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Easy learningAfter watching the DVDs or online videos several times, most children can easily name everyday objects and understand basic phrases in Korean. For all childrenOur program uses the scientifically proven a€?total immersiona€? method that is suitable for all children including toddlers and pre-schoolers. Korean learning Poster set for kids03Dino Lingo Korean Posters teach the most common 150 words on 10 posters.

Animal Picture Dictionary12This Picture Dictionary presents kida€™s favorite animals in a playful new perspective.
The fact that it is full immersion is fantastic since is gives children the chance to learn the language direct context! I would recommend for all ages as I am in my late 30a€™s and bought it for myself as I was looking for something visual other than memorizing sentences and phrases.I like how they have animation, and real pictures together.

It helps me to learn and because its so engaging and entertaining, it helps me to remember even more!

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