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The Battle Rifle being a 4-shot makes it a force to be reckoned with, no longer is the DMR the go-to choice for top players.
The LightRifle's increased rate of fire while zoomed in will possibly make it the best long-range starting weapon in the game. As you probably know by now, we have been actively tuning some of the weapons in the Halo 4 sandbox. In the month of May, we'll be inviting a small group of community members into the studio to get a sneak peak at the new weapon tuning.
We'll also be bringing you a live stream that will allow everyone to check out some of the weapon tuning in action before the settings deploy globally. Our final changes, once solidified, will go live across all Halo 4 playlists on Monday, June 3rd. This schedule will ensure that the new weapon tuning receives proper testing across all of Halo 4's game modes, input from various community leaders and that the entire community will be able to get a detailed look at everything before the final update goes live. As you may recall, we tracked the first 24 hours of the Competitive Skill Rank (CSR) Challenge and reported on the details in the 4.10 Halo Bulletin.
We have decided to remove Shutout (a remake of Halo 2's Lockout) from the Rumble Pit playlist due to how this version of the map flows in Halo 4.
Other Matchmaking updates this week include removing the Grunt Birthday effect from Fiesta Classic (okay, we were getting tired of it too) in the Action Sack playlist, as well as fixing the underground tunnel respawn point on the map Settler. Even though bs angel is busy playing nonstop SWAT and Action Sack Matchmaking (just kidding – please don't hurt me), she somehow managed to select the screenshots for this week's gallery. Seeing as my Gamertag is B is for Bravo, I argue that the letter most definitely stands for "Bravo." Naturally, she argues that the letter instead stands for her Gamertag. We played several matches together, and I got a chance to catch up with him after he stopped by.

1 on Haven with Assault Rifles only, and I think we both agreed that the new tuning made it quite interesting and different.
We are still regularly playtesting, and excited to say that we're nearing the end of tweaking and tuning each weapon. This live stream will feature insight and commentary from designers, as well as gameplay from community members and 343 staff. This content will give you a detailed breakdown of what to expect when the tuning goes live. Once this update is released, we estimate that we won't be making adjustments for at least several weeks as we examine the results of how this update changes gameplay behavior, strategy, loadout selection and more. Now that the CSR Challenge has come to a close, let's take a peek at some new numbers, once again in pretty infographic form.
I would normally suggest that you be on the lookout to see if you've won, but the CSR Challenge was no walk in the park – if you're one of the few winners, you know what I'm talking about. While it plays well for Team Throwdown, SWAT, Snipers and other team-based modes, Free-For-All play on the map has proven to be inconsistent. Lastly, we've updated several of the Grifball settings to reflect the correct community settings in regards to Base Player Damage, Grif Damage Resistance, Grif Shield Multiplier and Suicide Penalty. If there's nothing to read next week, it's because I'm trying out all these sweet new maps, and looking for even more to bring into Matchmaking. This week, however, I've decided that B not only stands for "Bravo" but also "Bulletin." This being said, welcome to the weekly update. This live stream will give you a close look at how the newly tuned weapons behave alongside one another. Congrats to those who unlocked the "SKILLS" Avatar t-shirt – we have no doubt that you do indeed have skills.

These maps were showcased in our Community Forge Test and FFA Forge Test playlists, and have since been updated to provide new experiences across multiple game modes.
After further playtesting with updated respawn points, we still felt the map fell short as a Rumble Pit candidate, and as a result have decided to remove the map from the rotation.
However, as you read above, 5 Forge creations that were built specifically for Free-For-All will be implemented into the playlist, while an updated version of Shutout will be placed into SWAT, Team Snipers and Infinity Slayer. Additionally, Simplex will be updated to the Team Throwdown version across all playlists with the exception of Action Sack, as Lightning Flag plays best on the prior version of Simplex due to lines of sight and other factors. On a slightly more serious note, the 4-shot kills give the game the faster kill time that I loved from previous Halo games. Then tag it with "Battle Rifle" and "Halo Waypoint", and maybe, just maybe, yours will be featured in the next Halo Bulletin! I think this change accounts for the few automatics in the top level of play to take slightly more skill to use.
However, this change primarily affects the casual level of play, which is the majority of Halo players – overall, I think everyone will be very happy with this change. Biggest difference in my opinion will be in the short and long-range game since the DMR currently is the go-to weapon for almost every situation. With the updates to the BR and LR, we now have weapons that, on paper, are superior to the DMR.

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