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New research from Start4Life has highlighted that mothers-to-be are looking for answers by revealing their top 20 pregnancy questions. The Start4Life Information Service for Parents directs parents to clear, approved information, to make pregnancy a less confusing and overwhelming time for mothers.
The top 20 questions women have during pregnancy were revealed by Start4Life’s Information Service for Parents.

This makes it the best place for parents-to-be and parents of children up to the age of 24 months to find the help they need to get their child off to the best start in life.
Findings showed that pregnancy is a time filled with questions for women, with queries on labour, pain relief, breastfeeding and sleep at the forefront of most minds. To identify common themes, a survey of 4,508 expectant women was carried out to find out what pregnancy questions they had at this stage in their lives.

From this over 53,576 distinct questions were identified, the most popular of which were then ranked by pregnant women, women who had recently given birth and mothers of older children to find the definitive top 20.

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