino junket operator Kim Wong said it was he who had received the funds from Philrem. Wong identified two high rollers—Gao Shuhua and Ding Zhize—as those behind the entry of the $81 million in the country.
Guingona said the Senate was also unable to find Shuhua and Zhize to get their testimonies. He said the determination of culpability in any money laundering rested with the Department of Justice, the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) and the National Bureau of Investigation.
Former RCBC Jupiter branch manager Maia Deguito did not submit a waiver for her phone records as well.
Agents of the National Bureau of Investigation have arrested six people and seized fake Mighty cigarettes in a series of crackdown over the weekend in Zamboanga City, Cebu and Nueva Ecija. Armed with search warrants, operatives of the NBI-Western Mindanao Regional Office, under  Regional Director Manuel Almendras, held three stall owners at Zamboanga Public Market for selling 3,400 fake packs of Mighty Menthol and Full Flavor variants. NBI agent Paul Andrew Soriano arrested Abdurahan Bantulan of stall D-79, Nuriyah Julwadi of stall Q-10 and Susan Tan of stall D-01,  based on a complaint by Mighty Corp., a Filipino-owned cigarette manufacturer.
NBI-Cabanatuan district office under Ricardo Diaz with agents Marvin De Jemil and Rolan Fernandez arrested Federico Laranang of Brgy. All  suspects were arrested for violating Sections 155 (trademark infringement) and 168 (unfair competition) of Republic Act No.
NBI Director Virgilio Mendez reminded traders to deal only with authorized company representatives. The NBI chief said that aside from the Intellectual Property Code, those caught could also be held for violating RA 7394, or the Consumer Protection Act, and the National Internal Revenue Code, whose penalties range from one year to 12 years imprisonment and fines of up to P200,000, or both.
The Bureau of Customs, Bureau of internal Revenue, NBI and PNP have launched a nationwide campaign against producers, distributors and traders of fake cigarettes since last year. The angst of the Bongbong Marcos for Vice President campaign is easy to understand; as the last tally of the unofficial count shows, the first-term senator and heir of the Marcos political tradition will likely come up less than a percentage point short of victory. In the Marcos universe, the signs of administration-engineered cheating were evident even before Election Day, because of, well, the surveys.
Meeting reporters after his final campaign rally the Thursday before the election, Marcos aired his fear that the surveys were being manipulated.
But here lies the first hole in the Marcos movie series, large enough to swallow entire suns. In Marcos’ alternate universe, no amount of criticism of the Marcos dictatorship and the martial law years can make a difference on his steady and methodical rise to the vice presidency.
Now the Marcos campaign wants the Commission on Elections to grant its demand that it conduct a “systems audit.” The “it” refers not to the Comelec but to Marcos’ camp. Painful to the eye and ear is the term “presumptive president” being used by the media when referring to Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.
We often copy from the Americans who describe their waiting president as “president-elect.” Their use of “presumptive” is confined to “presumptive nominee,” referring to an individual seeking, waiting for, or assured of party nomination as president.
I tell my students that we go beyond history into historiography, to appreciate the way in which history is constructed. The coming presidency of Rodrigo Duterte is taking more twists and turns than many expected, setting off roller-coaster emotions among both supporters and critics. Human rights defenders protested when Duterte said he would restore the death penalty, with a graphic description of how hanging would be used. Conversely, the promise to release political detainees and offers of Cabinet positions to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), have dismayed more conservative Duterte supporters who expected a tough law-and-order stance, with activists, the National Democratic Front (NDF), and the CPP included as targets.
Amid all this, a book review in the British newspaper The Guardian caught my eye and sent me into Amazon, only to find that the book won’t be available until June 1 (at a hefty $61). The book is Benjamin Moffitt’s “The Global Rise of Populism,” which is the result of his doctoral research at the University of Sydney. The book will probably be a best-seller considering how, in recent years, populist politicians have gained power worldwide. Moffitt’s book is anchored on an important characteristic of populist politicians: They are not bound by a consistent ideology. Instead of abstract ideological issues, populists latch on to and amplify people’s main anxieties, making people feel, Moffitt says, that “we’re on the precipice of failure at all times.” In Duterte’s case, this was zeroing in on street and neighborhood crime. Moffitt says that “bad manners,” including political incorrectness, are also important for populists. Moffitt observes that the bad manners will include sexual bragging, and cites Ecuadorian President Abdala Bucaram boasting of his “big balls” and Trump of the size of his hands. Because politics and media are now so intertwined, Moffitt writes, populism becomes more tempting for even mainstream politicians. After I put down the book review, I thought: Winning an election is always the easy part with populist politicians, but staying in power and being able to effectively govern are far more difficult.
Staying in power will require even more of that populism, but now in the face of realpolitik.
I see parallels with the Cory Aquino presidency, which started out as a rainbow coalition that included the Left. The bottom line, too, beyond the theatrical performances, is that the Duterte victory came largely because of the people’s disillusionment with elite politics.
Just to make myself clear, I did not vote for Rodrigo Duterte in the presidential election, and even if we turn back the hands of time I still won’t. The fact is that I put a premium on youth, and to me someone who is 71 should be sent to pasture instead of thinking of leading this nation of millennials for the next six years. Having said that, I must also say that I am a father, and if I still have the slightest bit of time left for wishing and dreaming, it should be meant for my children. The message moved even the most jaded among us, even those, including myself, who seemed to no longer care to dream, much less allow themselves the luxury of believing in economic stability, sustainable growth, food sufficiency, and every political prospect we have all heard before. Duterte’s idea of a man worthy to become president—someone who is willing to kill and be killed—might sound extreme, but the message resonates very powerfully especially among fathers, and, for that matter, anyone who is faced with the daunting responsibility of protecting the family. If only for my fatherly fears and insecurities, I have to grudgingly start wishing again, for the soon-to-be president to succeed. The next president, who is a father himself, has expressed perfectly what I am trying to say. The demands of his old role of padre de familia have become a hundred million times more daunting, with his new role of father to an entire nation.
Adel Abillar is a private law practitioner with a small office in Quezon City where, he says, “I alternate between being boss and messenger.” He obtained his law and prelaw degrees from Manuel L.
DACHAU, GERMANY—Here in the Visitors Center of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, I am taking my time to reflect, while they are still very fresh, on my thoughts upon having just visited the first (established in 1933) of the Nazi concentration camps and the blueprint for future ones, including the death camps in Auschwitz. The trip began with a short train ride from Munich—the Bavarian capital famous for its beer gardens—to the Bahnhof (train station) in Dachau.
Most of the people wore the cheerful air of travelers who find themselves enjoying a beautiful springtime day. Furthermore, many countries around the world set quotas for the number of refugees they would accept from Nazi Germany—preventing many from escaping. I meant words thrown and accusations tweeted—insults exchanged and raunchy jokes hashtagged. Indeed, shots were exchanged in the course of what is perhaps the most divisive and polarizing election season in the country’s newfound democracy. From a dark period in our history being reduced to a “martial law thingy” to shocking words flung by a political leader’s child against another political leader seeking high office, all these did nothing to inform the electorate on the candidates and their platforms. Whoever said that “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” had no idea what the internet and audience-driven platforms can do. I was raised to give words—whether spoken or written (or posted, in this age)—the sanctity they deserve.

LONDON—As America’s friends and allies look on in astonishment at the all-but-certain prospect of a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in November’s US presidential election, they need to do more than just wring their hands. The crucial point about the 2016 election is not just that a reality-TV star and property magnate who has never held elected office has emerged as the presumptive Republican candidate. In every US presidential election in modern times, America’s friends and allies have had their private preferences. Trump declared in that speech that he wants the United States to be “predictably unpredictable,” but he also made it clear that he won’t abandon his basic position.
Regional deals, such as the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) among the United States, Mexico and Canada, are a “total disaster” that have tied America’s hands.
There are two sorts of things that friends and allies can and should do to prepare for the worst. A weak Japan and a fractious collection of 28 countries in the European Union would be a tempting target for President Trump.
Such moves, which are needed in any event, would make it easier to start on the task of building stronger alliances—which may well become essential. If a Trump administration seeks to scrap Nafta, Canada and Mexico will need to make common cause. And yet European solidarity is fraying, to say the least, thanks to the migrant crisis and the economic aftermath of the 2008 financial crash. Given the possibility of trade wars, currency wars, and a renunciation of long-held security alliances within the next nine to 12 months, it is time to put regional solidarity ahead of old enmities and the forces of fragmentation. Internet trolls, too, will dramatically decrease in numbers, especially after the vice presidential race will have been decided with finality. Earlier, in a dinner with classmates, all of us in our late 60s, we joined what may be a national pastime today—speculating on a Duterte presidency. I expect Congress to find its way to Mayor Duterte (I will keep calling him “Mayor” because I read he prefers being called Mayor of the Philippines). Which is why I am tempted to be scornful at many who, during elections, will call the masa “bobotantes” as if the rich and powerful do not somersault with their values and principles when what is practical calls for it.
It is those who have less options in life that I cannot take to task in the same way as those with more options. If we are ready to change the weak in us and contribute our personal goodness and strength to the common good, then I believe that Mayor Duterte will want to follow our lead. I feel sorry for those who have been brainwashed into believing that a grim period in Philippine history was a “golden era,” that martial law  was good for the nation. Which brings me to another point: It is understandable that Filipinos were disappointed when the Cory Aquino administration, which  succeeded the Marcos dictatorship, failed to dramatically turn the country around as they had hoped for and expected.
All the abuses perpetrated against countless civilians by the regime can never be justified! The inability to feel with the victims and survivors of human rights violations committed by the Marcos regime is a form of affliction. I therefore join the call to make our young today more aware of the martial law abuses and terror.
Include in all Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies) and Philippine History textbooks to be used in schools a section on martial law, how it took away our freedom and rights and stunted the country’s development.
Have students write and perform skits or plays about the massive corruption in the martial law years. Gather the survivors of martial law abuses and engage them to share their personal experiences during martial law with students in school tours. For broadcast media, theater groups, film producers and writers, produce documentaries, plays and movies about martial law. Here’s praying that these ideas (and other good ones out there) will be realized soon enough for and through all generations.
Let’s hope that when presented with the truth, the Filipino youth will become more discerning when they vote in future elections.
The Japanese financial services company said it expects to draw as many as 50,000 individual clients who will invest in Philippine stocks and condominium projects.
Japanese investors are currently looking for opportunities outside their own country, where growth has tapered off in recent years. Regina Online is a joint venture between stock brokerage firm Regina Capital Development Corp. Seven Seas is an introducing broker (which has a direct relationship with clients and refers them to partners for investment opportunities) and the agreement with the Japanese firm is significant because it is a first for the Philippines, particularly in the equities market, Tan said.
Mendoza said that only institutional investors have been able to invest in companies listed in the Philippine stock market and retail investors have not had the same opportunities. The partnership of Regina Online and Seven Seas paves the way for similar agreements with companies that can bring in retail investors from Taiwan, South Korea, and other countries, Mendoza said. The move was in step with the company’s plan to grow in scale, amid fierce competition in a crowded space apart from the uncertain economic picture overseas. Petnet is already the largest agent network here of United States-based money transfer giant Western Union. For example, the oil price slump has taken its toll on economies reliant on the resource, such as those in the Middle East. Ocampo said the firm saw a “decline in transactions” in terms of remittances coming from that region in the first quarter of 2016. Of its 2,100 locations across the Philippines, a little over 400 are company-owned, Ocampo said. The economic integration in Southeast Asia is not expected to help improve Filipinos’ access to overseas job markets within the region, but will instead further encourage skilled workers to go farther afield, according to the Employers Confederation of the Philippines (Ecop).
The framework and the MRAs are intended to facilitate the free flow of skilled labor in Asean while taking into account relevant domestic regulations and market demand conditions. Currently, the 10-member trading bloc has concluded eight MRAs, each covering engineers, nurses, architects, land surveyors, medical doctors, dentists, accountants, and tourism professionals.
Dee noted that, in total, there were only 1,252 engineers listed in the Asean Chartered Professional Engineers Register and 284 architects in the Asean Architect Register. To complicate matters, Dee said Filipinos seeking work elsewhere in the region must first be recruited for job openings available in a particular Asean country, and subject as usual to the issuance of a working permit or visa. Completing the top three intra-regional destination of land-based OFWs were Malaysia with 31,451 and Brunei with 11,748. Since January, Meralco has been operating on an emergency capex program, spending only on urgent projects to maintain service levels and cope with growing demand for electricity in its franchise area while waiting for regulators to approve its 2016 capex application that was submitted in February 2015.
Increasing peak power demand and additional customer connections would require Meralco to increase the capacity of the electric distribution system in order to accommodate new clients while keeping its power retail system reliable, the company said in its application. Disney costumes - adult disney halloween costumes men, Women' elizabeth swann pirate costume. You will note that we use Volume 4 of Susan Wise Bauer's 4 volume Story of the World for year six. The Childhood of Famous Americans Series along with the Guerber spines is stellar for helping the elementary crowd with US History.
Born in Mumbai, India, Sara had appeared in a series of commercials and a short Hindi film before the age of six. 20 Worked most of the day putting up curtains and making other arrangements for housekeeping, also wrote some letters to the children. 22, June 1944 Wrote some more letters to let our friends know of our whereabouts and got them on their way in Friday's mail.
28 I have been laid up today with my foot which has bothered me ever since my accident.
4 Independence Day, but how different from what I have known since a little girl when I used to love so much to see the old red white and blue unfurled. 30 It was decided at the end of a hard day that I would get in the Wilkin's car and go on to conference. 12 Even if most of the people did go away (to an Indian celebration in Gallup) we had a nice meeting after all. 21 We left for home (Taylor) to attend Conference and the dedication of our new Chapel. 11 About noon we received a message that Gerald, and Zelda were in Taylor and wanted to know if we could come. 24 (After visiting Grant, Florene and family in Clarkdale and returning to Prescott) Christmas Eve.
12 Wash day, and what a merry time we have, poking, sizzling, then letting them drip dry.
14 Had a little Valentine party for some of the children and their mothers and served lunch. 1 March Have been working on a little blue & pink quilt to send to Melvin and Marie for the darling little stranger that is soon to bless their home. 25 How I wish I could have my dear little twins (Maurice & Marva) where I could spend their birthday with them.
15 May 1945 Have received word of the passing of our dearly beloved President Heber J. 4 July Not a note of music, not even a firecracker, Dad says, to remind us of Independence Day.
7 Next comes packing our duds, food and dishes and leaving for our camping grounds (for a Church Conference.) Oh, what a beautiful location we find, a perfect grove of oaks, cottonwoods and pines, with a little stream of sparkling cold water from a spring flowing languidly by, and a profusion of lovely wild flowers everywhere. 8 July 1945 What a beautiful forenoon session we had, good speaking, good singing, a sweet peaceful spirit was felt everywhere.
11 Ever since yesterday morning the radio news has been entirely centered around Japan. 12 For two weeks the Indians have been preparing for a dance, hauling wagon loads of green boughs to pile around for shelter for their camp. 14 Aug 1945 Today has been one of the most important perhaps among any that has come to our war-torn world. 15 All of our Indian friends met to celebrate at Obery Francisco's about three miles up on the mountain. 23 We have had quite a nice experience in our trip to the 1st Mesa, to the ancient Oraibi. Temer, Dilma Rousseff’s two-time running-mate turned nemesis, immediately assumed power after her May 12 suspension and will remain while an impeachment trial takes place within the next six months. The interim president has been under heavy criticism for not appointing women and members of racial minorities to any of the current 23 Cabinet positions.
The current holder of the position, Eduardo Cunha, has been suspended by Brazil’s top court because he is being investigated on accusations of corruption and obstruction of justice. Ramos and her boyfriend, Uribe, were arrested Thursday and charged with six counts of first-degree murder in the killings of six members of a family in Chicago’s Gage Park neighborhood. She recalled that in 2008, after losing the primary to President Barack Obama, she endorsed him and campaigned for him. Ricardo Marquez who will submit his resignation once Duterte assumes the presidency after June 30. Let’s make sure that before we clean other people’s backyards, our own is clean,” Dela Rosa said. We have a list of policemen involved especially in illegal drugs and we’ll start when I become PNP chief,” he said.
Antonio Trillanes IV, according to  Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison. Upon assumption of office as President and Commander in Chief, [Duterte] has to deliver decisive blows on this tiny gang,” Sison said in an online interview on Thursday. Trillanes, a former Navy officer, earlier confirmed it was produced by military officers and soldiers who did not approve of  Duterte’s alliance with communist rebels. Teofisto Guingona III, committee chair, who also said he was satisfied with the hearings because they led to the recovery of a portion of the $81 million, even though the mastermind of the scheme in the Philippines was not unmasked. Notably absent were the Bautista couple of Philrem who took back their commitment to release their phone records that should clear up conflicting stories on where the missing funds went. Yap, ordered NBI special investigator Florante Gaoiran to hold stall owners Marvin Suico of Stall No. During the debate itself, Marcos was largely on the defensive, and was being defined not only by Cayetano but by Robredo, too, and to an extent even by Sen. I don’t remember the term being used on Presidents Aquino, Macapagal-Arroyo, Estrada or Ramos while they waited in limbo before taking the oath and assuming office. How Duterte is referred to before he assumes office is more than just English usage; it reflects bias.
But the double-dead threats have come with promises to release all political prisoners, which elates many human rights groups.
Nevertheless, the review provided enough information for me to think harder about Duterte, and populism in the Philippines. Moffitt’s interest in populism came out of his native Australia, where he grew up during the era of populist politician Pauline Hanson, whose racist views he found “abhorrent.” But, precisely because such “abhorrent” ideas seemed to have a wide following, he was intrigued enough to go into a global review of populism. Moffitt is probably following the news now about Duterte and, halfway across the world, Donald Trump, the presumptive (why does it sound like “presumptuous” to me?) Republican nominee in the current US electoral circus.
One could argue that all politics is grand theater, and that politicians are actors (and in the Philippines, actors are politicians).  But for Moffitt, populist leaders are far more intentionally performative, and, from excerpts of his book, I’d suggest populist leaders even set up their own stage, scenes and props. In both the United States and the Philippines, these “bad manners” were predicted, over and over again, as possibly leading to the downfall of the populist politician. Duterte is mild compared to those two when it comes to bragging about personal assets, but he exceeded them with his joke about the Australian missionary raped and killed in prison.
Again we see that in the Philippines, with social media in particular becoming so important in shaping a politician’s image. They tend to be people who believe they can bring about radical change, with popular support. This time around, it was being fed up with not just empty promises but with outright incompetence that has led to daily trials and tribulations for Filipinos across classes. A man of that age doesn’t even stand a chance of getting hired for a regular government job when the retirement age is so much less.
I have lived long enough to say that I have seen it all—the crime and grime and extreme poverty that shock citizens of other countries but in the Philippines are a common fact of life. Again, because I have managed to survive life this far, with all its inequities, and remained standing. I care seriously, even more so at this point in my life, about the future of my sons and daughters. But realistically, it was more like a desperate cry for help that the suffering masses unleashed at the polls in choosing a most unlikely candidate. In the end, the intellectual discourses of the other candidates paled beside the impact of fear—fear for the lives of our children and other loved ones—that Duterte’s speeches consistently delivered, and always with aplomb. I just have to acknowledge that the new leadership will have a part to play in keeping our children alive and safe.
We retraced the route that the prisoners took, from the gate where they were flogged and the stations where they were stripped naked and shaven to the point of bleeding—to the crematorium where their corpses were burned. While Hitler was the mastermind of the entire operation, she painstakingly reminded us of the context in which the Third Reich and the “Final Solution” emerged: lost nationalist pride owing to Germany’s defeat in World War II, the collapse of the economy due to the Great Depression, and the Nazi propaganda machine which blamed the Jews for many of Germany’s problems. One could not miss Colinne’s allusions to the state of the world today: fleeing refugees, the rise of right-wing nationalism in the West, prejudice against certain groups of people, and a global economy that is at risk for financial and social crises. While many have blamed religion for fostering violence—and while there are those like the members of the Islamic State who kill in the name of their god—the Nazi regime was informed by a philosophy that rejected God, and saw man as caught in the struggle for the “survival of the fittest.” The fact that a highly-educated, “modern” society could degenerate into one that industrialized murder should make us rethink the confidence we have for what “progress”—technological or otherwise—can accomplish. For some people to be able to deny the Holocaust—despite the insurmountable documentary and testimonial evidence—is proof that we cannot take history for granted: It is contingent not only on the past but also on the present, and it can be easily revised for certain people’s ends, or forgotten.
While walking by the banks of the River Danube in Budapest, I came across some metal boots that were fixed to the ground. But once in a while, we also need to be reminded of its ugliness—not to make our lives miserable, but to make us more sensitive to the misery of others, and the lessons that this misery, past and present, can teach us. But not in the form of bullets that ricochet off concrete, triggered by criminals on the loose. I am thinking of brute statuses and nasty remarks flung to and fro—shots fired, not across battlefields, but across cyberspace. That Filipinos were very passionate and committed to their choice of leaders was evident, as shown by the 81.62-percent voter turnout.
But the heated discussions and exchanges online were startling and discomforting, not so much because of the content as the questionable veracity of the claims made, the violence that fragments of ideas were capable of insinuating, and the recklessness by which they were presented. What was revealed in the thick, toxic, vitriolic tweets published and statuses posted in the course of the past few months was the fact that we have commoditized words, bastardized their purpose and power, and negated our responsibility of using them truthfully. Back when 3G connection was unheard-of and setting up a blog in Blogger or LiveJournal was like learning how to code, it was considered both a blessing and a privilege to be granted a small space in what was then a young internet world that would facilitate our thoughts and our words. Like time, words are intangibles we cannot take back after they are said, or spent.  Likewise, I was raised to believe that the words we use reveal the kind of upbringing we have had, the education we received, and the quality of media we embrace.
This is not an opinion about freedom of speech either, the constitutionality of which I have no deep knowledge anyway. But in the highs and lows of our emotions, in the face of whatever is thrown our way, may it be of matters of the nation or matters of our own private lives, we sanctify what we put out. It is the enormous difference that a victory by Trump would make for the rest of the world compared with a victory by Clinton.
But never before have the Democratic and Republican candidates been as different as chalk and cheese. Just how dramatic cannot be known, but the normal assumption that candidates play to their party’s core supporters during the primary season but then tack to the center for the general election cannot be relied on in Trump’s case. Trump confirmed in his speech on foreign policy to the Center for the National Interest in Washington, DC, on April 27 that “America First” would be the overriding theme of his administration.
A Japan that had, over the next 12 months, truly embraced the growth-enhancing strategy of liberalization that has often been promised by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would be in a stronger position. If it chooses to discard the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement negotiated by the Obama administration with 12 Asia-Pacific economies, those countries, perhaps led by Japan or Australia, must be ready to carry on the deal, or something like it, among themselves.
To avoid being pushed around by Trump over trade or security, members of the European Union and Nato must be prepared to stick together.

On June 23, British voters could make the situation far worse if they vote in their referendum to leave the European Union. There have always been the haters, so consistent in their presence that the term “haters” was coined to given them a common identity.
Reserving a number of departments for an organization that is actively fighting government, the Armed Forces and the Philippine National Police is a delicate matter.
From the time that Ferdinand Marcos allowed elections after declaring martial law, I have not seen Congress stand up to any President upon his or her assumption of power. Well, the masa are also trying to be practical, also trying to defend their immediate interests—including the next meals for their families.
Survival is a powerful master, more powerful than a Constitution, more power than a legal system, more powerful than a president.
I have a clear recall of the last 60 years of Philippine history and seen the slow struggle for change. I realized this while reading the many social media comments on the tight race for the vice presidency between the late dictator’s son and the widow from Bicol.
The fact is, during the dark days of dictatorship, many were imprisoned, tortured, even raped and killed just for being vocal with their dissenting political views! But it disturbs me that supposedly schooled and thinking Filipinos are peddling the idea that Cory Aquino’s failure to live up to the people’s great expectations has made martial law palatable and preferable.
To feel pain from those atrocities, one need not go through the experience; all he has to have is a sense of humanity. Equities investors will be referred to local partner Regina Online for equities investments, Seven Seas sales and marketing manager Sawaki Masahiro said.
And the 50,000 clients would not come in one wave; we’ll be happy if Seven Seas can start by bringing in 1,000 to 2,000 within the year,” Regina Online investing sales head Fernando Martinez said.
Mendoza also said that for retail, it is normally Filipino individual investors who invest in stocks abroad rather than the other way around.
The rollout of this new identity would be completed across 2,100 branches in its nationwide network by July this year. The entry of the Aboitiz Group, which acquired 51 percent of the company last year for about P1 billion, paved the way for its expansion to new areas in terms of payment solutions. He cited an existing tie-up with City Savings Bank for salary loans of  teachers and government employee pensioners. However, this was offset by money flowing from Filipino workers based in the United States, he said.
Dee, acting president of Ecop, told members of the Philippine Bar Association last Wednesday the deployment of overseas Filipino workers would go as usual even if the Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Framework Agreement on Services provided a mandate for mutual regional arrangements (MRAs). Reyes said the firm had asked for P18 billion to improve network resiliency amid an expected growth in demand. When we read our main selections each year, these should be interspersed throughout the year. Francisco and boys were here, wanted gas stamps to take them to see their brother & son who is over the mountain. 1945 Marva was taken to the hospital where a little boy baby was born at 3:30 PM (Richard Lee Kinatedar).
Wakefield, filled a mission to these same people as early as 1877, in connection with Ira Hatch, for whom L. Police said the break in the case came Wednesday when DNA evidence obtained from family members during interviews matched a 22-year-old cousin. He was found wearing an unzipped black winter jacket with a pocketknife nearby in a front hallway.
In the last weeks of the long and tumultuous campaign, Robredo had managed to catch up with Marcos in the surveys; the last surveys of the three most credible polling organizations all showed a virtual tie for first.
Alan Peter Cayetano spent a lot of time leveling criticism after criticism at Marcos and his father’s two decades in power.
The right thing to do should have been to ask for an independent third party to conduct the audit. We’re certainly seeing that in Duterte who, while declaring himself a socialist, is not with any political party.
But Moffitt says that on the contrary, bad manners are essential to the populist style, especially when coming from a less privileged class (Duterte’s parents were middle-class) and up against politicians from the elite (in our case, Mar Roxas especially, and the ruling Liberal Party). Gone are the days of rhetorical promises; now politicians have to brand themselves, and where they used to fear controversies, they now know scandals can add to their popularity. Let us leave the mantle of leadership to the young and capable, and tell the senior citizens among us to watch the sunset from their rocking chairs instead. I pray every day for them to be able to walk the streets at night without being harmed and without getting groped inside a crowded LRT train while heading home from school. Where previously it paid to be highly educated and politically correct, this time the voters didn’t mind taking chances with someone who didn’t fit the norm—someone pedestrian instead of prim and proper. Sometimes, in his exuberance, he appeared to descend to the level of the criminal mind, as when he made remarks totally out of line about a rape-murder, which rightfully drew brickbats from critics, but only momentarily.
We knew, of course, what a concentration camp is all about, but actually being there brought a renewed sense of its significance. And then she stressed that the Holocaust was enabled by the complicity of many parties: from companies like BMW that made use of forced labor from the camps, to philosophers like Martin Heidegger who provided intellectual cover for Nazism.
These served to remind people that once upon a time, on that very spot, Jews were ordered to take off their shoes, then shot, so that their bodies fell into the river. And no, these aren’t the shots that make up prime-time news, the kind that involve police in hot pursuit of some bandit in a bonnet.
Not between heroes and villains but between ordinary persons and average citizens, masked, not by bonnets, but by filtered profile pictures and fake accounts. It can and should be expected, though, if social media were to be examined days and months leading to the ninth of May. As antiquated as the belief in the importance of lineage, pedigree and “proper” family background (as some have claimed that “the son is not like the father”)? This, instead, is an opinion on discernment, and our responsibility to give credence to our words by meaning what we say and standing by them even without the safety of online fortresses. There was no unbridgeable gulf between Reagan and Carter, or Clinton and Bush, or Bush and Gore, or Obama and McCain.
He would reject multilateral trade deals and institutions, take a much tougher line on illegal immigration, and forge a new approach to defense and security alliances.
And they can expect tough measures by his administration if they have an enduringly large bilateral trade surplus with the United States. But the author of the 1987 bestseller “The Art of the Deal” would surely agree that sound preparation is the essence of striking a good bargain. The other is to shore up their alliances and friendships with one another, in anticipation of an “America First” rupture with old partnerships and the liberal international order that has prevailed since the 1940s. So would European countries that dropped their obsession with fiscal austerity and used public-investment programs to kick-start growth and reduce unemployment. That may mean being ready to spend more on their own defense—a demand by Trump that is not unreasonable. To strengthen Britain, and the European Union itself, in anticipation of Trump, they would be well advised to vote to stay in. Japan, for example, has close ties with Southeast Asian countries but no formal security relationships with them. Before, during and after elections, the haters will be there and we might as well accept their existence.
For as long as there are people wanting to smear other people and have the money to pay for it, internet trolls are the new mercenaries. He will never know them all and they will be lucky to shake his hand once or twice in the next six years. But I am sure that Mayor Duterte is aware just how sensitive and complicated things are and how much more they will get to be as a wish approaches reality.
And until poverty is effectively challenged and reversed, the poor will remain vulnerable to promises of food, clothing and shelter. If we do, then Mayor Duterte will be even more radical in trying to follow our expressed voice. It is not hard to understand why there has been little change when we expect government to change but are not willing to make a small change in ourselves. If you decide to use the other Bauer volumes, you may still wish to use them over the full six years, adding the other selections as needed. For instance, if you read your Synge book one day a week, another of the days should be reserved for China, Russia, Egypt, Africa, or Middle East.
Nothing beats Montessori map puzzles, but other large floor puzzles work when Montessori apparatus is out of financial reach. They make good read aloud material for younger children or lit selections for 3rd and above.
The remaining third was largely new power plants fueled by natural gas, which has become cheap and plentiful as a result of hydraulic fracturing.
If he maintains that Social Weather Stations, Pulse Asia, and the Standard’s Laylo Report all show him in the lead, he cannot simply wish that inconvenient plot point, about Robredo sharing the lead, away. Cayetano later revealed to the Inquirer that right after the debate, Marcos went up to him and said, “It’s not going to work.” He meant that Cayetano’s raising of the martial law issue would not have the impact Cayetano intended. Immediate feedback after the debate showed that Cayetano was seen as a dominant player, and his quip about Marcos being ready to steal his time was quite possibly the single most resonant moment of a debate watched by millions. Even members of the upper class had their complaint, such as not getting their car plates or driver’s licenses on time.
By the time I was past my youth it had become perfectly clear and acceptable to me that some of us are born entitled to the best that life can give, and others will never have it the same way until the day they die. I pray desperately that there will be enough jobs waiting for them when the time comes that I can no longer provide for what they need. Criticized for lacking a clear-cut economic platform—and indeed Duterte’s interest in the economy seemed equal only to his very basic understanding of social graces—he made up for this in a big way by running his campaign on a peace-and-order agenda.
Instead of derailing his presidential run, the same shocking incident seemed to cement his connection with the fed-up and reckless masses. If someone can look into the future and tell me that my children were meant to be like their grumpy old man when they themselves grow old, I will still say let them be. People had brought their selfie sticks and DSLRs, but there was none of the usual posing at the entrance—or inside the memorial itself.
This simple but haunting memorial—as well as dramatic films like “Schindler’s List”—made me realize that art can play a big role in the labor of commemoration.
Neither did the firing take place between juvenile delinquents who fight in packs in dark corners and tight alleys, nor between matinee idols and hated villains in some old action film.
But years down the road, when our Facebook accounts can hold for us 4,000 friends and posting a tweet takes seconds over smartphones, the privilege became an entitlement and the sacredness gave way to trending topics. Has it become so customary to establish our infallibility simply because social media does not require us to footnote and reference the claims we make? If Trump finds evidence of it after having won the White House, he would likely admire his counterparts for it, even if secretly.
It will also mean being sufficiently united to avoid being picked off singly by an American bully.
Both Japan and its nearest neighbor, South Korea, have longstanding security treaties with the United States, but are hostile to each other. He must have cards up his sleeve, not to take advantage of the Left, but to push a peace agenda with the least pain and the most benefit for all concerned. Most of the time, they submit to authority or the wealthy because they are resigned to receiving little than none at all. I look at the OFWs who take that chance to change their inherited destiny even though the pain of separation hits even before they leave the country.
By experiencing the main selections either by listening, independent reading, or in theater reading, and carefully narrating them, the child will gain a great deal of historical knowledge.
Not every family will want to read every biography, but choosing several that seem interesting or important will round out the childa€™s sense of history before delving into US history more thoroughly in years 9 and 10. Synge (Abraham to Christ)-Family RA (If you are new to Milestones Academy with a Year 4 -6 child, you may want to use a more condensed resource. Synge (Roman Empire 4 AD to Renaissance 1500)-Family RA This is a good year to do the Shakespeare play Julius Ceasar.
Vijay's Tamil drama film Deiva Thirumagal, portraying the role of a six year old daughter whose father was a mentally challenged adult with the maturity of a six-year-old boy.
Francisco says if we leave he will give his three sons, belonging to the Church, back to the Catholics. 009 at the public market of Pinamungajan, Cebu, for selling 5 boxes of fake Mighty Full Flavor and Mighty Menthol variants.
Thinking that focused criticism of the martial law years won’t have an impact is another logical hole in the alternative universe. Also, most of the time government inefficiency was wrongly interpreted as corruption, eroding the claims of daang matuwid (straight path).
His in-your-face style of reminding the voters at every turn that no one is safe in this violent world, that his battle is about keeping our children safe and alive, struck a sensitive chord in our collective psyche. Surely there are many others, but one thing is clear: History is too important to be relegated to textbooks, and transmitting it to future generations is an uphill battle that requires much effort and thought. How much could it have been back when people’s only platform was made up of pen and paper journals! Can we now cuss and threaten and bully others because we can hide behind anonymity or assumed identities?
Freedom being, not the privilege to do whatever we want to do, but the privilege to choose what is right? If only the public knew how many are angling to be appointed—and not only for a deep desire to serve the public. It is not so much that he has radical ideas because, in fact, his ideas are quite simple and straightforward.
It will amaze many to realize that the most powerful and wealthy are the first to bend to a new President. Somehow, I cannot see how what we want, if expressed clearly and strongly enough, will not be a primary influence to what Duterte will do as President. Sometimes, though, they get desperate and do desperate things, like committing crimes, like joining an armed insurgency, like being part of rebellion or terrorism.
They did not wait for government to change—they took the lead for their own lives and the lives of their families. We then retired to the dining room table or computer to narrate what was learned by illustrating and dictating or illustrating and writing (depending on age and ability) in a history journal. The additional selections offer a richer picture and some practice in reading and narrating. We put a large map under a clear plastic table cover on our dining room table for dinner-time discussion. When the library didn't have what I was looking for all those years ago, I mined our household budget. Guerber-Family RA (Story of the Great Republic might be one of the only elementary US histories spines that doesna€™t paint Latter-Day Saints in a bad light. This is still something worth looking forward to with a feeling of gratitude, if one remembers the many young and promising lives cut short by senseless, violent crime. Rather, then, it is the sense that he gives to most people that he will do as he says if he has to take all legal shortcuts to do so.
The point I am trying to emphasize is not a new or complicated principle; it’s simply the truth—that change must begin with us, that 100 million is greater than one president. Yet, they reached a certain critical mass and are changing not just government but our nation.
If the children (8+) are really into drawing, The Draw and Write Through History Books by Carylee Gressman are a great resource for journals. I simply listed all I know about, some of which arena€™t the first choice unless the child has an interest in a certain field and some of which I havena€™t read. Yup, that's why my children are so familiar with eating food storage: rice, beans, corn bread, muffins, oatmeal, homemade whole wheat bread, homemade noodles, homemade tortillas, sprouts, tomato sauce, and on sale fruits and veggies. We also kept a simple wall timeline, which idea I borrowed from Hillyera€™s A Childa€™s History of the World. According to Van Loon, the best success in learning geography and how it played a major role in shaping the course of history from settlements, to battles, to conquering journeys, to emigration, and so on and so forth comes to those who draw their own maps (Van Loona€™s Geography is a good read, but not a great text to use with children IMO). Elizabeth Hamstreet, mother of five little children, and whose husband is in the army, called on me and brought me some flowers. That is why I flossed and brushed the children'sa€™ teeth each night until they were eight.
After the child completed his personal living book on his own level, he journaled it and moved on to the next selection. Which one you choose depends on the level of the reader, if you are going to read them aloud to the group, if the group is going to read them round robin, or if the child is going to read them solo. Sacrificing for a childa€™s education, you invest not only in your future posterity but in the future of society. From right to left top to bottom, attempt to duplicate what you see in each square connecting each square as you go. Playing the Geo Bee board game and the 10 days board game series, you find another great way to learn geography.

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