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I am no doctor or child expert, just a mom looking for healthy food options that my son will be motivated to eat rather than hurl at my head. These all sound amazing… But what about a toddler like mine who will pick the one thing off the plate she likes (grapes or cheese) then swear she’s not hungry unless she gets more of what she wants? It may be easier to say what she does eat: some chicken, a little cheese, Vienna sausage, pasta and sometimes a bit of rice. Let's face it, we all know that {allergy friendly} and {gluten free} breads can be expensive. I'll also be sharing some additional ideas from past posts, giving you a nice "one-stop shop" for tons of inspiration and ideas. She also has Ener-G Brand {Allergy Free} Pretzels and grapes in her EasyLunchboxes container for Friday.
Toddlers, depending on how many teeth they have and how fussy they are, can sometimes be a little tricky to feed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

If you have a toddler and are in search of similar nutritious solutions, check out this list of 25 Toddler Lunch Ideas. Mixed vegetables, cheese, chicken and strawberries: If you are looking for a bunch of healthy bite size food options, this toddler lunch idea can do the trick. Oranges, peas, corn, lima beans and turkey burger: Why haven’t I been feeding my son turkey burgers? Fish sticks, corn, lima beans, squash and hash browns: Though I do not typically like to give my son breaded processed foods like fish sticks, sometimes when you are in a rush and need a fast and flavorful toddler food idea, fish sticks will suffice. We love baking big batches of gluten free muffins on the weekends so we can enjoy them for breakfast, snacks, or lunches.
Obviously there is a vegetarian option each day and we are always welcome to ask they not be given something. For a while, I was preparing his snacks and lunches everyday because little dude is gluten free. My husband swears my son is practicing his throwing arm in an effort to be the next great NFL quarterback or All-Star pitcher, but I tend to disagree. A couple of snack suggestions to complement this meal are a banana muffin and carrots, celery and hummus.

When making broccoli for my little guy, I love buying microwaveable bags to steam the veggies because it is a time saver and a healthy way to prepare it. He loves turkey franks, so I’ll have to give turkey burgers a shot, then pair it with these nutritious sides.
She loves being able to spread it on her crackers with her cute little fork giving her a fun change-up from a boring sammie. Some of that behavior is probably because of his GI issues but I imagine the same could be true for typical kids as well.
I still have to blend his tube feeding meals (my own control freak choice) but at least I’m not preparing his oral meals too.

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