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Dog training classes include: Puppy Socialization, Beginning and Intermediate Obedience and special workshops in recall (coming when called), walking without pulling, and not jumping on people. A dog advocate, I have published articles on dog training, food and vaccination issues, and living with dogs. After studying with nationally known dog trainer Trish King, I received my Canine Consultant and Instructor Certificate from the Marin Humane Society where I also assisted in behavior modification consultations and dog temperament testing.
I continue to get much needed 'cat fixes' during cat care visits in Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, El Cerrito, and parts of Oakland near the Berkeley border. Joel Hubert has 20 years of experience in training service and competitive dogs.A  He is certified in training, including biting dogs, domestic companion animals, and, for the past ten years, in police dogs and other service dogs. Our dog training philosophy is to build your dogs intense and willfull desire to work for you by using positive reward based dog training methods.
We do use negative reinforcement or punishment (compultion) to correct unwanted behavior when we are sure that your dog knows and understand what we ask of them. If you are not willing to use compultion through leash and collars such as prong collars, chock collars or remote e-collars Garrett is not the right trainer for you. Known for his inimitable ability to clearly see through to a dog's soul and become conscious of the root of all behavioral issues, Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz is a spiritual teacher whose intention is to teach people how to come from the highest, most enlightened perspective when raising their dogs.
Featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and countless other news outlets across the country, his corporation, Karma Dog Training, is a veterinarian endorsed dog training company home to experienced behavior specialists and professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT # 77541), an organization which prides itself with a mission toward enhancing the human-canine relationship through education and dog-friendly training.
Jeffrey Brian Liebowitz is also the founder of the not-for-profit educational group, Trainers who Participate in Socialization Parties (TPSP #1), an organization comprised of professional dog trainers and licensed veterinarians who have joined together in the interest of puppies everywhere to help facilitate the all-important early socialization process.
Rebecca loves dogs, behaviorism, and enlightenment, so Karma Dog Training is a perfect fit.
A lifelong dog lover, Carol Morabito finally took heed to her passion as an adult and adopted her first dog, an Australian Shepherd mix from Tijuana. Carol is the author of an ebook titled Back on Four Paws: The complete guide for caring for your dog after orthopedic surgery, inspired by five major knee surgeries Sadie endured in only an 18 month span, and the difficult road to recovery that ensued. Believe it or not, Carol's passion for and work with dogs is outside of her primary career.
Uyen-Anh Dang is originally from Houston, TX and has always had a love and passion for animals since she was a child.
As a former teacher, Uyen-Anh enjoys being an canine educator and helping people and animals communicate and understand each other harmoniously.
Uyen-Anh sees Karma clients for Private Training, Reverse Board and Training, Pet-Sitting, Dog-Walking, and plays an instrumental role in the success of the Puppy and Basic Obedience classes held each week at Casa De Luz. Work experience in non-profit rescue and foster programs in LA lend to her holistic perspective and approach towards enhancing the bond between human and animal through conscientious understanding and trust. Seeking sustainability amongst all living things, she is passionate about the spiritual relationship between humans and their pets, bridging the gap between owners and their companions. Rich Hansberger and his wife, Erica Klein, are attorneys in the Orange County area of greater Los Angeles. Early in 2012, Rich and Erica decided to adopt a bulldog from a local Southern California rescue center. Numerous vet visits and lots of baths and walks later, Norman grew into a healthy 80 pound Olde English Bulldog. Rich and Erica attended Karma Dog group trainings and, right away, were amazed at how quickly they learned to work with Norman, instead of against him.
After getting her own dogs as an adult, Aimee began studying the teachings of top animal trainers such as Paul Owens, Pat Miller, Nicole Wilde and Cesar Milan, taking only what felt right from each method of training.
Soon after, Aimee met Karma Dog Training founder, Jeffrey Brian, after hiring him to assist her with her very frightened, neglected and abused 4 lb.
Since that time, Aimee has gone on to become one of the most sought after trainers in the country. Kathlyn's innocent kid like charm is pure and comes from her heart, which has made her known for her intuitive communication with dogs. Mandy is an Iowa City native who began working Karma Dog Training when she moved to Los Angeles. Prior to Mandy's formal education and professional experiences, her love of the family dog, Misty, started her on a journey towards understanding and respecting dogs. When Mandy graduated from college, she wanted a dog who needed rescuing and a forever home. Mandy believes that in order to have a well-rounded relationship with your dog, you must respect your dog and understand that your dog is an individual with a distinct personality. Katie has been a Texas resident for several years, and currently resides in the heart of Central Texas. Emilya€™s grandfather (who she affectionately calls Pompaw) retired when Emily was four years old and has since dedicated his life to breeding and training German Shorthaired Pointers. Emilya€™s passion for working with dogs grew even stronger when she adopted a one year old collie mix named Trooper.
When not working, Emily enjoys reading books about animal health and behavior in addition to spending time outside. Originally from Canada, Emily has always felt a special kinship with animals, especially dogs, but was never sure how this would play a role in her life.
Emily has a Masters degree, has completed the rigorous intern behavior training program at the Boulder Valley Humane Society, is a professional member of the association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), and is currently completing her certification through the Karen Pryor Academy and Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). Currently, she works with dogs enrolled in the Behavior program at the Boulder Valley Humane Society in Bolder, CO. Ema€™s philosophy on dog training is simple, household harmony comes from simplified training plans designed to allow for consistent implementation; dogs thrive in situations where praise is given, which in turn builds long term results, and stronger bonds with their guardians.
And remember, Emily has been in your shoes before; she has felt overwhelmed and frustrated when it comes to dog training. Emily doesna€™t just walk the walk, she barks the bark having used her skills with positive reinforcement training to turn her two a€?troubleda€™ Lab mixes, Deano and Frankie and severely abused Pug, Ella into thoughtful, caring, and creative canines. Emily feels blessed to work in such a fun yet challenging field which never ceases to make her happy. Angela Forster originally hails from Minnesota, but has also lived in England, Scotland, and Houston, TX before relocating to Huntington Beach, California. While living in Houston, Angela and her husband became heavily involved in local rescue groups, eventually successfully fostering over 20 dogs over a 3 year period, as well as volunteering as adoption counselors at weekly events. Angela has also previously worked as a 4th grade teacher for the Houston Independent School District.
Angela works with clients in the Orange County area, teaching puppy kindergarten classes, providing obedience training, and working with owners to address more challenging issues like resource guarding and housebreaking.
Growing up in a small cabin in the woods of Northern California surrounded by pet dogs, cats, bunnies as well as a few wild friends including deer, bobcats, and the occasional bear, ignited Aiyana's passion for working with animals. Her mother took notice to her interest in animals and began volunteering in rescue shelters with Aiyana when she was in second grade. In 2011, she became a Petco Certified Dog Trainer where she expanded her knowledge of positive training methods.
Along with dogs, she helped families learn how to care for many types of pets including hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, and fish.
Aiyana loves working with all ages, breeds, and specifically with families with young children. Jennifer uses rewards based training methods that focus on creative problem solving and incorporate the latest science and research in animal behavior. Britany Nield was born and raised in California but also grew up from a young age spending summers on her grandparent's farm in Ohio where she learned to care for the various animals they raised.
She has been a professional animal trainer for the past 12 years, working with both exotic and domestic species. She really has been involved with animals virtually her entire life and actually thinks she can pin-point the exact moment her affinity for animals (dogs especially) began. Britany Nield has always had a love for dogs and a desire help animals, to be their "voice". She now lives at home in Santa Clarita Ca, with her Husband Andy, son Noah and one year old daughter Lily; and 6 fur babies! Kelly is now the Head Trainer of Karma Dog's renowned "Canine Good Citizen" class and a certified CGC evaluator.
This dynamic redhead was also Karma Dog Training's pioneer 'Reverse Board and Train" Trainer.
From private training, reverse board and training, CGC and ESD training and teaching classes, this trainer literally does it all. Debbie has a kind and sunny disposition that appeals to clients, of both the two and four legged variety.
Debbie works very hard to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in Positive Reinforcement techniques, whether meeting with other trainers, attending professional conventions or seminars, or studying books or videos in the field.
When Debbie isn't training, she loves to play with her own dog, an Aussie Shepherd named Bailey.
Originally from Long Island, New York, Sam grew up in the dog world, never having less than three dogs and three cats. Sama€™s parents bred Golden Retrievers and participated in obedience trials with their Golden, Sheltie and Cocker Spaniel. Sam began grooming for a mobile grooming company in 2006 and six months later was training potential groomers from all over the country.
Sam began professionally training dogs in 2009, specializing in obedience, in-home behavior issues and teaching humans to understand the language their dog speaks. Sam has just moved back to LA and lives with her eleven and a half year old Shepherd Akita mix and her crazy cat, Zuli. Kathryn has always had a love of psychology and how the mind works, humans or animals alike. Julia Marquand has had a passion for helping animals since childhood, where she raised two Labrador retrievers, cats, hamsters, turtles and a hedgehog.
Armed with new information and practice about how to better train and communicate with dogs, she tried her newly learned techniques on her clientsa€™ dogs to great success! Julia then volunteered with top dog trainers in Seattle for 2 years to become an expert in dog training techniques and learned how to best deal with behavior problems. Juliaa€™s training philosophy is rooted in developing a positive and trusting relationship between dog and owner. Brenna Palen's first love for dogs started when her parents got a black lab puppy when she was less than a year old.
Having these life changing experiences has molded Brenna into the trainer she is today and she's always ready (and eager) to learn more.
Reed's interest in animal and human behavior led her to earn her Bachelors in Psychology from San Francisco State University, where she graduated with honors. Wanting to expand her knowledge of canine behavior Reed attended Marin Humane Society's Canine Behavior Academy 1 and 2 under the tutelage of Trish King. During that time Reed began assisting with classes ranging from basic puppy classes to more advanced classes like tricks and Reactive Rover. Reed still has a passion for deaf dogs but her other interests include shy or fearful dogs, helping owners to understand their high energy working breeds, puppy socialization, reactivity, reactivity prevention, and she loves to teach fun creative tricks. Maida Barbour's dog training philosophy focuses on the relationship between humans and dogs, and prioritizes methods that enhance this bond.
Beth has been fascinated with dogs since she was learning to walk, although being a native New Yorker; it was a dream for after she left the city. Beth graduated from the Starmark Training Academy, an in-residence training program which included daily hands on care, training and behavior modification for last chance rescues, under the watchful eyes of instructors. Ashley Schmalz is a graduate of George Ranch High School and is currently enrolling in Wharton County Junior College, majoring in Zoology and specializing in animal behavior. Ashleya€™s journey into the dog training world began when she first received her Shiba Inu in 2010. Discouraged, yet driven, Ashley disregarded the advice of the animal behaviorist and instead turned to dog training techniques.
Ashley truly believes that dog-training can potentially save a life and hopes to ease any frustration between a family and their dog by using positive reinforcement and by strengthening the bond between pet-parent and animal. Her approach is simple: Each dog and owner is unique, and most importantly, each relationship between dog and owner is unique. She started with a course she found on the internet run by a well-known trainer she had seen on TV.
In 2001, Erica took her little Pit Bull, Clara, to Cinimon Clark's DWI (Dogs with Issues) class. Erica's feeling is that if we want our dogs to respect us, we need to use respect in training them.
She utilizes a specialized form of behavioral rehabilitation that focuses on integrating canine and human health by improving communication and environmental factors.
Rebeccah has been in the pet industry for 15 years doing dog training, dog walking, pet sitting, and board and training dogs out of her home.
She knew her niche was working as a dog trainer after watching the bond between dogs and their owners grow as they learned through her in-home private dog training sessions, teaching dog training classes, and training dogs while they board with her and her pack at home. Rose Ybarrondo was born and raised in Southern California and couldna€™t imagine a life without her dogs and the relationships she and her family share with them. She has an intuitive way with children and has been a wish granter for Make A Wish since 2010. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Virginia, Shyaam Karra has been working with dogs since he was a child. Not held to one passion, Shyaam is an actor who has appeared in several commercials, and he is expecting his first nationwide theatrical release this coming year! Emily Brotherson was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an avid animal lover, scuba diver and rock climber. Emily is also an animal Reiki practitioner and enjoys giving Reiki treatments to animals in need.
Emily has volunteered with a number of animal organizations and finds her volunteer experiences invaluable. Judy is an internationally certified Professional Dog Trainer and an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen Trainer and Evaluator. For Judy Becker, dog training is in her nature and is part of her calling to contribute to a better, healthier and kinder planet.
Today, Judy is an excellent teacher who thrives on her ability to make a positive difference in the lives of dogs and their families, as well skill building in all areas of overcoming challenging problem behaviors, applied canine learning theory and understanding canine communication and body language. Andy believes that dog training is really about strong communication, and making it a fun experience for the dog. Ashley Sotolongo graduated cum laude from the University of North Florida with a degree in Health Science. Olivia believes a healthy relationship with dogs starts with trust and communication, and that when working with animals patience and a sense of humor are a must! Joyce Brew was raised on Oahu, Hawaii- the youngest of four siblings and four dogs in the occasionally rough and tumble oceanside town of Nanakuli. Joyce earned her CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) credential from Animal Behavior College and is a current member of Association for Professional Dog Trainers. She believes the key to establishing a fulfilling relationship with a dog begins with understanding the psychology and DNA of the dog- by attempting to perceive and understand the world through their eyes, therefore, diminishing the tendency to superimpose our own human emotions and values onto our pet.
Joyce volunteers with the Pasadena Humane Society where she feels humbled each time she passes through the corridors of homeless animals.
Behavior Modification Consultations available throughout the East Bay including: Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, Piedmont, Montclair, Oakland Hills, Moraga, El Cerrito, Richmond, Hercules, Pinole, San Pablo, El Sobrante, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Orinda, and more. In addition, I am also a former assistant in dog training classes at the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society and a member of the national Association of Pet Dog Trainers. He has had the opportunity to learn from both of these experts who had different dog training philosophies and methods. He trains because he loves helping people learn how to properly communicate, understand and strengthen their bond with their canine companion. When Rebecca is not helping Karma Dog clients she is pursuing her other passion: teaching music! When Sadie was only six months old, Carol's job changed and she was required to travel non-stop for almost a year, living in hotels and corporate apartments around the country.
Fearful of mailboxes, the sunlight, garden tools, crates, and at times, other dogs, Sadie's most difficult fear to overcome was of men. She is also a volunteer for Colorado Canine Rescue and founding board member of the All Creatures Holistic Animal Sanctuary (ACHASI), the first virtual animal sanctuary. A corporate training and business development professional with a degree in technical writing and a master's in social work administration, Carol's primary career has been as a training and business development professional in the private sector. Growing up, she took care of many family and friend's pets, from dogs, cats, to even small animals. Dogs represent a direct line to the purest state of being, and Jessicaa€™s life and career has been profoundly influenced by the relationship she has with her own canine. She has successfully rehabilitated many rescue dogs with various issues caused by neglect, abuse, ignorance and misunderstanding.
The lessons that a dog teaches can be acquired if we listen, and Jessica provides the language. Their practice focuses on charter schools, and Rich is also a partner in an educational training company headquartered in Anaheim. Online, they found a wonderful candidate whose name was a€?Tank.a€? Poor Tank had been abandoned by his first family, and he was living in a shelter.
After the group lessons, Rich and Erica took some one-on-one lessons with Karma Dog Trainer, Erica Lake, who showed them some really simple but amazingly helpful tips to keep Norman happy and on track. Growing up with a Veterinarian for a father, she was never without several animals in her household.
She is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT #75652) and never stops learning. In turn gives her the understanding about each individual dog without being told anything about them.
After a year in LA, Mandy decided to move back to Iowa and bring Karma Dog Training back with her! She worked with horses and trained students to ride, lead summer campers into various Iowa wildlife habitats, researched native bee species, educated the general public at a SoCal aquarium, and taught Biology and Ecology for three years to high school students.
She heard about rescuing greyhounds and, after a bit of research, decided they were the type of dog for her. Leda had not been handled by a human before, was very sensitive and insecure, and also required unique training methods.
You must also be a good teammate, be willing to try new ideas, break concepts down into simple steps that work for both, and most importantly, have fun!
Katie attended events all over the states of Florida, and Georgia in the Arabian Horse Association and 4-H.
Her family and her enjoy the outdoors and you can frequently find them hiking at the lake, out at a park, or hanging around dog friendly shops in town.
She has been working as a head trainer for Karma Dog Training for the past several years and she is now one of the most sought after trainers in the state of Texas.
When Emily was 8 years old her Pompaw gave her a 10 week old German Shorthair puppy and told her that if she trained him he could be hers.
He had been abandoned at a boarding facility as a puppy and had spent the first year of his life in a kennel. In 2008, Em was diagnosed with a disability, leaving her uncertain and afraid about the rest of her life. She adores aiding dogs with serious behavior issues work towards becoming loving, life-long companions, increasing their odds of finding amazing forever homes.
That being said, like humans, dogs have unique and diverse personalities, so all of her training plans are created taking into consideration realistic expectations of each client; no dog can ever be a€?perfecta€™, but neither are we! Let her experience with both canines and their humans serve as a calming force as you both head towards having a mayhem-free life. Deano has evolved from having severe separation anxiety, to asking for a€?kennel timea€™; he is currently completing K9 nosework classes with mom and works as a therapy dogs in hospitals. She enjoys sharing her knowledge, passion, and unending upbeat personality with dogs and their humans. Angela quickly realized that many of their fosters had never been taught any positive behaviors by their former owners and realized that the key to successfully adopting these dogs out to safe and loving homes involved re-socializing them, as well as establishing positive communication by providing obedience training. Her experience with public education taught Angela that teaching children and training dogs is surprisingly similar! In her free time she volunteers with her local animal shelter by walking and training dogs who are kept at the shelter.
She grew up with two rescued blue heelers and in fifth grade, she was given her first puppy, a pug-poodle mix named Wendell, who she worked with and trained every day. Aiyana began as an assistant trainer in basic, intermediate and novice training classes before leading her own.
Working as an Animal Care Specialist at Petco also gave her the experience to train several species of exotic Conures. She believes it is important for kids to learn and understand how to treat animals from a very young age by involving the youngest members in the care of the family pets.
Jennifer's goal is to bridge the communication gap between dogs and their human counterparts, and to create a harmonious relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect. While observing the animals, she noticed how they would communicate to each other, and after some time she learned she could communicate with them in the same way. She also worked behind the scenes as an animal trainer for two animal rental companies training animal "stars" for television and movies. When she was 2 yrs old her golden retriever Brendan saved her life by barking incessantly until her mother came outside when she fell into the family pool!

Her oldest is her 13 year old "Angel in disguise" Pitty named Kaya, a huge 7 year old lovable Yellow Lab named Charlie, their two newest rescue additions Bubba and Luna; plus her kitties, Johnny-Drama and McLovin. She is someone who really wants to make a difference whenever possible, to be able to make as many positive, significant changes in as many lives as possible, both animal and human! Growing up in Massachusetts she spent every possible moment at the barn working with difficult horses. Many of her students are now service and therapy animals and she is committed to keeping her 100% success rate. This is an amazing program where she works both in home and in real world environments on issues such as; anxiety, socialization, energy management, leash walking, greeting strangers, door manners, recall, basic obedience and creating an overall "zen" and security within your dog. Kelly's outgoing and warm personality makes the learning process fun and comfortable for both the dog and owner. She found herself especially intrigued by animal spirit and communication when she acquired horses in 2001. She credits her dog training experience for the patience, understanding, respect and fun that she gets to have with her boys daily. She loves to work with every size, age, and breed of dog and human!;) Her favorite part of training is helping dogs and owners unlock their full potential and achieve a stronger bond with one another.
At the age of 7 Sam found herself in the ring doing a€?junior handlinga€? with their Cocker, Justice. She attended the University of Kansas, studying Music Therapy and specializing in children with Autism. However, by 2000 Sam found she had lost her passion and went in search of a profession that was not a job. In 2013 Sam earned her CPDT-KA from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She recognized at a young age what a unique and powerful bond we can have with animals, especially dogs.
She studied psychology at California State University Northridge and graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology. So, she made the switch to Karma Dog Training, a great match to go along with her love of dogs, psychology, and spirituality.
Through firsthand experience, Kathryn has seen how dogs can positively affect people of all ages, from children to the elderly. She was able to turn her love for pets into a full time job in 2009 when she created a dog walking and pet sitting business in Seattle.
She has helped many dogs to walk nicely on the leash, stop lunging and barking at other dogs (and skateboards and bicycles) and overcome fears of people, dogs, and the occasional garden gnome. She has worked with just about every kind of dog, including puppies, rescues, older dogs, blind dogs, and all kinds of personalities, from the extremely shy and fearful to the stubborn and rambunctious.
By trying to understand the doga€™s perspective, she is able to communicate effectively with the dog while ensuring that the dog enjoys the training process. Spartacus is currently learning a a€?say helloa€? command (to greet strangers on cue) and Urza is learning to howl on cue.
She grew up in Arizona with 7 younger brothers and always had a wide array of animals to keep her company.
She started out as just a weekend volunteer but quickly got suckered into fostering an adorable doe-eyed pit bull.
An avid animal lover Reed was known to bring home random strays and try to make them her own. Shortly after she was invited to participate in the newly formed SF SPCA Behavior and Training Dog Internship Program where she was lucky to be tutored by Kim Moeller, one of the current leading experts in dog reactivity. She also became widely known in San Francisco as someone who is an expert in deaf dogs and began providing private lessons for all dogs covering various issues. She believes that the best training tools increase communication and trust between the two species. She lives with a service dog that she trained for her partner, and was an apprentice trainer for Texas Hearing and Service Dogs (now Service Dogs, Inc.) from 2012-2013, where she learned to train a variety of mobility and hearing assistance behaviors. She provides in-home dog training for behavioral issues, has taught basic and advanced obedience classes, and created behavior workshops to address leash-walking skills, dog-to-dog reactivity, and anxieties and phobias for a number of Austin dog rescue organizations.
Mostly, living with dogs for 30 years including behavior problems, learning from other trainers, books, workshops and seminars, working with people and their dogs, and learning to ask the dog is this working for you. She continues to attend seminars, workshops, and on-line courses, to keep up with the latest information on the most effective and humane ways of training dogs.
When not talking or training dogs, Beth enjoys taking yoga classes and teaching in therapeutic settings such as people with a cancer diagnosis and addiction treatment.
Committed to providing the most effective, convenient solutions to current pet ownersa€™ dog training needsa€”by using positive reinforcement, Ashley avidly pursues continuing education and professional development by constantly furthering her knowledge in the dog training world and keeping current on all industry literature. All was well with the spunky, female dog until she reached sexual maturity at 6 months of age. Working hours a day with her Shiba Inu, Ashley attempted various techniques to find out what truly work best with the dog breed she was handling. In addition to private training, she has worked with various local rescues and shelters to provide training services to animals in order to increase their chances for successful adoption and reintegration into a loving home environment. Her training method is to develop techniques that the owner can use to form the best possible relationship with their dog.
She worked in the corporate world for a few years, but she got burned out and was looking for a new career. She bought every book she could find, and also looked at her own dogs and thought about how she had helped them to become happy and well-adjusted. Most problems with dogs arise because they are trying to tell us something: I'm scared, I'm bored, I'm frustrated, I'm hurting.
At Triple Crown, Alyssa studied under two internationally renowned trainers and learned the full spectrum of obedience training methodologies, behavioral issues, and canine sport work: agility, search and rescue, scent detection, tracking and protection.
She spent four years studying the science of learning, behavior and motivation and built upon this foundation as a counselor and case manager for children and adults that suffer from psychiatric and emotional disorders.
She earned her professional dog trainer certification from Animal Behavior College in 2003 (ABCDT). She has taught all levels of training, including puppy kindergarten, socialization, beginner obedience, good manners, intermediate obedience, loose leash walking, advanced obedience, tricks and advanced tricks. She is constantly advancing her dog training skills by reading anything a€?positive dog traininga€?, attending seminars, webinars, etc., in order to keep up with the latest force-free training methods. They have had different breeds of family dogs from Golden Retrievers to Jack Russell Terriers and currently have two mixed breed dogs and a Chihuahua they adopted from rescues. She returned to college at 30 to finish her BA at SDSU in education and went on to receive her MA in Counseling. Understanding human behavior and helping people through difficulties in their lives while combining her love of dogs is her hope for the future. She knew from an early age that she was meant to work with animals and has dedicated her career to helping animals physically, emotionally and behaviorally. She has worked in fast paced emergency medicine and in a specialty surgical practice helping hundreds of cats and dogs through challenging medical issues. Reiki is a type of healing meditation that facilitates health and happiness in people and animals. Emily takes the time to get to know every dog she trains individually so she can suggest the best and most effective positive reinforcement training methods for the dog and its owner. She has attended intensive courses in both Canine Nose Work and a Canine Agility course with one of the top Italian agility professionals, Marco Giovanni. In addition to her interests in Dog training, she also volunteers as a facilitator for the Pachamama Alliance leading symposiums titled "Awakening the Dreamer" with the mission statement of a€?Creating an Environmentally Sustainable, Spiritually Fulfilling and Socially Just Human Presence on the Planet Eartha€?. Growing up Andy and his family were faced with a tough challenge that truly brought out his character, Andy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, which really changed the way Andy viewed the world. While in Austin, Andy worked for a local dog training, boarding and day care facility to gain more experience with dogs.
Training is fun and all dogs learn different therefore, Andy likes to set up a plan that works best for you and your dog. Following graduation, she embarked on a journey from coast to coast which led her to Karma Dog Training.
She avidly pursues ongoing education and professional development by keeping current on the knowledge of animal behavior from the leading researchers and field scientists. Despite the urban environment, she spent her childhood summers on horse ranches and took care of everything from cats to rats to iguanas. She is thrilled to be a part of Karma Dog Training and looks forward to pursuing her love of all things dog. Her mothera€™s soft spot for all animals was contagious and she could never say no to any animal Brooke or her brother brought home. She loves to see the transformation and the progress of dogs getting to experience a whole new world once they are not afraid of it. Whilst competing for attention amongst her siblings proved occasionally challenging, she learned there was no need to compete for attention (or affection!) from Fifi, Toby, Spunky or Charlie.
She also holds BAs in Child Development and Theatre from CSU Sacramento and an MFA from Penn State University. From an early age she was fascinated with the animals around her and her love for making art.
Bring your dog or cat to Kennel Creek Pet Resort, and theya€™ll be an important part of our family, too.
We offer dog day care, positive reinforcement dog training, expert grooming by gentle, loving hands, short-term and extended-stay boarding, plus a boutique stocked with specialty pet foods, treats and toys.
Kennel Creek Pet Resort is conveniently located in Overland Park, just off I-435 and Roe Ave. Being a decoy has given Garrett the added insight and understanding of reading canine language and aggression. You will learn classical and operant conditioning as well as modeling theory to train your dog. The best reward it so see the joy in people and their dogs when they finally communicate clearly with each other. With a consistent trainer an impossibility, Carol had to take on the challenge of training Sadie on her own, with the help of several books and Cesar Milan videos. When at a year old, Sadie finally allowed a man to approach and pet her, Carol realized that all of her hard work paid off and that her dog would live a more peaceful life because of her tenacity. She specializes in designing and implementing sales and service training programs where none exist, and helping organizations achieve growth projections through careful strategy and well-defined business processes. She read many books about animals, especially dog training, canine behavior, and canine development. In order to gain more knowledge and experience in her dog training passion, Uyen-Anh joined Karma Dog's Apprentice Program.
Uyen-Anh continues to constantly expand her knowledge in canine training and animal behavior and has quickly risen to the top of the Karma Dog's client wish list. She hopes to utilize her gifts and passion to facilitate entrain deeper relationships and understanding between individuals, regardless of differences in DNA. Jessica strives to be as compassionate and loving as her beloved, Catahoula companion, Adeline (full name: Miss Adeline Princess) and to emulate her light a€“ not always easy!
They first came to Karma Dog after reading the great reviews online and hearing from neighbors and friends about its unique, caring approach.
He is the sweetest, most loving do in the world, but Norman, much like a mule, can be stubborn! Given that Norman is just about as big as his mom, Erica, the family has really grown to love the Karma Dog approach and how it helps everyone a€“ not just Norman a€“ learn new and better ways of interacting for the benefit of all. Adopting both her Grandmother and Mothers' love for horses, Aimee started riding and eventually training horses as a teenager. She instantly felt a connection to Jeffrey's kind and loving approach to dog handling, and after their first session was invited to accompany Jeffrey on his group and in-home sessions to learn the "Karma Dog" method. Aimee believes that a positive approach to training combined with setting what she refers to as benevolent boundaries, is the key to a well-behaved, happy dog. Through her experiences, Mandy became a very effective communicator to both human and domestic animals.
Misty was a very expressive, patient, and intelligent dog; she always seemed to be able to read different people and adjust her behavior to fit them.
Mandy was able to rescue a greyhound straight the racing breeders, who were planning on culling their dogs.
Mandy began to only use positive reinforcement training with Leda, and saw her full potential.
She is currently training her new Australian Cattle Dog puppy, Dash, the basics and hopes to eventually certified him as a Diabetic Alert Dog. Katie took in a wide array of creatures such domestic house pets - stray dogs and cats, exotics animals - a triplet of sugar gliders, a squirrel, various snakes and lizards, a tortoise, and even a day old wild boar.
She competed in saddle seat equitation, halter classes, western pleasure and trail, show ring jumping, hunter equitation, bareback, and dressage. Not only does she teach Karma Dog's most popular class in the city of Austin, but she sees clients in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Emilya€™s love of dogs was evident from the age of one when her parents got a black lab puppy that she was immediately in love with. Emily named the dog Jennings and spent all of her free time training him in basic obedience for competitions with the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association.
When she brought Trooper home he was afraid and reacted to every movement as though he expected to be struck. Walking her dogs to the lake and spending time sitting outside together is a daily part of her life. It would be her third oldest dog, Frankie, who would come to the rescue, teaching himself how to recognize moma€™s symptoms and determine what kind of assistance would be needed. Frankie is transforming from a terrified superstitious boy, to working with mom to become her service dog. She has been an avid animal lover her entire life, and grew up begging for a pet until she was finally allowed to adopt a kitty from the Humane Society at 9 years old. Both children and dogs tend to learn best when open and honest communication and trust are established, and when their learning is reinforced in a fun and positive way!
Because behavior problems are the number one reason dogs are surrendered to shelters, Angela strives to reduce pet homelessness by helping provide homeless dogs with the training foundation they need to be successful in their new home. Her furry (and scaly) friends at home with her currently are her pug-poodle mix Bella (the sister of her first puppy), her black pug Oly, and her Jacksona€™s chameleon Sam.
She learned what it takes to love and care for animals by building trust and a establishing a healthy working relationship with them.
This is also where she got her first taste of AKC Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen courses which she greatly enjoys teaching. Since then, Aiyana has broadened her love of animals to extend into the sea and has earned a Bachelora€™s of Science degree in Marine Biology with a focus in animal care and training. Her engaging, fun methodology will get the whole family involved in building a rewarding relationship with their pup.
Her real passion however is training service and therapy dogs where she feels the experience and bond between a human and the service dog is so beautiful it is indescribable. She has been working hard since a young age to make her dream of working to rehabilitate animals come true. She wants to do this by helping animals and people connect, to be able to relate to each other in a positive way that both can understand.
Itching to spread her wings, Kelly chose to move to the amazing city of Austin and started work at Madrone Ranch.
Getting to know the families she works with allows her to see the owner's ideal relationship which helps her visualize the path to harmony. The youngest, by several years, of all the participants, Sam did so well she earned second place. It was there that she learned positive behavior modification techniques and the true art of being patient. Sama€™s patient and gentle manner always allowed her to get the job done and many of those same clients asked Sam if she would please train their dogs. She is continuing her education and is always eager to learn more to pass on to her clients. Always driven by her love of animals, she has now made her house a home filled with dogs, cats, a parrot, chinchilla, chameleon, and fish. For over two years, she has worked as a behavior therapist for children with special needs, working one-on-one with children in their homes and with their families. Following Karma Dog Traininga€™s philosophy, Kathryn is happy to be using only positive reinforcement methods, which means lots of yummy treats! She believes that as much as we can teach and help dogs, they can teach us and heal us even more. She assisted in puppy socialization, puppy training, basic training for adult dogs, advanced training (including fun tricks), and on-leash aggression. Although Julia can help dogs with a wide variety of behavioral issues, she specializes in helping shy and fearful dogs gain confidence and overcome their fears.
She grew up around horses, dogs, cats, and any other wild or companion animal she brought home. All families work differently and training should be molded to fit each individual need, for the success and happiness of the family and dogs. As renters, Reed's parents were not allowed to have dogs but not to be dissuaded Reed memorized the book "The Encyclopedia of the Dog" back to back, soaking up all of the information she could on different dog breeds. From there Reed began working more deeply with two dog rescue groups, eventually joining the founding board of Northern California Family Dog Rescue where she helped to establish behavior protocols, organize classes specifically for shelter dogs, and preformed behavior evaluations to see if shelter dogs were a good fit for Family Dog's program. Argus has earned his Canine Good Citizen as well as an APDT Rally Obedience level 1 title with an Award of Excellence.
During this time, Maida also assisted with training Pit Crew, an all pit-bull therapy dog program run by Love-A-Bull, and was the site contact for a local hospice where the dogs visit monthly.
While it is important to understand the science of how dogs think and learn and techniques for training, helping humans to clearly see the dog in front of them is vital. The calm, clarity of mind that Yoga teaches has been a useful tool that translates well to working with dogs and their humans. When not helping customers to enjoy easier lives with their canine companions, Ashley spends time working with her own five year-old Shiba Inu as well as her six year-old Rescue. Ashley found that positive reinforcement had better results in the long-run rather than old outdated methods such as: choke collars, prong collars, and alpha rolls. It was a no-kill shelter so she'd been returned three times before Erica came to adopt her.
After graduation, she started working with Cinimon, helping with classes and going with her on in-home appointments.
She has always loved all kinds of animals, especially dogs, and is fascinated with how they think, how they communicate, and how they are so lovingly devoted to their humans with unconditional love and forgiveness.
She is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the AKC, is also a Certified Pet First Aid and CPR Instructor (PTI) for Pet Tech, Inc., and proficient in pet nutrition and preventive pet health care. However, her real teachers are all the dogs she has owned her whole life, as well as, her current dogs, Jason, Tina and Michael. Rose is inclined to work with anxious, shy dogs who have been neglected and volunteers at adoptions for Second Chance Dog Rescue.
She feels that teaching and learning is a reciprocal process just like trust and respect, and believes we all learn best from people we respect. Learning the Karma way to train is an opportunity for her to expand her knowledge and belief that dogs can learn without punishment. Throughout high school, Shyaam devoted time every week to provide behavioral therapy and socialization to dogs throughout shelters in Northern Virginia, learning different methodologies and techniques through professional trainers. He is also an avid tennis player, having been ranked top thirty in the country as a junior. Emily found that working in those high-pressure environments instilled in her patience and determination. She has found that Reiki is a great tool when working with injured, scared, aggressive, or anxious dogs. Emily also traveled to South Africa to volunteer for the Save Our Seas Shark Center in Cape Town South Africa. Judy currently teaches 6 dog training classes a week and studies under her mentor, Kyle Rayon, who specializes in teaching calming techniques and impulse control using positive communication, reinforcement and training techniques. At home, Judy strives to provide vegetarian and vegan meals for her family, and hosts a distribution sight in University City for the Be Wise Ranch organic farm in Escondido. There was a moment in Andy's experience with childhood cancer that shaped his decision to become a certified dog trainer.
Andy's ability to communicate well with dogs led him to eventually help run their facility in Lakeway, Texas.
She may be new to California, but she is no rookie when it comes to her passion for and experience with animals.
In 2011 she graduated with honors from UC Santa Cruz with a BA of fine art and an animal-inspired portfolio.
Eventually she was fortunate enough to join the Citizen Canine team in Oakland, where she discovered her passion for understanding canine communication and training. She also likes working with dogs that have a stubborn side because it often takes a different training approach and keeps her constantly improving her training skills. She has been a marine mammal trainer and a research assistant at the Pinniped Cognition and Sensory Systems Laboratory in Santa Cruz, California, for the last two years. Although, she lacked the vocabulary as a child, Joyce recognized that dogs had the capacity to reflect the best qualities of life: love, loyalty and companionship.

While some of these credentials may seem unrelated to dog training, Joyce would posit that her formal education is the perfect complement to dog training. Her family called her Ellie May Clampett because there was never an animal she didn't find fascinating and deserving of love. Ridley K-9 Academy is looking to serve all dog owners looking for professional dog training in the greater Sacramento and El Dorado, county areas. He quickly recognized the benefit of both methods and the fact that one without the other usually ended with an unbalanced dog.
He is a certified decoy and loves participating in local Police K-9 trials in Northern California and along the west coast. We believe in teaching you how to read your dogs language so you can properly use the dog training knowledge you will receive. By being proactive you will be able to reduce the corrections (compultion) required and prevent the manifestation of unwanted behaviors. This is the reward that Garrett seeks in every dog training experience and it is what drives him.
She worked as a behavioral therapist for children with Autism for 8 years before leaving her career to join Karma Dog Training. Now when working with other dogs, carol specializes in leash pulling, leash aggression, phobias, and separation anxiety.
She always knew she wanted a dog, however, at the time, her family did not allow her to have one. They placed a call to let the shelter know they were coming for a visit and within days had adopted Tank and brought him into their home. When he doesn't want to walk, he likes simply stand still, and when he wants to play, he has a tendency to jump.
Working at her parents' Animal hospital from junior high school through college, she learned hands on animal behavior and handling, as well as a complete spectrum of animal care. She has her Bachelors of Arts in Biology from Truman State University and her Masters in the Art of Teaching Secondary Science from the University of Iowa. Mandy's experiences with Misty fostered and fueled her interest in dog intelligence and communication. After viewing many dogs in need of a home, a very special, skinny puppy caught Mandy's attention; she was completely blind and so curious about the world around her.
After many months of consistent and patient work, Leda blossomed into a friendly, happy, and eager-to-please dog. She also is working as a Veterinary Assistant at a local clinic with the goal of learning good pet emergency skills and gaining further knowledge in animal husbandry. With her giant heart and motherly instincts she successfully nursed them all back to health. Her lab, who her two year old sister named Boog, lived until Emily was 15 years old and had been like a sister to her.
She and Jennings went on to receive a prize one in the Natural Ability competition and numerous others. Emily dedicated herself to working with him and their bond is like nothing she had ever known. Emily feels that spending time in nature with her pets allows them to connect and relax together.
From that day, Em realized that the true potential of her dogs was not being unleashed; she needed to do better for them. As for Miss Ella, after being caged for 6 years and being blinded by her previous humans (ick!), she has learned to overcome her fears, even tackling stairs. Well, Emily is excited to you and your dogs, adding them to her extended family of well-mannered canine.
She went on to adopt her first rescue dog over 10 years ago, which ignited both her love for understanding canine behavior, and her love for rescuing and rehabilitating dogs.
As a trainer, Angelaa€™s goal is to create a strong bond between owners and their pet, and to give owners the tools for understanding and addressing their canine companiona€™s behavior. She is an activist for the conservation of animals throughout the world and believes this begins with the animals closest to home currently inhabiting shelters.
After an unfortunate incident in which her pup Bella was attacked, Aiyana gained personal and professional experience working with dogs that display Fear Based Aggression towards both dogs and people. She is currently an Assistant Trainer for the Marine Mammal Physiology Project at the Long Marine Lab where she practices and learns principles of training marine mammals and aids in the care of a variety of animals. As a young adult she volunteered at Joleen's Horse Rescue in Chatsworth Ca, where she helped to educate the public on the horrible reality that we were slaughtering horses in the USA.
Unbeknownst to her; the barn owner was also a Boston K-9 Police Department Trainer, and the rest was history. She simultaneously attended UT majoring in Marketing and became voraciously interested any canine behavior education she could get ahold of. Immediately thereafter she started teaching puppy, obedience, advanced and trick classes of her own and continues after more than 10 years to love and teach classes for Karma. At the time Anastasia was very disappointed to learn that Brazil showed aggression towards dogs (and initially people). She loves caring for all her animals and helping others care for and better understand their pets as well. Kathryn understands that positive reinforcement and a fun environment are keys to creating successful learning. She also helped dogs that had problems adjusting to group classes, whether they were too fearful to focus or too aggressive with the other dogs or people.
She rode competitively in Hunter Jumper through High School and has always had a special bond with horses. Reed often pet sat, walked the local neighborhood dogs, and had various other small animals as pets. Reed fostered and trained countless dogs in her own home, ranging from day old chihuahua puppies to 100 pound american bulldogs, and loved the challenge that each individual dog presented. She has a CPDT-KA in dog training from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, is certified to perform Canine Good Citizen tests, and has taken seminars with Ian Dunbar, Sue Sternbeg, and Patricia McConnell. Working as a team, the goal is building clear 2-way communication and healthy relationships between people and their companions, using positive reinforcement. The small spitz-like canine soon developed an owner-possession as well as fear-aggression towards other family members, lashing out at any person who dared to come near hera€”including a small 2 year old toddler. She was shy, scared of men, not housebroken, and would roll over in submission every time she went to pet her.
Her friends and co-workers were always coming to her for dog advice so it made a lot of sense. It was at this time she became really interested in managing aggression and it's causes, not just in pit bulls but in all breeds.
Simply put, as long as you are acknowledging their behavior, good or bad, they will continue that behavior. And with just a little bit of work, you can end up with a great friend who is happy to do things for you, just because you ask. She enjoys reading books and learning the body language of dogs and is knowledgeable in animal behavior as well as human behavior.
She feels that dogs are no different and forcefully training dogs is not the way to develop a relationship.
She plans to build on what she has learned from her years of raising and fostering dogs and hopes to train service and therapy dogs as her next endeavor.
He also began fostering dogs and was lucky enough to be able to find all his animal companions permanent homes.
This has been a great way for Emily and the animals she works with to decompress from the stressors of life. Her job was to educate children and the general public about the benefits of great white shark conservation. The goal is simply to teach your dog to want to do what you want them to do and the rest is easy! Judy is an active participant in The Unity Center church with the mission statement of a€?Inspiring Personal Greatness and Transforming Our World with Lovea€?. A dachshund by the name of Toby was a therapy dog and was allowed on the hospital floor to help keep everyone's mind off treatment. Her volunteer work landed her initially on ranches in the San Francisco bay area teaching horsemanship to children, and eventually took her to Torre Alfina, Italy, where she worked on a farm for six weeks with dogs, cats, poultry and livestock. She underwent an intensive five week course detailing canine body language, behavior, and positive-reinforcement based handling and training techniques.
While in high school, Brooke, got a puppy that she later trained to be a therapy dog for her senior project.
Here, she has learned the principles of operant conditioning and applies them to her husbandry and veterinary training sessions with the resident sea otter, sea lions, and seals.
It was then, Joyce nurtured a love and devotion toward all animals, however, dogs have always held a special place in her heart. Her years as a middle school teacher, behavior therapist and actor has built a solid bedrock of patience, observation, communication and animation- all fundamental tools for working with animals of all shapes and sizes! She continued to read, watch videos, and do a ton of self-study from professionals like Dr.
She quickly excelled in all the readings, exams, and shadowing sessions and became top of her class.
They renamed their newest family member, Norman, and Norman quickly grew to become a member of the familya€¦and a neighborhood attraction. Her love for science, passion for animals, and belief in quality education led her to Karma Dog Training. Mandy's mother noticed Mandy's passion for dogs and decided to encourage Mandy to help her train their Vizsla, Blue Heeler mix, and Lab mix.
The old methods of throwing a rider on a horse's back and "breaking" them in were never her style; instead she preferred to build a relationship based on trust and praise. Her drive to be the best she can be, along with her enthusiasm and upbeat personality is the reason she is quickly establishing herself as the #1 Karma Dog trainer in entire the state of Texas. From the time she could talk Emily said she would be a veterinarian and spent a lot of time playing pretend vet with her cousin Madison, a fellow dog enthusiast. In the year that she has had him Trooper has taught Emily so much and genuinely changed her life.
Quitting a successful marketing career, Em dedicated herself to a career focused around helping guardians develop deeper relationships with their dogs, thereby doing better by our canine companions.
Inspired by the teachings and books by Patricia McConnell and Karen Pryor, Aiyana became a firm believer and supporter of humane training practices using motivators and rewards for voluntary behaviors. Her experience includes volunteering at the local SPCA throughout college, working at a dog kennel, over 300 hours of canine behavior observation as well as thousands of hours teaching basic obedience, canine good citizen, and puppy kindergarten classes.
There she would rehabilitate as many of the poor horses who almost had that same fate, and then find them loving FOREVER homes.
You will find that, although tiny, these guys are absolutely brilliant and will surprise you with their intelligence. Since 2004, Anastasia has hosted, trained and cared for numerous puppies and dogs in her home. Of all people, she thought she deserved "the perfect family dog" but has since come to realize that Brazil has been the biggest blessing.
So when she sustained an injury that would mean the end of her grooming career Sam knew right away what the next chapter of her life would be. Julia began to read everything she could about dog training from top animal behaviorists to help out her new member of the family. Her first experience with training beyond family dogs came in the form of a black lab puppy named Felton who she raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. These dogs granted Brenna the experience of working with them to overcome past trauma and issues. As a child Reed volunteered with various dog rescue organizations and at the Randall Museum in the animal room working with wildlife. She is also certified in Animal First Aid and CPR, and as a teenager, she worked in a veterinary clinic that treated both domestic and farm animals with traditional and alternative medicines. After several weeks of frustration and noticing no positive change, Ashleya€™s family confided in a local animal behaviorist at their veta€”who suggested that the Shiba Inu be put down. She learned that treating aggression begins with the every day life of the "aggressive" dog.
If we give them the guidance and direction to do what's acceptable to us, then everyone will be much happier in the end.
Her greatest strengths are her patience and understanding of each dog and their individual needs. At the University of Virginia, he led a weekly expedition to the Charlottesville SPCA, where he taught fellow students how to walk dogs properly and provide basic behavioral training. Toby brought smiles and joy to the young patients and Andy knew what he wanted to do, work with dogs. Andy continued his education becoming a certified dog trainer and behavioral specialist at the Triple Crown Academy for dog trainers. He loves what he does and he wishes to continue to build great relationships in the San Antonio area.
Her commitment to the most efficient, suitable solutions for her clientsa€™ dog training needs drives her.
She quickly became a full-time handler and supervisor, safely and positively managing up to twelve off-leash dogs at a time of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. Now looking back training her dog, Brando, was therapy in itself and a jumping off point to her life as an animal trainer. The knowledge Brooke has gained using positive reinforcement as a marine mammal trainer she applies to her skills as a dog trainer. During her time at her family's home, she was able to work with dogs, parrots, horses, and cats.
Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell, Sophia Yin, Pat Miller, Victoria Stillwell, Emily Larlham, Turid Rugaas, and more in order to prepare herself for her own pup. She even mentored with different trainers to gain more insight on different techniques in dog training. She had horses, chickens, turtles as well as four black labs that her family had rescued, which roamed the sixty four acres collar free and never on a leash. At the age of 8 Emily became involved in dog training and it began to lead her down the road to her true passion. Emily has continued to train German Shorthaired Pointers with her Pompaw and competes with NAVHDA once a year.
Jennifer is a certified Canine good citizen evaluator, a certified complex pet partners international therapy dog team with her dog Rocco, a CPDT-KA qualifier, and a member of APDT. Out of high school she worked as a Veterinarian technician and then ten years ago she enrolled at a private "hands- on" animal training school.
They will probably always be the smallest thing in the room, so it's important to also give them confidence early on. Not only has Brazil completed her family, she has taught Anastasia acceptance and has given her many tools in dealing with dogs with similar issues. At first, Spartacus had no potty training, did not know a single command, would barely eat and was constantly nervous.
In rescue she worked dogs through fear aggression, separation anxiety, fearfulness, and possession issues.
In just a matter of a few months, the fiery-tempered canine had managed to improve her behavior and respond to new environments in an entirely new light. After graduating, he worked with animal rights organizations, traveling the country to educate college students about multiple facets of animal rights, including the value of spaying and neutering pets and adoption through shelters. After departing from Taurus dog training Andy pursued a dog trainer position at the Triple Crown dog Academy. Andy's house pack includes 4 dogs, Hank, Boomer, Daisy and Jak, Odie the cat and of course, the love of his life Amanda. She is an expert at eradicating bad behavior and receives the most joy from witnessing the overall progress and success of her puppy families. The years that Kathlyn lived there she had the experience to observe these dogs as a semi wild pack of dogs and this experience planted the seed inside her blossomed with passion to understand dogs behavior more in depth.
Emilya€™s Pompaw taught her to respect and love animals in addition to teaching her that dogs and people are meant to be a team. Because of Trooper, Emily is passionate about working with animals that have had difficult lives and have emotional or behavioral problems because of it.
Her background includes a Masters degree in Psychology, and she is the creator of a dog therapy program called Puppy Love in which she facilitated therapy groups in recovery centers throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. In 2006, Anastasia was promoted to Area Training Instructor where she was responsible for the interviewing, training and accreditation of prospective trainers for the company. Anastasia was able to train Brazil to pass the preliminary therapy dog evaluation, a feat that didn't seem possible given the way Brazil started out.
He howled when left alone, was afraid of strangers, flinched at his own leash during walks, and he required two people to hold him during nail trims (hea€™s 5 pounds). Seeing the transformation in the rescues gives Brenna the most amazing sense of satisfaction and joy.
Teaching your dog to trust your judgment before his own is number one in creating a safe environment for your dog, whether at home or out in the world. Through his path, Andy has met many great mentors and has had a chance to work with some of the best trainers in Austin.
With persistence and enthusiasm, she landed her very own golden retriever puppy and from that day forward, the dream of working with animals took flight. When not helping clients to enjoy easier lives with their canine companions, she spends her time hiking and visiting the beaches with her own dog. Brooke knows that every animala€™s personality is different and she approaches each animal training case with that in mind.
She excels in all aspects of puppy development, Basic Obedience and tricks with puppies and adult dogs, mild behavior modifications, and has detailed knowledge about training a dog for the Canine Good Citizen test. Kathlyn's family always adopted rescue dogs with some sort of behavioral issue and Kathlyn's desire for knowledge expanded with every growing year. She works with individuals as well as extensively with kids and dogs providing private in-home training lessons, group classes, and has successfully rehabilitated leash reactivity, dog-dog aggression, dog-human aggression, separation anxiety, as well as a spectrum of other behavioral issues. She then moved on to working with many different types of animals including Tigers, however she always specialized in training canines, including obedience as well as trick training animal "stars" and finally service dogs. Other highlights in Anastasia's career include an appearance in a Purina Dog Chow commercial, and evaluator status for AKC.
Being a very smart dog with a very dedicated trainer, He now knows the following commands: sit, down, stay, come, go to bed, yoga (downward dog stretch), spin, shake, stomp your feet, and quiet.
After Felton, Brenna has raised 2 more Guide Dogs, one of which was career changed and has become Brenna's best friend.
For Ashley, training has been an on-going experience that has provided the biggest reward for hera€”getting to keep her dog. Learning comes easier and faster if you practice training intermittently and in many different situations.
Andy then moved back home to San Antonio to be closer to family and decided to train on a more personal level in owner homes and in his own. With 5 years of experience training dogs and marine mammals she is fascinated with training as it is a way to communicate and understand animal behavior. She also helps individuals throughout the dog adoption and rescue process to ensure that both the humans and the dogs find their perfect match.
Needless to say she has a lot of hands on experience, every job she has ever had has had to do with animals! He also is much more confident, is comfortable being alone, he sits patiently and happily during nail trims, and he even rings a bell when he needs to go outside!
Raising Guide Dogs ignited a passion in Brenna for helping people and dogs form life-long partnerships and unbreakable bonds. As she soul searched to figure out if that was the path for her she decided to become a trainer at Sea World in San Diego for the show "Pets Rule"; a show that rescued animals and then trained them to do behaviors on stage. Jennifer's enthusiasm, patience, and exuberance are infectious, and she makes the training process a fun, enjoyable, and rewarding experience for all parties involved.
So, Sam picked up a grooming book and a pair of clippers and discovered a new aspect of caring for dogs that she loved.
Kathlyn enjoyed learning to teach cats, dog's, pigs, ducks, exotic macaws and pigeon's to run behaviors without a trainer on stage.
She not only trains the dog, but she also trains the doggy parents so that they can continue to reinforce the new, more preferable behaviors for a lifetime of happy dogs and happy families. Kathlyn ventured on to help local humane societies rehabilitate dogs as well as run local workshops to help educate the dog parents in the community. Kathlyn comes from a place knowing that dogs are pure beings and so vulnerable in a world lead by humans. Kathlyn always comes from the heart which emanates her passion to help dogs and their owners live more in-tuned with each other so day to day life just flows.

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