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You’d be surprised how much adding even one large indoor plant can give the illusion of an indoor jungle, even in tight spaces like apartments. To help you get started on your indoor jungle, here are 8 of our favorite large indoor plants. Why we love it: Gorgeous bright green leaves edged with reddish pink, stately trunk and easy to propagate.
Honorable mention: Philodendron selloum, Euphorbia trigona, Phothos satin, Ficus lyrata and Rhaphidophora decursiva. You can definitely get some good low-light loving height out of a ZZ plant or a Sansevieria. I have spend only a few minutes in there, as it was were hot in there, but I took some nice shots.

The height and volume of greenery from your large captures the eye and immediately makes your space lush. Lovely umbrella-like leaf clusters on wide reaching stems make this one of our very favorites. You don’t know how grateful I am for this post, I absolutely love huge jungle like plants! It is a single slender plant, has leaves only on the upper third of the plant, with nothing on the bottom two-thirds.
It’s what we aspire to in our homes, and what makes us excited to explore the new plants that come into the nursery. Add a few smaller plants around the house and you’re well on your way to your own indoor plant kingdom. The large-leafed philodendrons and cousins (like monstera and selloum) seem to prefer brighter light, unfortunately.

There’s no better way to kick off your own indoor jungle than with some large indoor plants. But if you can place them near a window (even a north facing one) and supplement with full spectrum bulbs, you should be all set!
The only plant I have left from my previous jungle is my big baby I’ve had it for almost 22 years! The only one you didn’t name( and was my favorite) was the very first one on the article it self that is the most awesome plant would love to have one can I get a name please!

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