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At Paws Down Dog Training, we specialize in treating behavior problems that you are having with your dog.
When we understand the reasons why your dog acts like it does, we can address the true cause of your dog's behavior and not just temporarily mask the symptoms you are seeing. The Paws Down Dog Training Program consists of two to four private, in-home, customized training sessions for dogs six months and older. The initial session focuses on getting more control of the behaviors and communicating effectively with your dog. It is based on Effective Communication (critical in getting your dog's behavior to change). We employ Basic Obedience Training when needed (sit, down, wait, come, leash walking, stay).
We Eliminate or Reduce Undesirable Dog Behaviors such as nipping, biting, leash issues, jumping, excessive barking, fear, shyness, destructive chewing, dog aggression, aggression towards people, leash pulling, leash aggression, stealing items, anxiety, hyper-activity, running off, not listening to commands, etc.
We teach Proper Socialization (how to introduce your dog properly to people, dogs, and situations, etc.). Our Dog Training Builds Your Dog's Confidence and Strengthens Your Relationship with your dog.
For previous clients who just want some extra help or support, but do not need extensive training, we offer a single refresher training session for any problem areas where your dog could benefit from some additional training or fine-tuning.
Paws Down Dog Training offers expert dog training that is customized to your dog's behavior and your family's needs. We keep our prices low because we are passionate about dogs and committed to helping owners in all areas of dog & puppy ownership.
With puppy training home visits we can show you the things to avoid & all the areas to focus on. Sutton at Hone, Sutton Valence, Swale, Swanley, Swanscombe, Swingate, Tatsfield, Tenterden, Teston, Teynham, Thurnham, Thanet, Tonbridge, Tudeley, Tunbridge Wells, Ulcombe, Upstreet, Wadhurst, Walmer, Welling, West Kingsdown, West Malling, Westerham, Westgate-on-Sea, Weybridge, Whitstable, Willesborough, Wingham, Woodchurch, Worth, Wrotham. The goal of my breeding program is to produce intelligent, healthy, sound Labradors with correct conformation, classic Labrador temperament, and moderate energy level.
My puppies are carefully placed in approved homes with a comprehensive sales agreement that includes a health guarantee and a return clause. I do not have a litter planned in the near future. Litter plans will be posted when available.
Royal Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area offers many beautiful locations for outdoor dog photography, allowing me to capture truly memorable images of your family pet.

My relaxed, a€?lifestylea€? approach to dog photography is designed to bring out and capture the true spirit of the animal you love.
The Sittingbourne Retired Greyhound Trust is set up to re-home some of the Greyhounds that were racing at the Central Park Stadium Sittingbourne. The UK's comprehensive dog friendly directory, listing businesses, products and services to help you and your four legged friend get the best out of life together.
Flyball is the ball launching apparatus and if you have got a dog that likes to fetch, run and love catching balls, they would love the fun of Flyball.
Flyball is a popular dog sport where dogs race against the clock or other dogs while jumping over hurdles and catching a ball. Through dog psychology, we have the understanding and knowledge of why your dog is behaving in a certain way. Basic obedience training and exhausting a dog through exercise or play does not get you a well-behaved, obedient dog - just a temporarily tired dog who knows how to sit. This not only eliminates the symptoms (aggression, jumping, fear, barking, etc.), it also helps to give you a happier, calmer, well-behaved, and balanced dog and home. The number of dog training sessions and their content are determined by the needs of your dog and situation.
We serve the following Southeastern MA and Cape Cod communities: Acushnet, Assonet, Berkley, Bourne, Carver, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, Freetown, Lakeville, Marion, Mattapoisett, Middleboro, New Bedford, North Dartmouth, Onset, Raynham, Rochester, Sandwich, South Dartmouth, Taunton, Wareham, Westport, and other SouthCoast MA towns. Anything you are unsure of from toilet & house training, chewing, socialising, lead walking or any other issue. We offer guidance and we can make positive changes to resolve the problems with your dog that concern you. Unlike other dog trainers we do not make it complicated by charging for miles travelled and journey time or for when an appointment with your dog takes longer than expected.
Despite popular misconceptions greyhounds are, gentle and adaptable, making them ideal family pets, Lazy couch potatoes needing only two twenty minute walks a day.
Approximately 9,000 greyhounds retire from racing each year nationwide, typically between four and six years of age.
If you are looking for some time away, search for dog friendly hotels, guest houses, cottages, camp sites, places to eat and visit. Agility involves competitors directing their dogs around obstacle courses in an attempt to both negotiate the obstacles correctly and a€?beat the clocka€™. It encompasses all things dogs love, running, jumping, catching balls and striving to please their owners.

Please call 508-317-6399 for a no-obligation phone consultation to discuss what we can do to help you and your dog. If you have followed our training program and have not seen improvement in your dog's behavior, we will refund your money.
We get to the root of dog problems, we understand why issues are happening & we know how to resolve it for you. Carriers, dogs that with one defective gene and one normal gene, will never develop the disorder. It is perfect for building relationships your dog and you both enjoy the fun and excitement. Based on the temperament, confidence rating, training attitude, and activity level of the puppy as well as the personal preferences of the prospective buyer, I will help match the new owners with the puppies that are most likely to meet the expectations. A great many owners will adopt greyhounds into their homes or arrange for them to live out their retirement at a kennel. Participating in agility is an exciting way to spend you spare and leisure time with your dog. There may not be a puppies for families with young children, first time dog owners, and senior in every litter. If an owner cannot take their greyhound home, for what ever reason, they will be placed on the web site and offered to the public for adoption. OFA certificates are issued for dogs that have 2 normal genes and dogs that are carriers for these inherited disorders. Some breeders have their dogs tested for the more common genetic disorders such as EIC and PRA. Responsible breeders, especially stud dog owners, often test their males for additional genetic disorders. More information on inherited disorders in Labradors is posted on the Inherited Disorders page.
The results help me match the puppies with their new family. The Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) recommends testing Labradors for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye disorders, and EIC.

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