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Growing up, my family and I were vegetarians and even though we tried to eat healthy, frequently we’d slip into the the standard American diet pit falls… what this meant for me is that I was almost always constipated! I found some relief by squatting on the toilet rim (yes, a tricky acrobatic act!) or using a step stool or upside down trash can to elevate my feet while on the potty. Even though we left vegetarianism when I was 15 years old, my constant constipation issue persisted and didn’t quit until I was 26 years old and we found Nourishing Traditions.
1.)  Squatting relaxes the pubrectalis muscle and gives you a straight colon for elimination.

My two favorite features of the Squatty Potty are, first that your feet can be placed a comfortable wide stance and second that it can be pushed back when not in use and make room for other devices, such as our toddler’s potty seat! I thought I was the only one that had to squat on the potty to get the bowel movement going!
It wasn’t until the 1500’s that Sir John Harrington decided maybe we should sit instead of squat! Price diet full of rich fats, broth, pastured meats and organ meats, fermented cod liver oil, pastured raw dairy products, eggs and naturally grown veggies and fruits.

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