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Get advice from a veteran educator on how to help your child succeed in middle school and beyond.
Although your middle schooler is becoming more independent and is increasingly involved in activities outside the family, you should and must remain the most influential person in his life.
As a middle-school principal, a big part of my job is to help parents support their children emotionally as well as academically. What makes your family stand out from the flock?Tell us for a chance to win a trip to Kennedy Space Center!
El Parent Toolkit brinda consejos y asesoramiento de matematicas que incluyen sugerencias tanto generales como especificas sobre como proporcionar a su nino el mejor apoyo posible a medida que progresa a traves de la escuela media.
Las compras siguen siendo una de las mejores oportunidades para que su hijo aplique los conceptos matemáticos que aprende. Tu información puede ser compartida con otras empresas NBCUniversal y se utiliza para adaptar mejor nuestros servicios y la publicidad para ti. He was my first heartbreak in middle school when he went out with the girl he eventually married. If it’s not someone you’d consider marrying, then don’t pursue a relationship with them …. When I was a middle school and high school teacher, I saw middle school students go out with people in their middle and high school years who eventually changed their reputation and character. I'm a mom of six kids, the oldest is serving in the USAF, and the youngest are school-aged triplets!
Powerline365 is another way we are working to help you, parents of teens, stay plugged into the Source without losing connection with your teenagers. Please, configure Instagram settings in Social Media section of Canary Options on your WordPress admin panel.
Through your involvement in school and extracurriculars, you can do much to help your child believe in the value and importance of education, be enthusiastic about learning, and achieve academic success. Show interest in his studies by talking with him daily about what he's learning and doing in school (don't take "nothing" for an answer!).

Encourage him to get to know his counselor and to maintain contact throughout his middle-school years, if possible.
Attend parent meetings, open houses, booster clubs, parent education groups, and other activities for parents.
Many parents expect the school to provide the incentives for their child's accomplishments. Acceda a consejos sobre como ayudar a su nino con la tarea, asegurar que se mantenga una actitud positiva acerca de las matematicas y ensenar conceptos basicos. Se pueden incluir juegos de cartas tales como "Go Fish", que requiere contar y clasificar cartas en grupos, o juegos de mesa tales como el "Monopoly".
It’s time to take charge and parent them by saying who and when, even when it seems harmless. The words seem foolish when you’re ten or twelve, but first romances start at those ages. The students who didn’t marry those romances struggled a lot trying to find their way back to themselves and their values they were raised with. What are other principles you think are important in helping your teen choosing a dating partner?
I'm the author of 26 books since 2007, an editor, an event speaker, and a woman on a fitness journey.
Even if he is absent for illness or another valid reason, he needs to keep up with his studies. Be certain, however, that she selects no more than a few activities so she has adequate time for schoolwork. Not only will the counselor be invaluable in supporting his academic path, he's also one of many potential adult role models for your child. While schools do have a lot of motivation programs, parents need to recognize their child's successes too.
She needs to become independent, responsible, and self-sufficient to succeed in most of her endeavors in school and at home.

En la escuela primaria, saber la mecánica puede ser suficiente para algunos alumnos. All these will help you and your child successfully weave your way through the maze called middle school.
Call the school if your child will be missing a day, and find out what he needs to do to make up for it.
Help her know right from wrong and what she must do when negative temptations come her way. Schools solicit volunteers to help in a variety of ways: tutoring, assisting in the media center, giving speeches, helping out at activities, chaperoning, etc.
The best way to help her in all aspects of development is to try to ensure that her emotional needs are consistently met. They’re transitioning from a child to a young adult, and adult choices are within their grasp.
Your understanding, common sense, adult judgment, and good sense of humor can make these middle-school years a joy for both you and your child.
Si ambos están confundidos, lea el material y haga su mejor esfuerzo por pensarlo y discutirlo entre los dos. We had secret dates at the school playground when my mom thought I was going on a bike ride. Liking someone can involve texting someone who makes them feel good or having someone pressure you for sexual favors. Tell him that he should treat the girlfriend like he'd want to be treated — with kindness, respect, consideration. Begin by checking your facial expression."Parents should have a really neutral expression about it because this is an area of deep sensitivity for kids, and they can easily feel judged," Icard says.

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