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This will also enable you to use the terminology that your child is used to whether it is go potty, go to the toilet or whatever term you want to use. Keeping a bedtime routine chart will help you stick to the bedtime routine and even make it fun for your kids. Make sure that your child knows exactly what to expect and repeat the bedtime routine every day.

You want this to be a special place that he enjoys going to.Make it clear to family members that this room or this part of the room belongs to her. If others want to enter then they should only do so with her permission.If he is afraid of the dark then make sure that you have suitable lighting that can be left on all night. If he is scared of the dark then it makes no sense for the room to be dark at night.If you have the room then keep toys in a separate room so that the bedroom is a place for sleeping.

This gives your child something to look forward to in bed and signals that the day is officially over.

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