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Hi these are amazing, is there anyway to have these sent to the uk, i did try on Etsy but they dont ship to the uk, these fab prints would definetly be one of the best buys ever if i could get them.
Hi these are amazing, is there anyway to have these sent to the uk, i did try on Etsy but they dont ship to the uk, these fab prints would definetly be one of my best buys ever if i could get them.
One of my very favorite things to do when I was a little girl was to play with pretend kitchens.
Clothesline of Califon is excited to announce that a brand new line of Swedish 100% organic children's clothing has just arrived! I love decorating for fall, but I have been looking for years for the perfect wreath for my door for this time of year. Kids can blast off to bed after bath time when drying off with Kidorable's brand new space hero towel. Everyone's favorite talking Chihuahuas Papi (voice of George Lopez) and Chloe (voice of Odette Annable) are back, joined by their five playful pups in an all-new family comedy.
In April of 2007, College Humor conducted an informal poll of their readership's (ahem) wiping habits.
Bathroom behaviors are surprisingly insulated, so it's not surprising that people are surprised by them. Anyway, I call bullshit (no pun intended) on the claims that standing leaves your ass all dirty. So, uh, when they say "sitting," are we talking about actually sitting, full stop? My wife stands to wipe after peeing, and I hate it - because there's almost always that one drop on the toilet seat afterwards. Man, I used to have experience an incredible amount of angst that I was going to the bathroom 'wrong'. Westerners, especially Americans, are already viewed as having comparatively primitive hygiene when it comes to this sort of thing because of our reliance on just paper to clean our rears. I can only evacuate on one of them fancy Japanese toilets--mine whispers passages from Genji Monogatari to me, to both entertain me and mask the sound of my bowels moving. I lean to one side and lift the other side off the seat, thus avoiding any possibility of my hand ending up in the bowl. As a society, it's now our collective responsibility to develop lore and cautionary tales to guide us all in one direction and vilify anyone who chooses another path. With the asses I see every day, the idea of standing up and having to tunnel through those twin patulous globes of blubber and ever have a hope of not leaving behind a shit-smeared graffiti on the sidewalls is laughable. You sit, raise one ass cheek, keep traction on the perineum to widely expose the soiled region and get to work.
In the years I've been coming to this place, Metafilter has affected my life in a lot of ways.
I'll spare you the gory details, but when I was finished and it was time to wipe, I began to stand up the way I always do. This standing thing explains strange shoe movements observed in stalls next to me over the years. Ultimately, I feel like I maybe used a little less toilet paper than when standing (when I use my left hand to spread the left cheek aside and the right hand to wipe while standing at a slight angle of about 35-45 degrees). I actually have quite healthy BMs, most of the time (except on buffalo wings night), but still -- standing, bent slightly over, from balls to bottom, gets me clean as a whistle, which is what my farts sound like.
I will hereby offer to go up against any sitting MeFite in a butt-clean-test at the next Meet-Up near me.

But I guess a lot of people don't really evolve their wiping habits between age six and age twenty possibly. I mean seriously, I am never going to be able to use the bathroom again without being paralyzed with self-conscious fear of wiping my ass incorrectly.
I'm tall, my body temp runs warm, and this means that I um *dangle dangerously close to the water below* - possibly too close for some - but only in extremely rare cases have I ever dunked in the tank (as in I can count it on one hand over 33 years.) Folks - its simple - you lean ot the side while wiping and practice your kiegels.
The idea of wiping while sitting grosses me out; I keep having these visions of my knuckles coming into contact with a particularly large shit. Okay, that cracked me up, and not to tease you too much (I'm a sitter--or leaner, as it were), but it makes me laugh that you're skeeved out about touching the toilet lid while in the act of wiping your ass.
I'm convinced that some woman (or women?) in my office building is deliberately dripping on the seat just to fuck with me.
Between the drip possibility, using a menstrual cup and toilets that auto-flush, it just makes sense to sit. Not to derail, but this is pretty much related: guys, what do you do with your junk when taking a poop? Sitting-propped-up, with one foot on the seat - it's the only comfortable way for me to reach properly.
It's similar to the difference of the standing and sitting positions while shooting a rifle. If you have skid-marks in your underwear it is because you do not know how to wipe your ass.
The reason you stand before putting any paper into the toilet is so you can inspect the product and see if it is one of those magnificent long perfectly cylindrical beautifully tinted light umber prismacolor # 941 products. He was the one who mortified me when I was a tween and a teenage boy tried to cut us in line for a watermark ride.
The space hero towel is the latest of a series of space themed products like raincoats, boots, umbrellas and more. Your preschooler will love this new book, A Kiss Means I Love You, written by Kathryn Madeline Allen with photographs by Eric Futran. I walked in on my uncle while he was wiping standing up, and I've never been the same since.
Surely there's a point in childhood, shortly post-diapers, in which someone teaches you proper wiping technique.
You've completely abandoned the bowl at that point, with the bathroom floor as the only landing pad beneath your ass for stray material. You're sitting down already, surely the path of least resistance would be to then sort of lean forward just a bit?
Then, I lie face down in a special wiping-cradle, while a surprisingly delicate articulated servo-arm makes questions of sitting and standing quite moot.
Which makes me wonder, why do stall walls leave enough gap *between the stalls* to observe the adjacent persons feet. I found that I had to scoot forward a bit in order to get my arm around back and proper angling -- otherwise I couldn't get my hand under my ass. But, I didn't feel any less clean; I'm a looker, so I always check the tp to make sure that its snowflake white on the last wipe anyway, and this time I gave myself one last standing wipe to make sure. Because I don't want to put my hand that close to the toilet seat and risk touching it (especially the underside, yaaagh). Really, if your shit is so runny that you can easily wipe it straight from your ass to your balls, you need to eat more fiber.

We'll get some sort of scientist to come in and check our post-doodie anuses and compare the amount of fecal remnant. So it's not physically impossible, and in at least one case, their balls do not smell like shit. He told the teen boy that he had had to ask every single person in line if it was okay- not just a friend who let him cut. You have five fingers on your hand, presumably, so grasp the paper with your thumb and index, rest at least one other finger on the opposite side of the perforation, and tear gently. This ensures that the deposit goes directly into the water, eliminating smell and smears on the toilet walls.
Because of the tweaking on my hip and the balls on the seat thing -- which, in a public bathroom, would make me worried about getting crabs or scabies or alien infestations -- I think I will continue to stand (although a bidet would be nice). Going in from the front will protect your precious ball area (may I suggest lifting them out of the way with your hand?) and allow the easy access that you experience while sitting down. Also, I make sure that my balls are not resting on the toilet seat and I'm pissing into my underwear (which leads me to a slight tangent -- what the fuck is up with rounded bowls?! Now, I'm a looker, which is somewhat difficult in this posture; I was afraid that I'd accidentally wipe the shitty toilet paper on the seat. When you've got a couple of Grade A eggs hanging down from the front, it makes things a little different.
I am now of the opinion that there may actually be some folks who literally could NOT find their own asshole with both hands and a flashlight.
Seriously, my actual TP usage was able to decrease by like 300%, and my ass is *sparkling* after a pass or two with a few squares of TP and using just one of the wet-wipes. I think I had a revelation at some point that those toilets with the automatic flush always flushed when I went to wipe, sprinkling my ass with horrific public toilet water, and decided to try remaining stationary while I did it. Skinny, so there's no fear of monstrous ass-cheeks squishing residue around before I get to wiping. I also found that I was putting some uncomfortable strain on my left hip, although that could be because I didn't limber up beforehand or was just not used to the position.
When you wipe from front to back, the angling works so there's a little lip or catch that acts as a perfect stop. I am certain that was the hardest my brother ever prayed and fortunately it went down on that flush. I did find that I felt like I was getting pretty in-depth access, perhaps slightly better than when standing.
But, because of how far I had to scoot up in order to reach behind, my duffel bags were sitting on the rim of the seat. Really, think about it - if you got shit on the back of your forearm, would you be content to just wipe it down with a dry paper towel a couple times?
I would give that sign to my dad and use the other two in my bathroom as reminders to my kids.

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