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When you get right down to it, there are two types of parties you can throw: The intimate dinner party and the blow out. Did you suddenly realize you’re going to have around 70 people over to your party tonight?
This entry was posted in porta potty rentals, potties and tagged porta potty, porta potty rentals, portable toilets on December 23, 2013 by Rick. This entry was posted in porta potty rentals, special events, toilet and tagged construction sites, porta potties, porta potty rentals, rentals, special events on November 18, 2013 by Rick. Despite your past experiences with outdoor concert porta potties, the unit you’ll be renting is going to be 100% sanitized.
When your even it over, the service techs will be arriving the next morning to remove the unit.
Add it all up and it’s clear that renting a porta potty for your next big event is the only way to go. This entry was posted in porta potty rentals, special events and tagged porta potty, porta potty rentals, special events on November 1, 2013 by Rick. If you have a flat piece of land that we can back our trailer up to then that’s where we can place the unit. This entry was posted in porta potty rentals, special events and tagged porta potty, porta potty rentals, special events, toilet, units on October 27, 2013 by Rick. Keep in mind that the Porta Potty you’ll be renting will be delivered to your home completely sanitized and stocked with soap and tissue.
This entry was posted in porta potty rentals, special events and tagged porta potty decorations, porta potty rentals, portable toilets, special envents, tips for decorating porta potties on July 29, 2013 by Rick. This entry was posted in porta potty rentals, special events and tagged outdoor party, party theme, planning an outdoor party, porta potty rentals on July 19, 2013 by Rick.
This entry was posted in porta potty rentals, toilet and tagged ancient Rome, National Toilet Day, porta potties, porta potty rentals, toilets on July 17, 2013 by Rick. M & K Porta Potties is a leading provider of porta potty rentals for construction sites, parks, weddings, or any special event that requires portable toilets in the Grand Forks area. M & K Porta Potties provides portable toilets for construction sites, weddings, fairs, parks and sports fields, or any special event. We offer you a complete line of portable toilets; from standard porta potties to deluxe flushable models to handwash stations.
Search Yahoo for Restroom RentalsSearch Bing for Restroom RentalsOur Restroom Rentals are featured in many cities across the country including Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, District of Columbia, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis, Manhattan, New York City, Greensboro, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Nashville, Dallas, Arlington, Seattle, Milwaukee, and over 300 smaller cities too. Standard Porta Potties - these are used primarily for construction sites and public places. VIP Porta Potty Rentals - these are often called special event portable toilets and they are primarily used for wedding receptions, parties, and special events.
Restroom Trailers - restroom trailers are the top of the line when it comes to portable restrooms. You should expect to pay around $100-$150 for a standard construction site porta john, and about $50-$100 more for a special event portable toilet. It is recommended to set up a delivery more than a week in advance, but many companies can provide same day service for emergencies. The number of dinner party guests is usually limited to the amount of chairs you can fit around your dining room table.

On the other hand, if your party is for 20 plus folks then these units can be a real life saver. Will that give a stranger permission to wander through the rest of the house looking for another bathroom? This includes a backyard wedding receptions, graduation party, pool party, Halloween party or neighborhood block party. Thanks to the detergents we use in our units, the odors you would expect to find in a neglected porta potty rental won’t be happening.
In fact, whatever theme you have going for your event can be carried over to the porta potty. If there is access to a water hook-up we can provide a unit that will have running water in the sink and for flushing.
Many folks who are throwing a party at their homes use their driveways as the perfect spot for the porta potty.
Don’t let these waning days go by without getting together some friends or family for a little outdoor fun. Plus-we provide local delivery and setup for residential, commercial, and municipal locations.
They come with running water, electricity, heating and air conditioning, sinks, and everything else that you would expect in a luxury bathroom. If it's not an emergency you should contact them about a week or two before you need a porta potty, that way you can get the exact unit you want, and you can also set up a delivery time that works best with your schedule. Many companies will allow you to rent porta potties for just one weekend, but keep in mind that you will often be charged for the full month regardless of whether you use it for one day or two weeks. As for the blow out party, that is where you send out the massive e-vites and there’s no telling who will show up but a good time is promised by all. We can often provide same day service but the sooner you call in the better you’ll be. If you stick with the toilets in your home you run the risk of them becoming clogged from overuse and abuse? Those same service personal who will be dropping off the unit will see to it that your porta potty is completely stocked with tissue and hand sanitizer.
However, if you are keeping the unit for an extended period of time, we can arrange a service call at least once a week. However, most of our porta potty rentals are non-flushing units that work perfectly fine for a large number of guests.
However, we can drive onto fields, beaches, parking lots and any other area with truck access. Not only is this perfect for a party with more guests showing up but in those rare occasions when you might have a plumbing emergency where you could be without water for several days. This is often happens at huge sporting events or outdoor concerts where the dozens of Porta Potties are quickly overrun.
When you get right down to it, throwing an outdoor party is a lot like throwing an indoor party. Please call Eddie for a free quote.A UNIQUE PRESENTATION - A UNIQUE PRESENTATION - - Los Angeles, California Shelly Balloon and her crew at A Unique Presentation have been creating fun events since 1979.
When you use Porta Potty Pros to rent a porta potty you will get lower prices, better customer service, on-time deliveries, and clean units.

Find your nearest city and call one of the suppliers listed to get the best rates on any type of portable restroom. Most companies operate on a 28 day billing period, so if they are charging monthly be sure to ask whether you will be charged at the beginning of every month or every 28 days.
And if your party is in a remote location like a beach or park then you’ll really be a hero by providing easy to access restroom facilities. This won’t be the case with your indoor toilet that has no ventilation and might be backing up from a clog. Add some flowers, scented candles, reading material and anything else you want to spruce up your porta potty. However, if you’re concerned about a Porta Potty throwing off your decorating scheme, there is no reason why you can spruce things up a bit. There are plenty of parks, beaches, playgrounds and even zoos that will let you throw a party. Your plumbing can probably handle the dinner party crowd but the blow out group might put too much pressure on your pipes. This will bring the party to a screeching halt as you walk through the crowds with a plunger.
Between organizing the guest list, working with the caterer and getting your home ready, you’ve already got enough on your plate planning the event. We’re talking about decorating your Porta Potty rental and there is no limit to what you can do! Drive around your neighborhood and look for those public spots then contact the proper authorities to see how you can use those facilities. From the first holes in caves to the modern Porta Potty rental there has been a lot going on with the toilet. They are VERY easy to work with.A and J portable restroom rentals - - E-mail - COSTA MESA, California A and J portable restroom rentals is a locally based Southern California restroom rental company.
When you throw a party and allow guests to use  your bathroom you’re practically giving them license to snoop. There have even been some party planners who put up a tent and created a kind of lounge for the rest room area. Yes, you can trust your friends but what about the friends of your friends that are strangers to you. Whether you are in need of one restroom or one hundred then you can count on usA1 Portables - - E-mail - Maryville, Tennessee Almost all 300 of our units are in new or very good condition.
As you do a little research into porta potty rentals you’ll find them to be a very affordable option that provides plenty of peace of mind. Fortunately, we can correct that by presenting the helpful tips on how to throw the perfect outdoor party. Porta Potty units for weddings, construction, remodeling, parties and events all across the area. We are not the cheapest as we want you to have on-time service, CLEAN units and for party rentals we want you to have units that are not beat up like construction unitsJimmys Johnnys Inc.

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