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I highly encourage you to check out these 20 amazing potty training boys books, most at very affordable (dirt cheap) prices that may lead you to success at a faster rate! This week we have been talking about potty training for Moms Check In.  I remember potty training!  And I will admit, I am glad it is over! They potty train is coming!  All aboard!  Time to say goodbye to diapers and take the journey to Underpants Station.  Are you ready?  Let’s chug away on the potty train! The colorful illustrations and cute characters will bring fun and laughter to a sometimes frustrating and challenging world of potty training!
Every princess needs her throne and this 8×8 with a perfed tiara with reward stickers is perfect for the little princess learning to use the potty for the first time!
There comes a point in a toddler’s life when going in one’s diaper is only one possible option, and the question must be raised: Should I go in my potty? In 1975, Alona Frankel wrote and illustrated her first book, especially for her son Michael, on how to use the potty. Big Girl Panties! features a light, positive approach to motivate toddlers to become toilet trained. Filed Under: Ideas, Parenting Leave a CommentAbout AmandaAmanda is a mom, blogger, brand ambassador and social media enthusiast. If you have a child of potty training age, here are six books that he or she is sure to love. But in the meantime, I realized when I borrowed some "potty books" from the library, that she would become enthralled by them.
Another book that Hazel received for Christmas last year was Going to the Potty by Fred Rogers.
One day while grocery shopping, I stumbled upon a potty training book that I knew Hazel would enjoy.
The main character, Joshua, learns how to use the potty (which actually looks like a chamber pot in the book) at his own pace. Potty Time from Sesame Beginnings shares the different stages each of the Sesame Street characters (as toddlers) is at. We say the characters are Hazel and Owen since they look so much like my kids as cartoon characters (at least we like to think so). The downside to these kind are that some kids (ahem, like my youngest, Owen) might take a liking to ripping the flaps out. He never really got into potty books, but we did use a fun Pull-Ups app on my iPhone and we used sticker charts where he could pick small toys or special treats when he filled it up. Call for backup and help your little one achieve potty-training success with the assistance of these 15 potty books, all of which make toilet time seem fun!
If your child is not responding to potty training in the manner you had hoped or you simply want to make the process as easy as possible, you can take advantage of potty training videos and books.
Videos designed for potty training combine entertaining characters with educational lessons.

If your child is not responding to potty training as you wished, look for videos that have fun characters and a musical element. If your child tends to latch onto videos and watch them repeatedly, keep searching until you find something related to potty training that they want to watch in that manner.
If your child seems more interested in using the potty while watching the video, make the video a regular feature in your home.
If you can’t find some of these videos in DVD format, you may have a VCR that still functions properly. Once you have at least one potty training video and one potty training book, you just need a potty chair to start the training process. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
I know my son who is now 21 months old is beginning to communicate a lot more and reading has helped. Push the button to hear the potty flush with Daniel Tiger’s, Daniel Goes to the Potty. With over 25 flaps to lift, P is for Potty with Sesame Street gang is a fun book for toddlers! Your toddler might just teach you a think or two about potty training boys when they start reading and encouraging YOU to watch them go!
With pitch-perfect humor and pacing, Leslie Patricelli follows the inner dialogue (sure to have little ones shouting responses) and hilarious actions of everyone’s favorite Baby, winding up with an over-the-top look of surprise and delight that will have both parents and offspring laughing out loud. Even when he’s making lemonade, running through the sprinkler, having a three juice box lunch, and splashing in rain puddles. What could be more rewarding for a little girl than wearing big girl panties, just like mommy?
I never imagined that I would have a child who would be so resistant to "going on the potty", but that's my girl.
You can also get the dolls with their own potties, which Hazel received for Christmas last year. And finally, the one that has been sitting on our own little potty for the past several months and is currently getting the most action while someone "attempts" to go is Potty Time! I remembered my younger siblings reading this one when they were potty training, and Hazel has actually seen Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, so she knows all about him (thank you PBS for this beloved show!).
Mama wants to move on from the diapers stage but doesn't want to pressure her tot into going potty (or deal with endless accident cleanup). Most children enjoy watching television programs designed just for children, and you probably already spend time reading to your child.
Children should enjoy watching the videos and want to mimic the experiences of the characters even if they do not realize they are learning about potty training. The songs will keep your child’s attention so they will want to watch long enough to be motivated by the characters and storyline.

Repetition is key to learning, and children are more likely to repeat behaviors they have seen in videos after multiple viewing sessions.
Encourage them to watch the video and run to the potty to do what the characters are doing.
If you have already started, pick up some of these resources to see how it improves your child’s interest level and performance. I wish you all the luck, I am just starting the journey myself but I will be sure to update you all!
These children’s books help parents everywhere deal successfully with an often vexing challenge for the whole family. Adult caregivers and toddlers alike will love the snappy, rhyming text and colorful, hip illustrations.
Get your child geared up for potty training success with these products that get the job done, including potties, toilet seat cushions, step stools, pull-ups, and more. Or if you remember some from when your kid's were there, we are always adding to our "potty training" library. You can easily slip in potty training videos and books without them feeling pressured to perform after the lesson.
There are many different potty training videos on the market, so you should be able to find something your child finds enjoyable.
You will also have more opportunities to talk to your child about the benefits of potty training if you watch these videos with them over and over. This imitation can help even the most difficult potty training child embrace the fun of potty training. Potty training toddlers is a tricky feat for any mama a€” and sometimes scary and stressful for all of those involved.
When I purchased the girl version, I found that Hazel still prefers the "Joshua Potty Book" so we traded it back in for that one. Whatever your current reading behaviors may be, you may want to consider implementing reading time with potty training time. Alongside Child Matters’ full size potty or while reading the book, this set makes potty learning fun, relaxed, and easy. Like you, we let him go at his own pace and a few months after he turned 3, everything just kind of clicked for him and that was that. What ways can we help educate the proper way to use the bathroom while potty training boys that will not make us feel so alone when their Father is not around?
The sturdy flaps, tabs and wheels in this unique, interactive potty book will help boys ages 2-4 learn everything there is to know about potty training—with heroic style!

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