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Editorial ReviewThe best thing about this prenatal yoga program is that there is a modelfor each trimester.
Shiva Rea has an amazing ability to help you find peace and calm during this joyous and sometimes emotionally unstable time. I feel this program should be seen by teachers and students who themselves have a misunderstanding of what life is like for students who need extra help.We all learn differently, and whose place is it to judge others ? My daughter loved this video, but she never seemed to notice the children on the potty.She loved the clown at the birthday party.Birthday party?! My kids really did learn a lot from this movie, I would recommend it when your child is trying to learn to go on the potty.
Editorial ReviewPrudence--the round-cheeked, pony-tailed heroine of Alona Frankel's book of the same name--can provide further inspiration to young daughters with her video adventure. Editorial ReviewIt's called "the Mozart Effect," the notion that exposing youngsters tothe melodies of the maestro can improve verbal ability, spatial intelligence, creativity, and memory. I have bought several products by the Baby Einstein company, and my daughter (now 8 months) loves every single one! Baby Mozart: Music Festival is an award winning DVD that introduces your baby to the classical music of Mozart with visually stimulating real-world objects on screen. Editorial ReviewThe Baby Einstein Company's "video board books" were designed as music-focused developmental tools to stimulate babies' brains (prompted by researchproving that exposure to classical melodies can improve verbal ability, spatialintelligence, creativity, and memory in youngsters). Editorial ReviewIf you've been around babies in the last few years, you've seen these newfangled toys that are abstract in color (or just black, white, and red) and make curious, crunching noises.
I am very interested in introducing my baby to foreign languages, so this DVD seemed like a perfect option to start with.
Instructor Shiva Rea demonstrates each of the stretches andexercises for the first trimester, and two pregnant women show modifications forthe second and third trimesters (they're even dressed in different colors foreasy reference). The poses are gentle and flowing and offer a great way to maintain strength and flexibility throughout all three trimesters. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SPEND A FORTUNE ON BOOKS LIKE I DID I'LL RECOMMEND 3 BOOKS THAT WILL GET YOU STARTED AND WELL ON YOUR WAY IN FINDING OUT WHAT'S GOING ON AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT AND HOW TO HELP; NO MORE RITALIN, NO MORE ADHD - RIGHT BRAINED CHILDREN IN A LEFT BRAINED WORLD - THE ADD AND ADHD DIET, UPDATED VERSION. First, it showed me the importance of elementary school teachers in pin pointing learning disabilities.
It does present the partsthe body involved in pottying, but how can you expect your kids to go if they don't understand how and why they go. She does not otherwise watch this show "Bear In The Big Blue House" and was NOT familiar with any of the characters. As with her print counterpart, the animated Prudence wonders if her grandmother's gift could be a birdbath or a flowerpot before she settles down to the business at hand. Yes, the potty chair doesn't look like the potty that everyone I know uses, but my two year old wasn't that analytical about the look of the potty.
It's a pretty big leap of faith to understand that effect unless you personally see a toddler react to the stimulation.

Lots of moving and engaging visuals, mostly toys in motion, are designed to be simple enough to get your baby's attention while complex enough to hold it for a while. Studies have shown that these types of toys stimulate newborns, expanding the capacity of their little sponge-like minds. The dvd consists of images of items with a nursery rhyme or poem being recited in another language. This removes the self-doubt home-exercisers often have aboutthe safety of certain moves--especially in that cumbersome final stage ofpregnancy.
I genuinely feel that I am doing something healthy and positive for the baby and me by working out to this video.
Second, it is important for parents to explore different possibilities for why students aren't performing. Unlike the book, Prudence gets a grand introduction in the form of a music video of "The Potty Song," complete with toddlers frolicking among portable potties. My only gripe about these DVDs is that you cannot skip the first chapters (warnings, advertising for Little Einsteins show, etc), but I've found that on my laptop I can skip through all of that, and it's even easier for my daughter to watch and focus on the screen than on our TV. If your baby likes Baby Bach or Baby Beethoven (and very few babies don't) she'll like Baby Mozart as well. The idea remains thesame--taking bold, beautiful objects (toys, puppets, nature scenes) and settingthem to fun renditions of classical music (their recordings are easily the bestin the crowded field of child development). Using gentle voice-over instruction, Rea and her assistants takeviewers through a half hour of meditational stretches using blocks and chairsfor support. I have an 8 yr old nephew who was just diagnosed with severe dislexia and the original prescription was drugs for ADD. The potty shown in the video is the older bowl style so you child might be confused by the newer models, but kids are smart. When that little girl made the "poo poo" in the potty, my daughter went into the bathroom and sat and did it too.
A new puppet--Vincent Van Goat--introduces the six primary colors and associates them with Van Gogh'spaintings--"The Starry Night" for blue, "Wheat Fields with Reaper" for yellow. I sit with him and guide him a little, but he seems to respond to the colors and the music. It might as well be completely random sounds, since anyone who has studied child language acquisition knows that babies learn from making observations of language used in context.
She follows that up with 16 minutes of floor work: lunge pose,bridge pose, child's pose, plank pose--all with the necessary adjustments. The second half of this 24-minute video is a "Parent's Guide," in which a prominent pediatrician goes over the basics: signs of readiness, terms, methods, and expected ages (for example, girls usually train before boys, but don't force it). The only misstep is the poetry written and read by creator Julie Aigner-Clark, which is strongly reminiscent of Dr.
While I understand that supposedly this DVD is only intended to 'stimulate' the brain, by six months, a baby's brain has developed specifically to hone in on the sounds presented in his own native language, and to selectively ignore others.

Shewinds things up with a four-minute guided relaxation on her back--thetraditional position--with the second-trimester woman on her side and the thirdon her side with one leg up on a chair. Third, the specific story of the teenager drove home the importance of having smaller classes in high school.
I'm only mentioning it as a warning, so you're prepared to have to hunt down a similar style potty. Encouragement was a huge part of the process and the video helped to keep her on track and to keep trying. The brain continues to prune and forge neural networks in response to sounds from the language spoken in the home, thus the idea that random speech sounds are somehow beneficially stiumlating is invalid. By including the different adaptations,Rea has made a program with the flexibility to carry an expectant mom through herentire pregnancy--and beyond, if she wishes.
A baby's brain becomes stimulated by the sounds that appear repeatedly in his own language. Later he made poopoo and weewee but not exactly in the potty." (shows an accident on the floor) Then the mommy keeps changing a diaper and later he sat on the potty and was able to go in the potty.
Imagine if the baby's brain gave equal attention to any sound--the brain would waste valuable time and resources on information that would not be useful in learning to communicate with his caretakers.
There are some parts of this video that can gives kids bad ideas such as putting their hands down their pants, pouring milk and not holding the cup, and playing with toilet paper.
It is impossible for teachers, most of us wish we could, to be able to cater to the needs of each individual student.
It's probably all kids need to know, but I was a little disappointed that it didn't really present all the practice and work that must be done before most kids go in the potty. We have owned or seen probably all of the potties out there and this one is really NICE and one piece--it is the easiest to use and to clean. The video showed the importance of not only giving a correct diagnosis for a students problems, but the importance of following through and working with the student, so he or she can really succeed. We only use it in her room at night, though since we quickly transitioned her during the day to the Baby Bjorn potty seat on the big potty.
The real stories showed the emotion that not only the students go through, but the families as well. They are bored during the spots I was bored during and are not excited during the rest of the video.

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