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Once Upon a Potty, for Boys is based on the print title by Alona Frankel, published in 1975 in Hebrew in an edition she wrote for her son.
The book contains a story, told from the point of view of a mother of a toddler who tries to potty train. Overall value the app can offer, either as a book app that can occupy the reader for hours or a story that will be returned to for many re-reads.
We consider length (under 10 minutes is ideal), enhancements & extras (ideally not too overstimulating), as well as story content that is appropriate for children at night-time. We consider anything in the app that goes beyond the story, like games, puzzles, coloring pages, etc. If it's time to potty train, "Once Upon a Potty: Boy" (Girl edition also available), is your new best friend. Green Eggs and Ham - Read & Learn is part of a new app series based on the beloved early reader classics from Dr. The Cat in the Hat - Read & Learn is a new app from the talented team at Oceanhouse Media. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld is a classic bedtime story, published in print in 2011.
There have been hundreds of Berenstain Bears stories published since the first one debuted 1962. Are you wondering if using a potty training dvd will help your child learn to toilet train quicker? If your child is the type that only watches something once and is "done" with it, then it doesn't seem to me that the expense of a potty training dvd is of value. However, dvd potty training can be very helpful if you have kids who enjoy watching something again and again. Interestingly enough, this dvd is aimed towards teaching you, the parent, whereas the other videos are aimed at your child. And since your chld takes his or her cues from you, that confidence (or lack of it) is vital. However, keep in mind you definitely need to supplement with your own training with this dvd.
These dvds come in both girl and boy versions, so be sure and look at the correct version for your child. I had one daughter who really turned the corner during a long potty training road by doing a "potty parade" each time she peed in the potty chair. So any appropriate potty training dvd or cd that lights up your child and gives her a fun ritual that encourages potty chair usage is headed in the right direction.
Many times just one new piece of toilet training advice that I hadn't considered before was just the help I needed to help my child over a potty training hump. Specific tips to help potty training for girls move smoothly (I've trained two girls myself).
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Once Upon a Potty has garnered worldwide attention and has been used as a potty training companion by generations of families. Once Upon a Potty picture books, audio editions and videos have sold more than five million copies in the United States alone and have been translated into many languages.

The two Once Upon a Potty omBooks include numerous features tailored to different age groups. Alona Frankel and child matters join the Oceanhouse Media family of licensors with children’s titles that includes Dr. The mom behind the classics was born in Cracow, Poland in 1937 and has created more than 40 Joshua & Prudence picture books. Founded by composer and producer Ari Frankel, child matters media is a new-media producer, featuring award-winning music, sound design, post-production, book packaging and mobile application development for all ages. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. It has been updated and translated, becoming a timeless classic for potty-training both genders. This toddler has a different name on different versions of the book (Joshua, Prudence, Naftaly, Ziona…). Like other omBooks by Oceanhouse Media, this app is interactive in a way that enhances early reading skills.
We focus on quality rather than quantity, although very little animation will rate slightly lower on this scale (to allow proper sorting).
We consider whether the music & sound effects are easy to listen to and well-matched to the story.
We look for interactivity that is well-matched to the story & engaging but mark down for interactivity that interfere with reading comprehension. We consider enhancements, added content (like reading comprehension questions or other suggested activities) and any unique educational value that makes the app stand out.
Apps based on folktales & previously published titles will score lower unless they have a unique presentation.
High ratings in this category mean the extras are well made, engaging and have high replay value. For decades, Alona Frankel’s toilet learning classics have been helping parents and children conquer the developmental leap from diaper to potty. Trouble with Chores is one of HarperCollins square paperback series, published in 2005. Really Big Pet Show is one of HarperCollins square paperback series, published in 2008.
Go Out to Eat is one of HarperCollins square paperback series, first published in print in 2009. In other words, are you hoping to just plop your potty trainee in front of the TV, play the dvd, and be amazed as your child pops up, goes into the bathroom, uses the potty correctly and continues this scenario for evermore. I have to say, the video that presents the method (available for viewing when you click the potty training graphic below), is pretty cool.
If that describes your toddler, this may be an excellent potty training dvd choice for you. A nice way to prep a child for potty training, too, and gauging or developing interest in the potty process.
It is amamzing how sometimes just one song, dance or game will help your toddler learn all kinds of things and potty training is no different. She immediately loved it and so I encouraged that each and every time she used her potty seat. Several of my kids enjoyed singing in the car, so using a potty training cd is a great way to cement these ideas in their heads.
Publisher’s Weekly repeatedly listed them as #1 (Boy) and #3 (Girl) in its all-time bestselling hardcover childcare charts.
In keeping with the original content of the classic bestsellers, the new apps follow the boy (Joshua) and the girl (Prudence) graduating from diaper reliance to potty appreciation en route to the (inevitable) toilet.

Each Once Upon a Potty story is narrated by a mother’s voice, describing body parts and functions, the “figuring out” of what a potty is and what it can be used for, all leading up to the patient, humorous conquering of the developmental challenge. Seuss Enterprises, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, Zondervan (a division of HarperCollins), Mercer Mayer, Soundprints, Andersen Press, Hay House Publishers, Character Arts and Chronicle Books. Alona’s art has been exhibited in Italy, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Japan, Korea, Israel, Egypt, and the United States. Most images (of the potty, diaper and images around the house), will name themselves aloud while the word briefly appears over the illustration.
Narrated by his mother's voice, Joshua learns about different body parts and functions, and figures out what the potty is (and isn't) used for. Plus, two fun new music modes, The Potty Song and Sing-Along, allow young children and their caregivers to sing the jazzy tune themselves or follow the recorded performers.
Even if you're not potty training yet, sometimes a dvd is useful prepration for the real thing. I have potty trained four of my own children, boys and girls, and I wish I would have had these toilet training tools. But I am a huge proponent of parent training in order that you can be confident in what you are attempting to help your child with. A lot of kids and parents like this book and so, seeing its popularity, the publishers generated a dvd to complement the book.
Carefully think about how your child enjoys learning and what you feel comfortable supporting and you'll make a good decision.
And those potty training tools certainly helped her practice her new potty skills until they became second nature.
Available at the introductory price of $2.99 each, the new Once Upon a Potty omBooks are the first in a licensing partnership with child matters media and renowned author and illustrator Alona Frankel.
She has enjoyed international recognition, including the Hans Christian Anderson Honor and several Parents’ Choice Awards, and continues to create playful titles, which often embed developmental and educational elements. For example, touch the potty and the word "potty" appears and is spoken aloud by the narrator.
This patient, loving and humorous Boy edition encourages children to learn through play and empowers parents and caregivers of all ages. A quality dvd used for potty training will supplement your other training plans; not replace them.
My kids loved doing that and if yours do, too, then a dvd might be a strong addition to your potty training process. Two new music modes, The Potty Song and Sing-Along, allow young children and their caregivers to sing a smart, catchy, jazzy tune themselves or follow the original vocalist.
The company was founded in early 2009 by Michel Kripalani, formerly CEO of Presto Studios and Director of Business Development at Autodesk. Follow Joshua through his stages of discovery, and enjoy the many delightful hidden audio surprises throughout the story.
The company has sold more than one million paid apps with thirteen reaching the number one spot within their categories on Apple’s App Store. Oceanhouse Media's corporate focus is to uplift, educate and inspire through technology.

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