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On this particular day, we wanted to make something for daddy to welcome him home after a long day. I wish I had thinner painters tape but I had to go with what I had which was 1 inch wide tape.
I then secured it to the deck outside (Tip- DO THIS OUTSIDE  if you have a two year old or younger!) and told my little lady to paint all over the letters. Anyway, with a little help, she got most of the picture and her body covered in various colors and amounts of paint. It wasn’t even a day later that a member of my Facebook group, The Huddle, asked how to make a lava lamp without Alka Seltzer. On top of that, fill the rest of the glass with oil, leaving a good half an inch at the top of the glass (we filled ours too full this first time we tried it).

And then the fun begins, and this is the secret ingredient to make a lava lamp without Alka Selzer. But then the slow part begins, the true lava lamp part, as the bubbles slowly emerge from the salt at the bottom finding their way to the top.
I actually think this way to make a lava lamp is much more accurate to the lava lamps we used to have in our bedrooms (affiliate link).
Its quite fast actually – only takes as long as it takes you to get the ingredients together. Simply use painters tape to create a shape or word and then let your kiddo go to town with painting all over it. I think I left mine on there a little too long because it became a little hard to peel off.

I kept looking for bottles, but once I thought of using glasses, skinny ones were easy to find! Well I’m using a plastic soda bottle and thought that shaking the bottle after adding all the ingredients will make more of those bubbles or make them appear and not hide on the bottom or at the top, if they are anyway.
I loved that it has an adjustable fit and fits snuggly around any sippy cup that we put it on. The Little Lasso is long enough for the child to comfortably drink out of while it’s hooked on to the stroller, cart, or highchair.

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