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Our Pilates inspired Core Strength workout targeting the deepest part of your core muscles, helping you restore your core strength. A strong core can help alleviate lower back pain, improve your overall posture and relieve tension - and as a fun side affect, provide you with the tools to help shape and tone your tummy. A great option for moms who need a more flexible option or have vacation or appointments scheduled. Simply click on the Renew now button below, select the class, the number of passes and payment preference. We recommend that all new moms have their postnatal exam (usually 6-8 weeks after birth) prior to starting any physical activities.
Our experience yoga instructor can modify many of the movements to incorporate your little one - ensuring giggles and smiles. We understand that sometimes class just isn't in the cards, whether it's because the wee one is fussy or not well, or you have a conflicting appointment. Taking babies as young as four months old to a class is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Classes should be about the parent and child having fun, rather than trying to teach a baby or toddler the proper form.
POUND is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming.
Timed stations for you to push yourself and get done the most you can during that time.  You are gonna get a little bit of this and a little bit of that for a full body workout. This class combines common yoga postures with body weight strength training exercises and Pilates for a low impact full body workout.
Please bring your signed copy of the Par-med X for pregnancy form with you to the trial, the form will be available to download after your purchase (sent to you by email). Enjoy the fresh air outdoors with strollerfit.  Great class for mamas easing back into fitness. We start with the youngest babies, exposing them to a wide range of musical genres from pop to jazz, country to classical and delighting them with the feeling of moving to music in their mother’s arms. We also focus on sensory stimulation and increasing physical awareness and control, using lots of engaging props and movement activities. Our approach is free spirited and relaxed, so both parent and child can enjoy their time together.

However, if you have a mover (usually 9mos and older) and are concerned you'll be chasing your little one rather than participating, you may want to consider our Mom & Toddler MOVE classes. In some cases, your wee one might sleep through the entire class or be happy enough to lay beside you - giving you an opportunity to workout on your own.
We're happy to provide one free make-up class per 6 week session for once a week participants and two free make up classes for twice a week participants. Classes that were once intended for crawlers and walkers are now being offered for even younger babies. Spending time together and playing is a fun way to bond with the baby and get out of the house. In some communities, mommy and me music and movement classes are offered through the local community center or other organization. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses into a 45-minute series. Slow & quick movement patterns getting the heart rate up and lots of emphasis on strength.
We will work on components of fitness -balance, endurance, flexibility and strength for an invigorating well rounded workout.  Please bring a yoga mat. Mandy will lead you through cardio, strength, and core exercises all geared towards keeping your body comfortable throughout your pregnancy. That’s why MAD Academy offers specially designed classes for babies and toddlers from 3 months, which are bursting with age appropriate fun! We introduce them to traditional songs and nursery rhymes, as well as our own funky songs which are rich in vocabulary and varied in musical styles. We use music and singing to help babies develop their early listening and communication skills, along with games and activities centred on speech development, sound recognition and widening vocabulary. If babies need feeding, or changing, or want to do something a bit different, that is absolutely fine. Your 6 week session will start based on the start date you indicate on your registration form. Now studios in major cities and even some smaller cities are offering yoga classes for mother and baby. In these classes, babies move to music and play with simple instruments such as shakers, maracas or drums.

Burn between 400 and 900+ calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!
Intervals on the bike working up a sweat then working with weights sculpting and toning our arms.
All our music is brought to life with creative props and we explore instruments, pitch and rhythm to encourage an early sense of musicality.
Finally we also use fun games, songs and rhymes to explore many different aspects of the world around them, from animals and transport, to bodies and making friends. We know there will soon be something exciting to engage their attention again and bring a smile to their face. Make up classes are available for the odd missed class, however, if you know you are going to miss 2 or more classes due to vacation or appointments, you may want to consider a flexible package, therefore freeing up your spot for another mom and baby the weeks you are not available. We ask that you select your dates to the best of your knowledge at the time of registration.
You may be wondering what is available and if the classes are worth the time and money needed to attend. Proponents of these classes say that yoga has benefits for babies, including relieving gas and constipation.
The baby will benefit from play time with mommy or daddy, whether it takes place at home, at the park or in a class setting. There is an opportunity to ask questions related to your fitness development and fitness goals. The dates available on the registration form, reflect the open spots for those particular classes. Some places have open time where members can come in and play on the equipment without attending a class.
This is a great way to ease back into cardio because the class is split time between bike and weights.

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