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One of my goals for the new school year is to NOT give our daughter sandwiches three days out of five in her lunch box.
While menu planning has helped me a lot, I do need plenty of ideas and inspiration to come up with something that is fast, easy-to-make, affordable and healthy. Anyways, whenever I’m stuck for ideas for anything, I turn to my favorite place- the Internet.
So, here are 20 Days {those are the number of actual school days in a month for our daughter} of Inspiration and Ideas for Healthy, Wholesome, School Lunches for Preschoolers from some of my favorite places online. Note: Most of the posts have lots of ideas, so you’ll actually end up with way more lunch box menus than just 20! Don’t forget to check out the other posts this month to help make back-to-school better and brighter! Fruit and raw cheese is probably one of the easiest, healthiest lunches you can throw together in a snap.
Thanks for always providing awesome info…this is a GREAT list of resources that parents can use for the entire year. Prerna, toddlers are fussy eaters, coming from someone who lives it everyday just like you, so I make shaped sandwiches,that look funny, that could be bread omlette, with eyes and nose ?? and make my own pizzas at home. Productivity & Organization for Work-at-Home MomsReady to infuse simplicity + productivity into your Mama life? For some parents, it is the time for increased worry and anxiety now that your children are out of school. Hopefully some parents are excited at the new and fun things that can be done during the summer.
Food though – should be one of the more important things that we plan for our children this summer.

Good Food Preparation – should be something that takes considerable time and preparation. If this meal planning is something you like to do or you know you need to improve this area – start out by trying to be healthy a few times a week. Believed to be only a breakfast item, yogurt is quickly becoming a staple for daily snacks and lunch options. Empty calories are found more often in drinks than anywhere else.A  Drinks are difficulty because many kids want sodas and fruit juices, and cool-aid. Going for a hike, watching television, visiting a water park, camping or anywhere in-between can help you mix things up for lunch. It is hard to make macaroni and cheese while camping, but this could be a great option for watching television.
But, if we take the time to really make good plans were are enjoying a good activity and good food. Finding good food opportunities and healthy lunches can be something we over analyze or under analyze. Simple Summer Despicable Me 2 Minion Lunch: We made this despicable lunch on Good Day Sacramento this past Monday. I know this is Simple Summer, and this might look a little intimidating, but this lunch is super easy to reproduce a few times.
Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookies  {Baking Bites} Note: All the other cookies, too, at the site are winners but since am looking for healthy, too, this was my first choice. Homemade Granola and Granola Bars  {Kitchen Stewardship} This one has me covered for both breakfast and the lunchbox! Easy Breakfast Ideas with Real Food { Keeper of the Home} Most of them can easily be adapted for the lunch box.

Snacks for Kids {This Lunch Rox} I’ve just linked to the page with the recipes for snacks but This Lunch Rox has plenty of inspiration for bento boxes as well. Yummy Lunch Box Gallery{Easy Lunch Boxes} One of my favorite eco-friendly lunch box solutions, this is a compilation of lovely photos to show you how to pack your Easy Lunchbox with easy, healthy ideas. They’ve got a full online menu library and you can sign up to get weekly menus sent to you.
It can take weeks to adjust to the new time schedule –  including chores, wake up times, activities, reading programs, sport programs and much more.
This may include family time, family vacations, hiking, camping, swimming, and a ton more exciting possibilities. Too often we are throwing things together at the last minute because of ease or lack of preparation. It is funny that we, as a society, are so against white bread, yet we allow an entire candy bar or some soda. But, we are saying allow something, maybe just one thing, that you normally wouldn’t. Home made, fresh, and I use it as an opportunity to introduce (read sneak in) a few new foods now and then. This makes sure you are in the mindset to be a little creative and have the needed food on hand when it is time to do the preparation and packing. Visiting your grocery counter and letting your kids choose a meat for the week isn’t a bad idea.

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