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Once Upon a Potty - BOY and GIRL hardcover classics - Joshua and Prudence figure out how to use the potty, in these bestselling titles. Once Upon a Potty - BOY and GIRL jazzAudiocassette + miniBook packages feature a Joshua & Prudence jazz theme and a Bossa-nova version of The Potty Song with top-notch New York City jazz musicians. Joshua's Book Of Manners - Joshua learns manners and the magic words "please", "thank you", "bless you", and "excuse me".
Prudence's Babysitter Book - When Prudence's father and mother go out, Faith the babysitter comes to look after her, play with her, and put her to bed. On Grandparents' Farm - Joshua's family off to visit his grandfather and grandmother's farm, where Joshua learns about country life and meets all kinds of animals. Introducing the Character?sThen, introduce your characters.The classic story arc revolves around the journey of a hero, as they set off to accomplish some goal. So you’re in Peru, and you’ve made it to a town that cannot be reached by any roads – you must take a boat or a plane.
Point of ViewNow here’s a point that many of us photographers mess up when we’re telling our stories.
Us! One evening on Ipanema Beach we set aside an hour to take portraits of all of our friends who travelled to Rio with us.
MiddleNow that you’ve set the scene, and introduced the characters, it’s time to get that story rolling. Little EndingsA photo can capture the end to a little story within a bigger story, like the final moments of our interaction with this Peruvian fellow, as we presented him with an instant photo of himself. Telling a Fast StoryYou can tell a story in a large set of images, and many stories benefit from that.
The Wide, Medium, Tight TrickA quick way to get into the habit of storytelling is to use the Wide, Medium, Tight trick.
I bought it several months ago, just before I was hired to photograph my first wedding…The big day (last Saturday!) went incredibly well, and I have my first wedding under my belt and a great feeling of confidence.
This release from THOMAS AND FRIENDS contains stories filled with adventure that the various trains encounter. Children's Music video The Kidsong Kids explain the workings of these various types of transportation with famous songs.
Children's Music movie Another song-filled treat from the Kidsongs Kids, including "Farmer in the Dell," "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," "Bingo" and many more! Also a full reading of the story and an adorable 5x5" mini-book version of the Once Upon a Potty classics.
All kinds of animals offer to mother him, but Joshua wants his own wonderful, one and only mother. To see the full list of lessons, and learn more about the course, click here for the index. Along the way they meet other characters who will help them, or hinder them, on their path.Who are the characters in your story?
You need to fully get into the frame, to be a part of your own story.This can involve a “selfie”, holding the camera out and photographing yourself that way. After you’ve documented the action you often feel like you caught the important stuff, and can put away your camera.

Wedding photography will let you do just that! We spent years shooting weddings all over the world, and we've taken everything we learned and shared it in our super-comprehensive, example-packed eBook, Simple Wedding Photography. Songs include "Row Row Row Your Boat," "Up Up and Away," "I Like Trucks," "I Got Wheels," "Daylight Train" and more. That is to say: Who is telling the story?There are so many things out in front of you to capture, it’s so very easy to forget to include yourself.
But the story isn’t complete, and if you leave it there you’ll leave the audience (and yourself) hanging, feeling unsatisfied.So always, always, always, when you’re shooting, look for a way to close out your story.
Or even one.ContextYou can tell a lot of a story in just a single frame, but what you need to include is context. We walk you through the process of being a wedding photographer, from how to book clients, what to photograph on the big day, what gear you absolutely need to have, and more! Sometimes Frederick goes for a walk in the forest, sometimes he goes for a ride on the Dinosaur Train, but whatever he does, he gets that bum on the seat.Stories are powerful (as you can see). No matter what you’re documenting: a once-in-a-lifetime trip or your everyday life, there will be people who are crucial to your story.
And these images of the boys who took us there that have the most meaning to us years later. We like to use a camera that has a LCD that flips all the way around to make selfies easier. Stepping back, and including more of the scene will help you add in all those storytelling elements we just discussed.
It can be hard to remember, especially if you’re really engaged in the action, but remember that this part of the story is important.A medium shot, to show the characters and the action. Now it’s time to get out there and start seeing the stories.What should you shoot a story of? Plus, we also share all of our best business secrets, with tips on pricing, what products to offer, and on and on and on!Click here to check it out and get it with an instant download - keep on learning, you’re doing great!
Give the viewer a sense of place.Let’s say you’re hopping on a plane and traveling to the jungles of Peru. You like them immediately – something about their open, genuine manner – so you hop into the wooden boat and they start the motor. It was the connection we made with them, though only for a brief evening, that gave richness to our travel experience.
Keep an eye out for things moving, and see how you can capture it to tell more of the story. It will help give a sense of place, perhaps include more characters, some action, some conflict. And sometimes we fail to recognize just what an important part they are to the story.And so you must start to see just how pivotal the characters are to your tale. Soon you’re floating past brightly coloured wooden homes, rocking on the river, as folks fish for their dinner, and go about their lives. Who you are and what you care about dramatically influence the story, so you must ensure that your viewer can see you, so they can know you.This can be done simply, or in more complex ways. We use a tripod and a remote, get everything set up, then get the whole group into the shot.

The hero has found their way to the finish line?Perhaps the sun setting on the river in Peru. Be sure to think carefully about everything you’re including in that photo, to ensure it helps tell the story, but still keeps the focus on your subject. These details add richness to the story, and help folks to get a better sense of really being there.
Start to make it a goal to photograph them, and do it in a way that helps you bring them to life.
Try to look for details that someone wouldn’t normally notice, but that tell something about your story.It can be particularly helpful to walk around while taking your shots, changing up your angles and perspective. Give a sense of place?You can start off with a photo of the airport, to tell the story of traveling. Waving goodbye to new friends.Our example here has been a big story, but even the littlest ones can follow this story arc. This will help you see the scene from all different vantage points, and let you find the shots that will best tell your story. If you want to document your life, and do a smashingly good job of it (which I know you do, because you’re here) then you NEED to tell a story. Capture that!Conflict: Above all else, conflict and struggle are part of what moves a story. An evening at home can have all of these components as well – the scene is your living room, the action is jumping on the couch or snuggled up reading a book, and the conclusion is a little one, all tucked into bed. You need to learn how to take the moments in front of you, and use your camera to translate them into an engaging narrative that captures the experience of your life.Why? A photo of the boat you rode into the Amazon rainforest.Fill out the story with detail shots that all help the viewer build a richer world in their imagination. Like we talked about earlier in this course, “I went and saw a pretty sunset” is not an engaging story. Even the simplest of experiences can become an engaging tale when you capture all the parts of the story. Because in 20 years your understanding of the moments you capture will rely almost entirely on your photographs. And I just want to take a second to say that while we took some beautiful photos of the floating town, it is the images of the boys who took us there that have the most meaning to us years later. These will bring the viewer right into your story, and allow them to imagine themselves there. This both engages the audience, and makes the conclusion, where they overcome that struggle, all the more successful. Capture only part of the tale, and you’ll definitely notice the gaps and holes.Moreover, remember that you’re not just shooting for yourself.
Your photographs can do it for you, and they can do a darn fine job when you discover how to tell a great story with them.And that’s just what we’re going to learn today.

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