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We've tried to make your quest a tad bit easier by listing some of the most beautiful and meaningful Hindu baby names for boys and girls. Blessed with a great deal of energy, babies with names starting from J could dance all night.
Brainy little creatures, babies with names starting from L love to be surrounded by intelligence.
As a parent, you want your little one's name to be meaningful, unique and most importantly, perfect! Sit around as a family and appreciate him for little gestures and you will have a happy baby. They may love cuddling and cooing, but sit down with them with a puzzle and they will be riveted for hours.

They are adventurous and love trying new things, so trying out something new each day will be fun with this little darling. They love being cuddled and appreciated, but being practical ranks higher than being emotional for these little ones. They may look like they wear their little hearts on their sleeves but when required, they can learn to control their desires as well. Teach them a few responsibilities as they grow older and they’re sure to never let you down. They love paying attention to details, so don’t be surprised if you find them imitating you with shocking precision.
Something we can all learn from these little ones is that they live in the moment and enjoy it as is.

If he sees you glum, be prepared to receive stress-busting kisses and hugs from this little one.
They may be secretive at times, so try to get into their good books if you want them to open up.

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