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Are our children being educated well enough to lead the world, or barely well enough to lead their friends down the bike path?
Classical education dates back to the Greeks and Romans, where the Romans are credited with creating a system of study known as the seven liberal arts. Classical education is a language driven method, and language is explored through speaking, listening, reading, writing, and finally applying logic and rhetoric to these ideas. An example of a history outline includes 4 separate periods in history, studies on 3 cycles.
Stage 1 – The Grammar Stage (grades 1-4) – This stage is all about students learning basic facts. Children at this age really are like sponges, soaking up all of those facts, even when they don’t understand the connotations or meanings behind them.
Stage 2 – The Logic Stage (grades 5-8) – At this stage in Classical Education students are at a point in brain development that allows them to start applying cause and effect to the basic facts they have acquired.
Students of Classical educations develop skills of rhetoric in this 3rd stage, where they are able to use speech and communication to further their ideas and plans.
Classical education does not need to be designated to specialized schools and homeschooling families. Take advantage of the power of the young brain and help your young children learn basic facts – you don’t have to invest in flashcards for everything, but find games and activities that help establish math facts, phonics, historical dates and names, and more.
Talk with your kids about the difference between right and wrong, and how you in your particular culture and community define that.
When I first began homeschooling, I heard of Classical education, and I backed away from the intensity of it. Also check out A Well-Trained Mind  – it has some great resources and detailed explanations of Classical Education. Just enough time for parents in our local school district to take some steps to make the new school year transition easier for their kids with special needs. Because there are Christian educators and students in the school who covet and need your prayers.
Jolene Philo is the author of the Different Dream series for parents of kids with special needs, and she speaks at parenting and special needs conferences across the country. My 6 year old has not been in school since December 20 and was diagnosed with leukemia on January 4. The truth of the matter is that there is no perfect way to parent and all of us can use parenting tips from time to time.
Okay so we get that you don’t want to be a pushover so your kids think they can walk all over you, but do you really think that’s what your child thinks of their friends?
Part of children’s brain development occurs when they play and parent-child play has unique benefits.
A recent UK survey found that nine out of ten parents include their children in major decision making. It is suspected that part of the reason for our own generation’s obesity is that many of us were part of the “clean plate club” when we were kids. These days, it’s a sad fact that very few parents feel safe letting kids play outside by themselves during the daytime let alone at dusk!
There’s research supporting both sides of this one, which you can easily file under parenting skills 101.
Of course you want to teach your kids good manners and respect for others but, if you’re doing your job right, they should also feel comfortable expressing opinions even (and maybe especially) when they’re different from those around them. Between computers, smartphones, tablets and TVs, technology is and will always be a large part of our children’s lives.
Michelle Obama allows her teen daughter Malia to date and, while the chastity belts of yore are sometimes tempting, we recognize that experiencing some relationship turmoil before the age of 18 is probably a healthy thing.
Cielo, a Los Angeles dreamer, enjoys recognizing images in the occasional cumulus cloud that meanders through the California sky, documenting interesting events and quotes and observations, and learning about different cultures, customs and lifestyles. If you liked this article get more Radical Parenting in our new book: Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded? Disclosure Statement Radical Parenting makes money on some products and services we talk about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants. All articles on this site can be downloaded and distributed free of charge as long as they retain Isolina Ricci's name as author and the citation.
Smart parenting: A technology diet for toddlers and preschoolersTechnology is here to stay.

THINK Summer Institute: A unique opportunity for gifted teenagersThe Davidson Institute is offering an intense summer learning opportunity for gifted 13- to 16-year-old students.
These seven arts are then further divided into phases: the trivium, which represents the intersection of three roads, and the quadrivium, which represents four roads.
This approach to education is also usually done with a strong emphasis on history, using a cyclical approach.
A great deal of time is spent concentrating on memorization, with everything from math facts, to dates, to spellings of words.
This is the stage where analyzing texts, solving complex problems, and beginning the skills sets for forming arguments begins. It is the time where students who have successfully developed skills through stages 1 and 2 get to apply those skills to real life and really engage in life. It is important to know that Classical education is an active, language driven approach to education. I embrace much of the Classical Education model, but my children are also very technology savvy and use these tools in their education. Volunteer with them, help them find clubs that support their hobbies, and search for mentors who can support their specialized interests. She is also on an incredible journey as she home schools her 4 children, and is supported through it all by her husband of more than 15 years, Steve.
The back to school transition tips listed below were first implemented by parents who entrusted their children with special needs to my care during my 25 years as a teacher.
The beginning of the school year is a stressful time for teachers with too many district meetings and too little time to spend in their classrooms getting ready for students. Because through the compassion and support you offer, those who are not yet saved may begin their own transition from the darkness of this world to the eternal light of Christ.
So much about how our special needs children do in school has to do with how proactive we are at the beginning of the year. Now it’s true you shouldn’t try be like a peer to your child, but research shows that parents who communicate, respect and show empathy towards their kids are going to receive the same in return. The ability to stuff yourself beyond the point of satiety is not something we want to teach our kids. Sure, coming up with an explanation as to why you’re not allowing them to go outside takes effort and it might come down to an honest conversation in which you admit you’re just too tired to play outside right now but a genuine dialogue with your child is always the better option. Kids who are brought up to be submissive and subservient in this manner often struggle with communication skills later in life. We can no longer just let our kids run freely throughout the neighborhood without supervision.
The good news is that either way you deal with fussy babies and bedtime, isn’t likely to be harmful to your little one. Limiting tech time is a personal decision for each and every parent to make for their own families but it’s no easy task.
My worries of fitting in or knowing who was fighting after school or playing sports overshadowed any idea of raising my grades to impress colleges. This way, you wont start your day stressed out because you are frantically shuffling through the closet for a scarf or your right sneaker. One of the interesting discussions that has been taking place in academic circles is about the methods used to teach children. One of the main premises of classical education is that all knowledge is interrelated and that our children need to acquire certain sets of tools at specific stages of their lives in order to make the best use of that knowledge.
Doing this allows for kids to be able to understand how different topics they are studying, such as scientific inventions, the author of their favorite book, or technology advancements, all intertwine with history.
Even though this is called the Grammar Stage, it does not mean that it is all about language. If you have young children, they might just want to stay up later and beg for 15 more minutes. They get to experience things like travel, apprenticeships, exploration, interest led studies, and more.
Passive learning techniques, such as online lectures, videos, and computers, do not exercise kids’ brains as much as the active learning of language. Then throughout the years I have had people repeatedly assume that we were using this approach.
If your child is moving to new room or building, set up a time to take a tour with your child.

If you ask for a meeting outside of their workday, they have to give up time with their own families. Thank teachers for the unpaid days they spent getting their classroom ready, for reading the information you provided about your child, and for meeting with you especially if it’s outside of their contracted work day.
Volunteer in the classroom or school, sign up to be a room parent, or offer to help with field trips. However, as parents of a child in the public school system, you have the unique privilege to pray for the faculty, staff, and students in your child’s school.
Recent research shows that an authoritarian parenting style could be linked to later substance abuse.
At this point, pretty much every authority on raising children, including the American Pediatric Association, says no to spanking.
They can find their favorite videos on any screen device and FaceTime with grandparents pretty much on demand. With the advances in technology, many schools and families are pursuing digital educations.
In this sense, Grammar refers to the idea that in order to have a full academic experience our children need to learn the foundational facts across all subjects, just like they need to understand grammar to communicate well. If you have kids in upper elementary grades, they might begin to tell you why they should be allowed to stay up later. While early July is way too soon to think about going back to school, the same can not be said for the end of July in many parts of the country. You can drop the notebook off when you stop by to meet the teachers, a few weeks before school starts so they have time to look it over and call if questions arise. Exercise that privilege by creating a list of people involved in your child’s school day.
I love this and I hope it’s okay that I share some information and link to your blog soon! That said, the battle of old school versus new school parenting tips and styles continues to rage with Amy Chua, The Tiger Mother, at one end and Faber and Mazlish at the other.
Here are 12 parenting rules that could use a revamp to help us all do better in raising our kids, Tiger Mom or not.
We might just reverse the obesity epidemic by simply letting our children learn to listen to their internal cues. If I had a chance to verbally implant some sense into the lackadaisical head of the younger me via letter, I would. These are also words that will greatly improve your vocabulary and possibly speaking and writing skills. Classical education relies on the natural tendencies and capabilities of our children’s brains. Now is the time for action and reaction – they get to explore their passions and are ready to do so. We are literature based in our explorations, we love to study history, and my kids actively pursue their passions. Regardless of which end of the discipline spectrum you’re on, there are a few parenting rules we can all agree upon and most of them aren’t new but they could use a little refreshing. And as for those who do not accept you or are terrible friends, it is okay, you do not need them in your life.
Just wait until your teens start formulating rhetorical arguments you have a hard time countering! You don’t want to be perceived as a stalker or take away from teacher-student time in the classroom. Pray that God will use you and your child to show the compassion and care of Christ to everyone who has contact with your child at school. But if you take it as a learning tool for your own Stage 4 – Teaching Your Child to Love Learning (no – that’s not a real stage, just the one I hope I am building), it can be a great resource for your entire family.

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