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I was preparing my lesson for Young Women's today and I found this video that I really wanted to share.
In an attempt to feed my children more balanced meals I added milk to Kayton's lunch the other day and I loved that she was WAY cuter than any of those other "Got Milk" ads so I thought I would post my own!
I just realized why I quit blogging my computer is slow and I get so frustrated I just want to break things which I found counterproductive! Ok so I recommend deciding how you want your boards spaced first and measure and mark on the wall where you want them. I did not remove my baseboards I just placed the first board just above the baseboard that gave me a nice straight line to work with. I just spent a week in Oahu with my husband and I just couldn't get enough of those plate lunches.
After meat has marinated place in a pan and fry until cooked or I just browned the chicken in the oil and then baked at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.
We also went to Target and got the cheapest TP available because I didn't want to use my expensive super soft kind for a craft (I know call me crazy but I'm weird about my TP). I got a yard of the broadcloth for the body and head of the snowman because I was unsure how much we needed that made 3 and I had some left over.
I then took the end of the felt and bent it to the side and tied it off with the other ribbon.

December's theme is Give and Get Back.The objective is to encourage families to do something good for others.
We are working on some fleece blankets for a few local charities and we also made some "Survival Bags" that we keep in our cars to hand out to people we see on the streets who need help. Your family is invited to complete monthly Mini™ Missions to get free books for your family.
The tragedy in Isla Vista has left my precious Santa Barbara community—and the nation—reeling. As I signed into my google account and opened my blog I was afraid it might crash and burn it has been soooo long. We have been celebrating Halloween for a few weeks now and between church, school, dance, and the actual holiday I think we will have worn our costumes (by we I mean my children) 4 or 5 times.
I admit I am biased but this is quite a handsome group and really for being taken at Carl's Jr. The 3 year olds are inspecting smiles, by this time the baby has been disturbed, and there is a general sense of "When are we going to get our food?"  And I love the parking lot backdrop don't you? Also, each month you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win one of 131 valuable prizes for your school and community. It all depends on how you view your life.” -Paulo Coelho How often do you say things out loud or to yourself like: "He makes me feel stupid" or "I'm depressed because she is always criticizing me" or "I would be happy if my partner would only treat me better?

Happy to be outdoors, puttering in the garden, reading cheesy novels, going to the beach or nearby parks for picnics.
The senseless violence, claiming the lives of innocent young people, has stimulated many different conversations…Conversations about mental illness, about more stringent gun control laws, about violence against women, about inappropriate parenting and the rise of narcissism. No one, myself included, wants to accept that we are utterly powerless, and that the rising tide of mass murders cannot be stopped. The three boys, aged 6, 10, and 13, immediately begin to argue over who sits where. Pouncing on one another's laps, they push and poke.
It is one of the most common--and one of the most frustrating patterns that confront couples and families.
The same thing is true when it comes to stress. In fact, given our mortality combined with our lack of control over so much of life, stress goes hand in hand with being human.
Not only have I found that when I talk to the little flower or to the little peanut they will give up their secrets, but I have found that when I silently commune with people they give up their secrets also--if you love them enough."  -George Washington Carver I've been a psychotherapist for over thirty years. As you earn books and enter the sweepstakes, your family is sure to have a blast and learn something new along the way!
Blame can destroy a good marriage, wreak havoc on our friendships, and put innocent kids in the middle of their parents' arguments. Not only are families besieged by this destructive pattern, the whole culture is mired in it.

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