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I received a notice during Holy Week that I have a parcel to claim from the Quezon City Central Post Office. As much as I don't want to divulge how I love Coke , I could not deny the fact that it is always present on our table.
I’m on the lookout for great deals and bazaars for Moms and babies now that Joaquin is born. If you’re an entrepreneur, this event is not only for you to showcase and sell your goods. You can keep yourself updated with Baby & Family Expo by joining their online community over at Facebook here.
BFE will also be arranging a business matching service that will help facilitate meetings between buyers, sellers, investors, distributors, importers and exporters.

Parents and soon-to-be-parents will get the opportunity to hear from the country’s experts on pregnancy, parenting, health, education, money, and so much more.
I like to write about my family, my motherhood journey, my daughter Meg, and my thoughts on anything. So I’ve been browsing through Instagram accounts of Momentrepreneurs and small businesses that target kids and babies.
The thing with online shopping for me is, I want to be sure what is being advertise is what I’m getting. So I usually shop at online stores that accept returns or exchanges like Lazada, Cudsly, or Taste Central. I’ve missed out a couple of bazaars (especially by my frequent sponsor, Babypalooza) while I was pregnant because I was either on bed rest or I was sick.

So I’m actually looking forward to attending upcoming bazaars, especially with Christmas fast approaching. But luckily, Baby & Family Expo 2014 will be held at the SMX Convention Center Manila on December 5-7.

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