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Elmo takes six of his favorite kiddie classics (including the Elmo's World theme) and revamps them as arena rockers.
My Busy Town is in fact a city, then it has five distinct neighborhoods: bead mazes, peek-a-boo doors, spinning letter tiles, mix-and-match animal blocks and wiggly vehicle rollers. While Elmo plays the drums, your tot can shake the tambourine—garage band goodness at its most interactive. Toddlers’ imaginations will go wild as they play with the poseable farm, jungle and prehistoric animals. The three-piece Sensory Ball Set by Sassy, a triple play of fine motor skills and good times. Fix-It with this tool set, complete with battery-powered reversible drill and chunky nuts and bolts to build 4 cars with spinning wheels. Baby can button his overalls, zip his pockets and buckle and tie his shoes.Lamaze Farmer Fred Activity Doll at Learning Curve The Brain Store Stack This!Is it art?
Babies and toddlers will love stacking the bright, round textured blocks and you'll enjoy playing, too. This is one toy you won’t mind keeping out on display.Tobbles at Marbles The Brain Store Mojo Hand llc.

It'll help him get his balance as he scoots down the hall, and you'll love the display-worthy mod design.
The Rock & Roll Alphabet is perfect for the kid (and parents) who’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. And the genius design means no stuck pieces (when one color is pushed down, his mate pops right up).
This colorful set will teach him his letters, too.LEGO DUPLO play with letters at LEGO Hungry Giant Cook BookHow Do You Feed a Hungry Giant?
By Caitlin Friedman, illustrated by Shaw Nielsen, tells the story of Oscar, a boy who finds a giant in his back yard, with cool pictures, pop-ups, tabs and flaps kids will love playing with. I'm a big fan!"—Vicki Daley, mom of Mackenzie, 3, Orlando, FLGot a science-interested child at home? There are space rovers, jet packs, and even a treadmill (don't get flabby in zero gravity!). He even plays with it while I change his diaper."—Laura Middleton, mom of Matthew, 1, Little Rock AFB, AR Ready, Set, Go! Cookie My Playful Pup responds to pats on the head and back, barks, wags her tail, and “chews” her toy bone.

TrikeToys of the Year pickWe're all for products that transform for different stages—more bang for your buck!
Paul, MN Here are 7 Indoor Energy-Burning Toys to keep your little one on-the-go even on rainy days. It also connects to your TV, letting your child activate learning games and animation onscreen. We'll pretend we're super hot in Africa, then fly to Australia and jump like kangaroos."—Kami Whitehurst-Levy, mom of Charlie, 18 months, St. Squeeze their tummies and those little mouths open wide for each note, revealing teeny teeth.

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