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The alternative to viewing childhood as preparation is viewing it as life, to be savored and enjoyed.
Life is just a series of moments, and it's amazing how many of them we miss, rush past, or disrupt because our minds are elsewhere, anticipating the future or dwelling on the past. The top piece of advice I'd give fledgling parents (which I wish I could follow better myself) is just this: Be aware of those moments, and never turn one down. Whether your child succeeds as an adult has to do with her genes, her friends, and a whole boatload of luck and circumstance.
Like any parent, I would love to believe that my awesome kids are a result of my awesome parenting. But it's safe to say that your kids' long-term fate will not be meaningfully affected by the speed and timing of potty training, the brand of educational videos you purchase, or the precise tone of voice in which you discipline. Another way of putting this same point is that an enormous amount of a child's fate is determined by luck, by accidents of birth, socioeconomics, and geography. Most evidence points to the fact that parenting is just one of many components that affect a child's upbringing.
If the boys and the police were cool with it, then the passersby should just keep on walking!
June 19, 2014 by Jennifer Fishkind Filed Under: Family Tips, Popular Posts 21 Comments Share28 Pin736 Yum +1 Tweet EmailShares 764All moms have experienced it. I asked all of you for the stupidest unsolicited parenting advice you have received and let me say, you did not disappoint – far from it! B) That having my kids so close would cause all of them to have emotional problems because I couldn’t give them the attention they needed.
C) By not having my son circumcised, there is evidence that he will be more prone to same sex attraction. When my son was 2-ish we were in line at grocery store and he wanted corn nuts, not having enough teeth at that age I say no he thirties himself on the floor starts a fit and the lady behind me offers to buy them for him and said I was mean! I was having a hard time breast feeding and someone told me that if I was going to be a stay at home mom I better figure it out because there’d be no point in me being a stay at home mom if I didn’t.
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I was shopping with my at the time 2 year old years ago when I received unsolicited parenting advice.
After having some breast feeding issues with my first child, my now ex-husband, said he read an article stating that the greatest athletes had been bottle fed. When my oldest daughter was just 9 weeks old I was told I couldn’t call her gorgeous because it would go to her head. I either raised my son in a different kind of area or I just looked meaner than most people because i never had any strangers give me advice about my baby! I am truly appalled that anyone would hand out parenting advice to someone they didn’t know!!
One time when we were camping, we were sitting out at the pool and my step-son decided to get mouthy with me. Good advice I received was from my husbands Baba, “hold them when they cry, hug them and kiss them as much as you can, they will not be babies long” how true is that!
When you homeschooling your children it is always important to find great affordable materials.
Consistent parenting advice creating happy families, Consistent parenting advice vitally important creating happy families.
Mamapedia™ - wisdom moms™, The united nations, frustrated with the collateral damage of the avengers, seek to control this superhero team with a new accord. Parenting advice information england - netmums, Netmums is the uk's biggest parenting website offering local info, expert parenting advice, chat, competitions, recipes and friendly support.
Music writer Simon Cowell has common some critical parenting recommendation with One Direction member Louis Tomlinson.
The 56-year-old “X Factor” decider asked Tomilson to suffer a fatherhood, reported People magazine. Tomlinson, 23, is awaiting his initial child with stylist Briana Jungwirth early subsequent year. Culturally diverse parents encounter many challenges and exciting experiences when raising and nurturing gifted learners.

Gifted children of color may experience difficulties adjusting to high-end classroom settings--not because of their intellectual ability, but simply because they come from a different community and lifestyle.
Keep a record of your gifted student’s test scores, anecdotal comments from teachers, remarkable work samples and any other information that will help a new teacher or school (in the case of transferring) understand your child’s strengths. One of the biggest concerns expressed by gifted children of color is feelings of isolation in schools or classes where they may be one or two of a larger group. Most school districts allow parents to nominate a child for evaluation to determine if the child has a need for curriculum experiences above and beyond those provided in the regular classroom. The best teachers of diverse learners have been exposed to multicultural settings or cultural competency training. Gifted learners are generally very compassionate human beings and may often reach out to others who are having difficulties in school settings--and even at home. Voices and resources of culturally diverse parents are invaluable to children, their friends, classmates and the community at large. This article demonstrates the challenges and exciting experiences that culturally diverse parents may have while raising and nurturing gifted learners. Best parent advice by Vox: If you face a choice between moment and chore, always pick the moment. If you face a choice — a moment or a chore, a moment or bedtime, a moment or work obligations, a moment or your damn iPhone — always choose the moment. Most of your parenting choices pale in significance to who you are, how much money you make, and where you live. A large proportion of the Parenting Industrial Complex isn't about kids — it's about generating content for nervous parents who feel like they should be doing something. A lady told my husband we had to stop her from doing that because it would cause other developmental problems. Follow Princess Pinky Girl on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for all of the newest recipes, crafts, travels and updates! I was 21 and I do look young but doesn’t help comments from people that don’t know you at all! I was told by my MIL that my husband was allergic to humidity growing up and that our baby may be as well. If we had been his age and someone had said, ‘You’re going to have a baby,’ I’m not certain how we would have coped with it. This article provides advice for parents as they navigate the journey of raising and parenting culturally diverse gifted learners. Become aware of your school district’s evaluation procedures, attend scheduled meetings and arrange a meeting with the district gifted education specialists, so they become familiar with you and your child’s particular profile and academic needs.
Intentional matching in social settings, enrichment experiences and summer programming will help. These books help gifted learners recognize that their experiences are valid and worthwhile.
It is important that the activities, programs and experiences are those that your child has demonstrated interest and strength in--not necessarily ones that are most popular in the community or within the family. Classroom teachers are gatekeepers in most districts and generally refer students for services. Don’t assume that just because your child has been admitted to a program, all teachers will understand the challenges faced by culturally diverse students.
Using such phrases as “he comes from a troubled family” or “she is not a good person to have for a friend” may pose problems with you and your child’s relationship. The input that you have may provide the information that institutions and organizations need to change attitudes and actions, which have persisted for generations.
Within those parameters, your choices are unlikely to substantially affect your kid's Adult Success at all. They control, at least to some extent, the peers and environments to which children are exposed. They were born to stable, reasonably well-adjusted parents who have good jobs, a home in a safe neighborhood, and a large reservoir of social capital upon which to draw. Well my step-son wanted to keep it up so my husband grabbed him by the arm to take him into the bathroom and have a more private discussion with him rather than yelling at him in front of the other families at the pool.
But he did call me and we said, ‘When you’ve embraced it, you’ll be vacant how most we are going to adore it.

Parents must be alert to changes in behaviors and be sensitive to their child’s need to share positive and negative school experiences. Use online resources, community resources, local colleges and universities as avenues for searching and making connections with professionals and funding support. Typically, high-potential students of color are not seen as intellectually gifted and may not be referred for services. These challenges include microaggressions where teachers, students and others in the environment make discriminatory and disparaging remarks. Forcing a budding writer to engage in an after school science program may be a loss of valuable time. These new friends may be children who are from your own cultural group; however, they may live in a different neighborhood. To break the patterns of discrimination and inequities that persist in communities across the nation, leaders and policymakers need to hear from those who are most affected, such as culturally diverse citizens and leadership from your community.It is a grave mistake when we are silent in situations that can make a difference for not only your children, but for others as well. However, some of this advice is specific and based on research and personal information shared by parents of culturally diverse gifted learners from varied communities across the nation. But childhood isn't linear; it seems to accelerate faster and faster as it progresses, and when it's over that set of memories will be all too finite. Whether she succeeds as an adult has to do with her genes, her friends, and a whole boatload of luck and circumstance. And of course they crucially affect a child's quality of life at home, which, as I will argue shortly, is not some minor detail. Some lady walks in and says if you put him in strips he’s gonna end up in strips in jail.
We ended up walking out of the stall and this other woman got in my face and told me she was going to call CPS on me for talking to my daughter like that and that my daughter was going to be scarred for life for having a mother like me. Well a little old lady followed him into the bathroom and told him she was going to report him for child abuse. Check with your child’s school resource teacher, classroom teacher or principal to find out about the evaluation timeline and what forms must be completed to ensure your child is included in this process. Instead, this young writer could spend time creating a first novel, collection of poetry or reading to enrich vocabulary. Share your resources and opinions, and speak up and speak out to help our educational system eradicate unfair practices and create just and fair programs that help all children reach their highest potential. Daydreaming and wasted time don't have to be framed as developmental tools; they're just nice. But parenting styles inside the home, apart from extreme cases like abuse or neglect, have very little long-term influence on a person's personality or success in life, at least that social scientists have been able to detect. They have parents who haven't divorced, or been laid off, or faced a serious health crisis. I shared a vintage book on Noody from the 50′s in a prior post and wanted to share that Noody is now on Netflix.
Studies and interviews with gifted children of color have documented experiences where students have been bullied, teased or questioned as to whether they belong. Research has demonstrated that practice in an area of passion, inclination or strength is valuable to production and improves results over time. I wish now i could go back to that time and let her know I was only trying to calm my daughter down so she wouldn’t end up having an accident in front of people and getting completely embarrassed. Noody or Oui Oui as we know it (yes, French) is very popular in Canada and in France where we first learned about the cartoon.
If you are teaching French to your young children then I encourage you to look up the French cartoons on YouTube. I was so angry couldn’t imagine that some stupid person can say that to a little child.

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