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Portable toilet perfect for your boat or caravan with a 21 litre waste holding tank and a 15 litre flush water tank complete with pump action flush. Royal Potti Portable Toilet InformationThe Royal Potti Portable toilet is an all-in-one chemical toilet that offers a large 21 litre waste holding tank with a 15 litre flush water tank that supplies the hand pump flush system.
A sturdy two part 'cassette' style boat or caravan toilet where the bottom half of the toilet is the holding tank and the top half is the basin enclosing the flush water tank with toilet seat and lid. The holding tank has a rotating emptying spout and an automatic push button for ventilation which aids with clean disposal of waste.
Portable toilets for home use come in handy for those who are bedbound or even sick and don’t feel like getting up to walk to the restroom.

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The two parts pull apart from each other when needed to allow the easy disposal of waste from the holding tank which is the bottom segment of the toilet.

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