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The Moki airline headphone adaptor is a 'must have' for flyers.Ensure your headphones are ready for use with any single or 2 pin airline entertainment system. Moki (formerly Moshi) Poppers are a stylish way for young kids and teens to listen to their tunes and play games. The JVC HA-KD6 headphones are an on-the-ear design, sized for kids, featuring a volume limiter to prevent hearing damage.
The JVC HAKD6Y TinyPhones Headphones are ideal for kids because they limit the amount of volume to their ears. As a parent, one of my favorite discoveries at International CES this year was the sense of volume limiting headphones for kids that seem to be creeping into the market. The headphones are made for kids 3 and up, but the adjustable headband fits both my six-year-old and eight-year-old perfectly. The cap peak volume is reported at 85 decibels, but I think they may be even a little lower.
Obviously the sound output quality decreases with each subsequent headphone you add, but nothing your kids will notice. The nabi Notes are "high-quality headphones that are just as high-end as the ones grown-ups use, but designed with uniquely child-sized components for our younger audio fans," said Fuhu in a statement.

The headphones retail for $99 and will be available for limited release in late December and will fully launch in January 2013.
We have introduced many high-performance headphones, but if you need a child-friendly option, you may like to check the Chill, a pair of volume limited wired headphones designed for kids. They’re available in four different bright color combinations and come with stickers so kids can enjoy decorating their headphones.
Comparing with the Griffin pair that we own, the Buddyphones seem just a wee bit quieter, with much tamped-down percussion and bass. Which I love, by the way, but it is one more piece of gear to remember to bring on road trips. KINABI are block letters and characters used for nabi products; the headphones feature a grid that can hold the tiles.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. The wired headphones show off a lightweight and portable appearance, and three optional colors ensure the headphones match your kid’s style. Moreover, the wired headphones have built-in volume control and microphone for easy control and private video chat.

In fact if you are raising a future DJ or musician, I think the quality of the sound on the Griffin phones is far more nuanced. On Tuesday, Fuhu, Inc., released child-sized headphones, called nabi Notes, with what the compay calls "DJ-quality" sound. The dual modes allow for switching volume limiting on and off — between parent-controlled and no controls.
Meanwhile, custom padded ear cups provide soft and comfortable wearing experience, and foldable design allows the little user to easily store it in the bag for school satchels. BTW, also don’t miss Major II Bluetooth headphones and more related cool stuff by following tags. It’s time that you get the Maxell NC-V Noise Cancelling Headphones and enclose yourself in your own world. But for kids like mine who are just listening to Taylor Swift (uh, I mean David Bowie) in the back seat, they do the job nicely.

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