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Fun Fact: Though he's Australian, Jonathan has lived overseas for so long that he had to hire an Australian voice coach for his first Aussie role in The Slap in 2011. Use this content Jessica Marais, left, and Mandy McElhinney in a scene from the TV series Love Child. But a solid ratings win is just the tonic, and those pearly whites now need sunscreen, they're on show so much.
There is much to like about Love Child, Nine's period drama series about the girls in Stanton House - a home for unwed mothers, which premiered last Monday night. One early streetscape scene drew a gasp it was so authentic…cars, shopfronts, pay phones, street signs, fashion - just like a photo from that momentous year.
Gracie Gilbert, centre, and Jessica Marais, right, in a scene from the TV series Love Child.

Mick Jagger visits Sydney in an amusing sideline plot and, there it is again, Come And See The Real Thing is on the soundtrack. The script lilts gently between humour and despair; and already, you care about what happens to these girls in a horrible situation. Top Stories 10 work opportunities on the Coast right now Whether you need a job or just curious, check out 10 on offer for Sunshine Coast residents today. He delivers and then illegally adopts the newborn baby of character Annie Carmichael with his wife Eva. He graduated from university with a degree in medicine, and for a time practised as an emergency-room physician before taking up acting (following in the footsteps of his older brother Anthony). Sure, it dances on the edge of cliché, but good writing, some surprise acting talent and excellent production values make for a cracker watch.

NewsComment Accused men freed on ute dispute charges Accused men freed on bail after appearing in court. She is brilliant in a role that demands a switch from carefree kid and naughty class clown to betrayed daughter drugged by her own father and driven to Stanton House.

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