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Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. There was actually a hairline crack in the plastic tube that comes out of the tank to the outside. Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example).
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A new method for the distribution of residential water is becoming more widely accepted in the home improvement and new construction building industry. Residential sewage pumps are normally installed below grade where normal flow is not possible. Weather you are installing a new toilet or replacing an old one, a bit of patience is required. The hose connects from the main water supply fitting from the wall to the tanks plastic fitting. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. This prank is simply where you will have to put some plastic wrap around the door frame of a commonly used door. This is a very popular prank also in the sense that it is easy to pull off and the victim is usually pretty frustrated. I've had the last one played on me, but I heard it right away as soon as i moved the vehicle a few feet and knew what it was.

My grandma purposely sets her clock 5-10 minutes ahead so she won't be late to whatever she needs to do that day.
Another funny prank, put clock back 3-4 hours now before they go to sleep put cardboard over the window (preferably before they go to sleep) and make sure no light gets through now just wait for them to fall asleep. No, it is so when you try to go poo-poo in the toilet, it will apear as if your poo is floating in mid-air or that it is still there.
The problem with this one s that IF they have a plastic gas tank, the zip tie can and WILL start eating into the tank.
Every ziptie that I know of (unless your going to buy some super-strength zipties) will break before any damage will occur. All these physicists that know the natural decay rates of plastic hitting plastic, yet nobody knows simple grammar or spelling.
DON'T use mutigrips, use a spanner or shifting spanner, on a plastic nut (or even brass) you can deform the nut by the crushing force of the mutigrips as you tighten the nut.
A typical installation would be in a basement where waste materials need to be pumped up to the main waste line.
Toilets are made of porcelin and are a bit delicate so be very careful when installing one. With a toilet installation make sure you size the toilet accoring to the space and rough in specifications in order to achieve a proper fit. Generally supply hoses are made of a braided plasic material that is made to withstand considerable pressure yet remain flexible. Plumbers nylon tape is required for the supply fitting from the wal but is not required for the tank fitting because one is normally metal to metal and one is plasit to plastic.

I do not have time to get up, have coffee and put the twist tie on my dads drive-shaft all before 6:30 am! If you're going 100 mph, you must be alone on a highway or having one monster of a medical emergency.
Most things under the hood don't reach that temperature maybe 300F on a really hot day. Fuel tanks have skid plates to protect them in case of road debris if a zip tie could puncture a fuel tank I think the roads in this country would be painted with fuels of different types. This type of system requires a pit to be dug for the pump housing and both waste and ventilation stacks. This is where you will take plastic wrap and put it over the seat so when someone goes to the bathroom it will get all over them. Materials -Plastic wrap (any size) -Toilet -Victim For this prank go to your bathroom and lift up the toilet seat.
Manifolds along with interdependent plastic piping offers cost advantages over conventional rigid pipe and copper plumbing systems.
If it's a stream of gasoline then it might catch itself on fire and flow up into the tank and blow up but it has to hit the exhaust perfectly and flow upwards steadily which is also highly unlikely since an engineer would have to be stupid to put a tank directly above the exhaust pipe. Now cut it close to the sides of the seat so there is not overhang of plastic wrap or your victim may notice this and just take it off.

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