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Zayn, knowing he had to react to this MTV mistake with quickness, uploaded moments ago on Instagram what seems to be the official cover art for “Pillow Talk” and confirmed the digital release date of the single – same day as video premiere. Also in this interview, Zayn talked about his sex-themed lead single “Pillow Talk”: “On his first single, which is imminent (the details are still a closely guarded secret), he croons about something “so pure, so dirty and raw”.
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Create an account to credit all your contributions to your name, receive rewards, status updates and get feedback from our community. The Viacom network erroneously included the title of Zayn’s single (“Pillow Talk”) on the information box for their January 29th programming on all cable platforms.

MTV will have the exclusive world premiere of the music video for Zayn’s first solo single “Pillow Talk” on January 29th. 24), the release month for Zayn’s debut solo album was announced to be March: “On his album, due in March, he says he will “let people know what’s really going on”.
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Read & write lyrics explanationsHighlight lyrics and explain them to earn Karma points. This is one of my favorite songs EVER, it is a real toe-tapper and to a lot of peope, a great dance tune.
Their error (probably the fault of some intern) was to include this ‘exclusive’ piece of information too in advance.
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A fan of Zayn spotted this news ‘leak’ and quickly spread it all over the Internet with a screenshot. We all eagerly wait for this precious day and wanna celebrate it, with our full joy and with our all dear ones. We all go to birthday party, celebrate over there but we never Know complete & accurate lyrics of Birthday Songs. Don’t be like others here below learn Birthday songs lyrics of different songs and singer.

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