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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Within minutes I was soaked to the skin, and any time I had to climb something I was panting with the exertion.
You can probably see that on the video a few times.Wandering through its long tail-like corridor to the main jungle hub, I of course wondered where all the humidity was coming from. I saw plenty of dead plants- they gave up their water to transpiration, it condensed on the glass sky, and fell as rain.

I would expect them to be the hardiest- instead they were the ones most dead.Perhaps I should talk a bit more about how huge it was. Please feel free to stroll tnrough our online Flower Shop, imagine if you can, the sweet fragrances, and view the brilliant colors of all our glorious flowers. The alternate explanation- provided by another explorer who went the week after me- is that there are watering crews who go around and water the interior.There wasn`t a lot to climb actually, and since everything was so sticky and dirty, I didn`t make the effort.That guy at the end was fleeing from blood-sucking monsters!
As for humidity, yup, I was drenched, but I don’t really remember there being any bugs.

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