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Whether you’ve got a new kitten or an older cat there is some useful information available here. It might seem that cats appear perfectly happy spending most of their time sleeping, but it’s important for their health and wellbeing that you add physical activity into their lives. Cats are carnivores, and so unlike some dogs they cannot live a long and healthy life on a purely vegetarian diet – they must eat meat. Even if you have a cat that spends lots of time outdoors it’s a good idea to have a litter tray inside.

Whether you’re bringing a new kitten home or adopting a newborn kitten from your own cat’s litter, it’s important to have a calm environment for them to settle into. The information provided is general information only and is not a substitute for professional veterinary medical advice. If everyone in the house is out during the day at school or work, it may be a good idea to have two cats as they can  help keep each other company.• Where will your cat live? With medical advances and better nutrition it is quite common for cats to live for more than 15 years.

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