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Softly padded for comfort and warmth for your child to go potty, whenever your child decides to do so!
It comes with a detachable soft splash guard in the front, designed to prevent splashes and poor aiming. The plates are available in multiple designs with holiday, seasonal, comic strip, and other fun themes. The best part about the plates are that you can customize them with your very own photo or graphic!! Check out our large assortment of Personalized Plates that feature Disney characters, Nursery Rhyme characters, and more!! Kids have fun watching the color magically change when a drink is poured into it, while Mom has the peace of mind knowing when the drink reaches room temperature.

What toddler doesn't love the beloved Disney crew that includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and of course Toodles.
It is simply a ring that fits snug into the big toilet with extra no-slip padding on the back of the potty seat. Since it is NOT permanently attached to the toilet seat, you can move easily from one one toilet to another. The handles also reduce spreading germs by preventing your toddler from grabbing the toilet for balance. The Jake and the Never Land Pirates 3-in-1 Potty System offers positive reinforcement with a cheer from the pretend flush handle. The Grown Up Trainer Cup allows your child to progress to the feel of an open cup, and keeps mom feeling good as the cup is still spill-proof!

It's easy to clean and there are no small parts to lose at daycare or go down the garbage disposal, and the cups are dishwasher safe and BPA free. If you are looking for more Mousekatools to help your little one with Potty Training check out all of our other Mickey Mouse potty products. The colorful system grows with your child, starting as a standalone potty and transitioning to a detachable seat that you can place on your family toilet.

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