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Our Promise: We strive for the highest quality and we treat each object entrusted to us with the utmost care. Materials we work with: We repair and restore a wide range of materials which includes pottery, ceramic, porcelain, china, terra-cotta, stoneware, stone, metal sculpture, plaster, resin and other materials. Question 10: How can I identify the marking on my antique ceramic or china vessel or figurine?
Question 11: Can I use epoxies, glues or any other restoration materials with my kitchen ware?
Question 14: Would it be possible to repair hair line cracks and a small hole in a china sink? Question 19: Can a sculpture base enhance my sculpture and where can I get one or mount it? Question 21: Using Dap, silicone adhesive made by Dow-Corning (or equivalent) is nontoxic, its clear and strong and withstand boiling temperature or greater so why it is a bad idea in some cases? Answer 1: If you intend to repair your pottery, you will definitely want to have a better idea of it's value. Answer 2: Lakeside Pottery Does not use super glues for ceramic repair and restoration A– super glues are just not strong and durable enough.
Answer 3: Collect all the pieces, check for chips or fragments that may be missing and try to find them too. Answer 4: There are several senses and techniques at work when searching for a repair done on ceramic or stone objects. 1) Touch: a) The smallest surface textures change can be felt if trained to feel it b) The smallest temperature transfer from the object to the fingers' tips can be also felt. 2) Sound: Tapping on a plate for example will generate different sounds if the plate was never broken compared to a broken plate that was repaired.
3) Visual: a) the smallest surface continuity change will reflect light differently if inspecting the object in many angles in direct light.
As restoration technology advances, it is harder to detect repairs and some dealers or collectors may not be able to detect it. Answer 8: Epoxy is not food safe and will come apart at around 200 degree F so cooking with it is not a good idea. Answer 11: Ceramic restoration materials are not food safe, liquid or heat proof (over 190 degree F) and therefore repaired items should not be used on cooking or food serving ware. Answer 14: No, unless you are able to separate the crack to let epoxy get in after the crack's inner walls are cleaned with alcohol and dried thoroughly. Answer 17: Research as much information on the sculpture and the artist before considering repairing your sculpture. Answer 18: See this link for the principles of painting and glazing repaired pottery or china with examples. Answer 19: The best way to go a bout replacing or adding a sculpture base is to purchase it.
Question 20: How can a dark crazing lines and stains be removed from porcelain and pottery? Question 21: Using Dap, silicone adhesive made by Dow-Corning is nontoxic, its clear and strong and withstand boiling temperature or greater so why it is a bad idea in some cases? Answer 21: We had several items that came to us to implement proper seamless restoration where Dow-Corning Dap adhesive was used previously. Answer 22: Matching colors, texture and sheen is the longest and the most difficult part of process to master restoring ceramic, pottery or sculpture.
We offer professional ceramic, porcelain, china, sculpture and pottery repair and restoration services for individuals, collectors, antique dealers, museums.
About our capabilities and commitment We strive for the highest quality and we treat each object entrusted to us with the utmost care.
2) MID LEVEL BUDGET (save about 15 - 25% of Best Level cost): This option is similar to the above but surface smoothness and color matching may be less perfect and we pay less attention to bottom and inside of vessels.
More about this unique offering4) Do it yourself (save 100% of cost) - Because we are also an educational facility, we have created some tutorials for those of you that prefer to repair the broken item at home (DIY) using more commercially available materials. After obtaining my estimate, a broken ceramic figurine with huge sentimental value was sent to Lakeside Pottery. My grandma passed away a couple years ago and the only thing I have of hers is a ceramic Raggedy Andy cookie jar that she painted.
My wife inherited an old Della Robia style Italian disk that her mother had for many years with a lot of sentimental value.
Morty and Lakeside Pottery did an unbelievable job restoring the lid of an antique Japanese vase that had been shattered.
My wife bought 3 sculptures and unfortunately I broke two of the 3 men, each in many pieces.
Lakeside Pottery recently restored a beautiful family heirloom of ours after it was broken in a move, and the results from their work were spectacular.
I engaged the services of Lakeside Pottery to repair and restore several rare and precious antique porcelain figurines. I recently sent Lakeside Pottery an Italian antique ceramic table top that had been broken in several places. I was heartbroken to discover that three of my figurines were damaged during a recent move. As a rule, I would ordinarily have done a great deal of research as to who would be able to restore a cast iron sculpture back to its original glory. They repaired three old family porcelain pieces, in one case recreating a porcelain hand that had broken off a figurine. It became abundantly clear early on how very much Morty and Patty care about the quality of the work they do as well as providing satisfaction to their clients.
We were so happy with the repair service to our piece, Lakeside Pottery is a true gem find. Hi Patty and Morty, things have been a bit stressful for me as you can imagine since being back home but I wanted to let you know the lids arrived on Thursday. UPS delivered my treasured owl about 7:00 PM this evening, and we just opened its shipping box after having a late dinner. OMG, Just when I thought I couldn't be any happier than how I felt seeing the owl restored in your photos for the first time, I was wrong .. Thank you so much for all the time, effort, patience, and for always putting your heart an soul into my pieces and their restoration.
Google Review: My wife bought 3 sculptures and unfortunately I broke two of the 3 men, each in many pieces. Google Review: After obtaining my estimate, a broken ceramic figurine with huge sentimental value was sent to Lakeside Pottery.
Hi Morty and Patty - THANK YOU again for a most amazing restoration job on the School of Mines Teapot! I just returned to Florida and opened the box with the 2 guys you repaired for us and reunited them with their brother. Patty and Morty, the tray arrived today and I am absolutely blown away by the workmanship in its restoration.
Dear Patty and Morty, Upon receiving Mabu, I could not have been more delighted with the results. Dear Patty and Morty, The restored vessel just arrived and a beautiful, marvelous job of restoration.When I remember what I sent you ,twenty some pieces of a broken Terra Cotta water vessel and now it is alive again, I don't know how to tell you all my feelings so just let me say THANK YOU.
Before departing South Africa, we packaged several stone statues and made arrangements for Fed-Ex to ship back to the US. I searched for a statue restoration business in greater New York as a long shot hope that someone might be able to get the statues to a presentable form at a somewhat reasonable cost.
Lakeside fixed an awful situation and I find it hard to imagine that there is any project they would not be able to handle.
Dear Morty, The statue arrived today and I want to compliment you (and Patty) for restoring it to its original appearance.
Hello, I received the package about 2 or 3 weeks ago and wanted to let you know how fabulous the work you did looks. Hi Patty and Morti, I wanted to inform you that I received my five Kintsugi bowls and they are more beautiful than I anticipated.
Patty and Morty: I wanted you to know, belatedly, that you did a miraculous job of repairing the nouveau bowl.
Dear Patty and Morty, The repair exceeds all my expectations, I cannot tell the platter was ever damaged! Patty and Morty, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on the repair of the pitcher.
Dear Patty and Morty, just want to let you know that the figurine made it safely to us today. Hi Morty and Patty, I received the boxes on Thursday afternoon, just before we were leaving town--got back home late last night and I have just now finished opening them. Morty and Patty, a€?Just wanted to send a short not to tell you my trivet arrived last week A– you did fabulous restoration work on it!!! I had a vintage piece of Mexican Folk Art (a large ceramic pitcher) designed by world famous artist repaired by Lakeside Pottery.
PVA is a better choice for archeological ceramic, bones or wood mainly because the repaired surface is required to be untreated or untouched. Resin epoxies are a better choice for all nonporous materials and porous materials that require complete restoration (fillers and coloring).
2) The gluing job can be reversible meaning, the glue will remain soluble and can be easily removed from a repaired subject later and be ready for re-gluing.
1) Almost all will yellow with time and can be an issue with restoration that does not require color re-finishing. Bear Kensington Holly Grove England Figurine Retired Kensington Bear Made by Holly Grove, England and is called a Kensington Bear.
Pre Columbian pottery storage vessel with painted panther.This period pre Columbian pottery storage vessel is in excellent original condition with small rim chips. Pre Columbian pottery storage vessel with painted cougar.This period pre Columbian pottery storage vessel is in excellent original condition with just a couple small rim chips. William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States, is the subject of this pottery plaque made by Weller Pottery. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, is the subject of this pottery plaque made by Weller Pottery. This is an invitation to submit offers to purchase this gracefully aged, and extremely rare piece of BRUSH-McCOY's legacy of whim and artistry to the world.
Overall very solid piece, but obviously should be handled as little as possible and carefully, especially with several pounds of soil and plants added.. I'm obviously tempted to sell it to myself, but want to first make it available to the highest bidder among the untold number of of Brush-McCoy devotees around the globe. Besides the art of Bonsai, this is also an excellent gift for an avid gardener in your life who may be unable to tend to much physical activity outdoors.
Eli Lilly and Company made this great apothecary jar for Pro Dolore Moderta and distributed them to Doctors and Pharmacists to mark the release of a new form of Darvocet.
Produced in the 1940's, "Water Lily" pieces feature raised yellow, white or pink lilies with their pads against tan-to-brown, blue or pink-to-green backgrounds. The unique combination of oak and mahogany makes this an elegant piece of furniture with a country feel.
The hutch has large antique double glass doors which open to reveal 4 fixed wooden shelves with hooks for hanging cups and jugs. The base has 2 drawers above 2 large cupboard doors which open to reveal a rather substantial storage space with a shelf.
There is wear throughout but mainly around the base and there is some minor splitting in the doors. This truly is one of a kind, with its shield shaped mahogany door panels and chunky Victorian glass door knobs. What "glue" will work to affix the cup to the saucer and hang it, or would it even be safe? In most of our ceramic restoration, we invest significant effort in hiding the repair and therefore have to make sure the mending longevity is the best possible. If the item requires shipment, provide the restorer all they need to quote without physically seeing the broken item (pictures, description). Nail art materials do not take into account what the materials used will look like years or generations later: Yellowing or fading with time, becoming more brittle with time, expansion and reduction with temperature and humidity changes (yielding cracks and becoming more fragile), interaction with the environment, strength, etc. We are in touch with the restoration industry materials leaders and no food safe epoxies or cold glazes are available at this time.
Depending on the restorer's process, materials and instrumentations used, the repaired item could be as strong and durable as before the damage.

If the epoxy and the sink are heated up to 120-140 degree F, the epoxy will get thinner and most likely penetrate in between the cracks (note that cure time will be reduced dramatically once heated). Note however, that if the epoxies are exposed to UV light for a long duration, the repair lines and fillers might yellow with time. The sculpturea€™s value is determined by the artist, who made the piece, was it cast posthumously and who owned it. We repair, fix and restore a wide range of materials which include pottery, ceramic, porcelain, china, terra-cotta, clay, stoneware, stone, metal sculpture, plaster, resin, wood and other materials. And rightfully happy and almost ecstatic in their work fixing something as good as it was before it broke. From my initial phone consultation where he detailed exactly what he could do, to offering detailed shipping information (I live in Las Vegas), I have been completely satisfied! I recently took the cookie jar down from the shelf and I noticed she put her initials and date on the bottom of the jar just a couple days before I was born. When it broke I only hoped to be able to glue its broken leg back on but Lakeside magically and painstakingly glued what pieces existed from the lid and created and glued and painted missing pieces in a way that is just remarkable and indistinguishable from the original unbroken piece.
Lakeside pottery was entrusted with the restoration project and I was not disappointed with the results. I had cracked 2 pieces off the end of tray that I loved, and the original artist no longer makes it. Upon opening it my wife thought Ia€™d found a replacement company and bought another lid like the one that had been broken. I tried to glue it myself but saw the flaws and knew I would be heartbroken every time I looked at it. I cannot thank you enough for taking another piece of my childhood and restoring it to perfection.
The repair was done in half the time estimated (said it would take up to 60 days; received in 30 days). If you didn't know you could never spot where the damage was and I am very, very pleased with how this all turned out. My cousin sent me a family heirloom from California to Connecticut, a plaster bust of my great grandmother sculpted by my great grandfather.
I wanted to let you know that my Mary and Jesus statue arrived today and it turned out so nicely!
My friend had bought her in Germany about 20 years ago and was quite distraught when I broke her. Morty and Patty repaired a family heirloom that I thought was broken beyond repair, but they did a museum quality repair and I am so thankful I found them!!!
It was my first time in Sub-Saharan Africa and words really could not describe the emotional and intellectual enlightenment I experienced on this trip. What we learned after the fact, is that customs and Fed-Ex are required to search large packages to ensure that they do not contain contraband.
Specifically, since I didn't know you when I placed my order, I could only hope that you would produce quality work for a fair price.I am extremely pleased with the result. WOW, I was absolutely amazed to see that is looked brand new as the day I bought it back in Peru, even on from the backside.
Ia€™m sorry I didna€™ta€™ respond sooner, but ita€™s been crazy busy with work and the upcoming holiday. I live in a century old house and I have filled it with articles which I have selected very carefully over two decades.
If we ever solve the mystery of who and where this piece was made I will pass the information along. Anne now resides in her own glass case where she is on display separately from the other collection.
The bonding principal of PVA is that it soaks into porous materials such as old ceramic, bones, wood, etc.
However, epoxies are occasionally required by conservators because nothing else has the needed bonding strength. Wonderful colours from the Art Deco period.The item is in immaculate, clean condition, appears to have never been used, and dates to the 1930s. Hey Kid, Pick Up Your Clothes says Mickey on this vintage California Pottery Disney piece by Evan K Shaw. BOTH INSTRUMENTAL IN ENDING THE HATED CORN LAWS IN 1846 ALLOWING FOR FREE TRADE IN CORN AND LOWER BREAD PRICES.
Vintage pottery piece, designed to hang on the wall with a cup holder and slots for two toothbrushes. An "Original Dan Brechner Exclusive, New York 10, NY" label on the front, this figural pottery lamp is in working condition, original cord, 15" to the top of the shade.
Richardson & Co, Tunstall in the Staffordshire Potteries) - cobalt blue with lustre glaze internal neck, gilded rims and gold pattern of pine branches and needles. It will return the favor with another 75 years of enjoyment, either in your home, or at the office. The pottery jar has a vintage crazed look with gold colored scrolling around the lettering and pharmacy related items like a scale, mortar & pestle, and others.
This vase is in excellent used condition with the exception of one small chip at base as shown in pictures #4 & 5.
I have tried to show as much as possible in the pictures and as you can see it only adds to the character and charm of the piece.
There are several online appraisers and we had good experience with a reputable expert - Jacqueline Snyder (click for more details) who is specialized in wide range of art. We use high-end 5 minute clear epoxies (see link for the brand we do use) in most ceramic repair applications. Shine a flashlight parallel to the floor surface which will show the smallest particles on the floor.
The problem with this method is that if you do find a repair, you damaged it with a scratch. Once item is shipped, it is much harder to change your mind if the quote is too high for your budget after you have invested time in packing and shipping. There are some temperature resist epoxies (not food safe) that can withstand over 400 degree F - see PC-Fahrenheit or JB Weld that we have used successfully in the past.
Constant wetness will eventually fatigue the epoxy and the seal will fail; perhaps a couple of years later depending how frequently is gets wet. To make a color match perfectly, one must take into account the fact that the color could change as it dries and could change again once cold glaze is applied.
Wilson began her work in America in 1986 as a gilder and, subsequently, chief gilder, at the restoration department of Sothebya€™s. We can provide different levels of repair for high-end restoration and can propose more affordable options and rates - see more about our restoration options below.
The difference between Best and Mid level to a casual observer is nominal except for bottom or inside of vessel where less detailed work was implemented.
I shipped them several 3" tall, broken ceramic soldiers, matching the pieces with the larger parts as best I could. I opted for his best work and when my Boehm Least Tern sculpture arrived, I was ecstatic at the quality of the finished piece!
I contacted Lakeside on their website and from then on it was an easy go.I was well informed with the process and every communication with them was timely and efficient. I got a reasonable estimate from Lakeside, sent it off, and it is indistinguishable from the original! Unfortunately with my business and employees breakages occur more often than I would like, it is nice to know that should a collectible piece get broken in the future I have a trusted partner in getting the item repaired.
Upon seeing their restoration works in process and completed works, convinced me that the right choice was made.
Words alone cannot fully express my appreciation and gratitude for accepting and completing my owl lamp's restoration project. They sculptured new hands, repaired the many broken areas and repainted the entire statue with it's many details. My wife was thrilled to tears and amazed at its recovery when I presented it to her as a surprise today.
He loved your work so much that we will be sending another mug that needs repair in hopes you can work your magic. I say this only to emphasize the importance that many of the souvenirs (primarily artwork and statues) had for me.
All of the items were unpacked at least twice during shipping and not re-packaged in their original form. After months of searching for someone to repair the handle I found Morty and Patty at Lakeside Pottery. This urn is one of my favorite pieces and I was very distressed at its damage by the maids. Please be assured that your assistance and professionalism with this project is very much appreciated. 2ndly - I've got the pitcher in boxes (2 of them) and will be shipping either today or tomorrow. I very much enjoyed doing business with you A– you were not only a pleasure to deal with, you were prompt with an estimate, prompt in turning the project around and prompt in getting the piece back to me.
For best adherence strength and longevity, use the proper PVA viscosity (V15 or V25 for porous ceramic). Either choice can be selected depending on your objective and the material of the repaired item. Copyright Walt Disney Productions, the paint on this lamp is all original and excellent, a minor spot of wear on this shoe. Clay, the primary ingredient for any ceramic, is primarily made of aluminum silicate, which is a malleable soil from crumbling rocks.
There is a humming bird in coloured enamels and gold on one side, and a butterfly on the other.
Super glues are probably a good choice for items that are not handled often without long life expectations.
Restored items should also not be washed, not to used with liquids and not be used with food (food acids or salt may effect the restoration); the restored item is for display only. Therefore, separation of the broken pieces and removal of the silicon adhesive is required prior to proceeding with a seamless repair process -- and here where the problem starts.
The changes are sometimes making the color darker, sometimes lighter and sometimes the hue is modified.
We always do the best we can to be sensible with advising our customers on the best path with restoring (or not) the damaged valuable.Packages sent without first receiving our formal estimate will be charged $40 + shipping costs if return without repair is requestedOur repair and restoration services include almost any antique, collectible, art object, statue or sculpture. But they were small to begin with and the pieces were tiny.They quickly called me and asked whether I might have overlooked some pieces as most were there but a couple of tiny ones were missing. For various reasons, he recommended a lower level of repair rather than a more extensive and expensive level. When I sent the broken bowl to them, they called me and suggested a different type of repair that would look better.
Therea€™s no describing how special it was to my wife that the same lid was able to be restored. Im looking at them now back on their bases and im just so happy that you were able to restore them back to perfection. Reason being, the way you smoothly and softly transitioned from one color to the next on the lamp's leaves, is amazing and perfect!
I'm sure you don't lack for endorsements of your work but if I can ever help with how fantastic your expertise is I would be happy to lend my name and experience. He is beyond perfect and the way you fixed the pipe and the map no one would believe what it looked like before to see it now. I intend to stop at the pottery shop in Canaan that recommended your services to let them know how well everything worked out. Your attention to detail and prompt service was very much appreciated.Thank you again and God bless. I will definitely refer you to anybody that might need your services although I am not planning to do so myself, anytime soon! We were bringing it home to send it to our daughter and her husband to be used for our grandson when he gets older. Some items were for my personal collection and others were gifts for family, close friends and important clients. Thank you so much for all your effort and time in restoring my cherished keepsake, as I know it must have been a tedious process. You do superb work and I would\will recommend you to anyone that I know that needs ceramic restoration done!

It has been a blessing working with your company and we will definitely be ordering from you again in the future!
It is good to know that there is a studio like yours that we can turn to in the future if we need any additional repairs. You have restored it to it's original condition; I have examined it very carefully and find no evidence of it's damage. I know it is not an extremely expensive item, but it means a lot that you treated it as if it was. The repairs had to be structurally sound, and the various surface textures, colors and patterns matched so they blended with the undamaged surfaces. Resin epoxies are a better choice for all cases where the repair can be hidden and the only good choice for nonporous materials such as high fired ceramic, metals, glass, etc. The shade is also excellent, Minnie is walking a dog and Mickey is walking Pluto also marked "Walt Disney Productions". Ceramics can be grouped according to the type of clay used, the temperature at which the clay is fired, and the duration of the firing.
To reverse the repair that was using Dap (or equivalent) often cost more than the repair it self. The paintings we use are acrylics, oil, enamel or mineral pigments depending on the projects. As our Before and After example page shows, the range of repairs we can perform is diverse - it can be a hairline crack, chipped item or multiple breaks. The pre-Columbian was restored as a museum would have done it and the Ashanti completely restored.
Once I pulled myself together I immediately did a Google search and Lakeside Pottery kept coming up.
When I received the table top back, I was delighted to see that the repair was of excellent quality. I think you know how much this meant to me and in light now of losing both my parents during this time it means even more. The ONE AND ONLY website capable of the intricate work my vase required was Lakeside Pottery, Sure I had to ship it half way across the country, but once I contacted them, I knew I had found skill and professionalism I was seeking. The detailed planning and advice prior to their undertaking of my first restoration project kept me at ease. I remember seeing the leaves original painted surface before the lamp's restoration, and the artist who painted it didn't have the gift of being able to smoothly shade from light to dark and gently transition from one color to the next the way you did.
You are the real deal when it comes to restoration and I will never use anyone else in the future.
I've found a very safe place here to display the vase without fear that it will be knocked over again!
However, with extreme care, diligence and professionalism Morty was able to restore Olga, perfectly. As you might imagine, my wife freaked out when the bag broke and the jar fell to the ground. Ia€™m very impressed and posted the before and after photos on my facebook page and praised your work and would recommend you to everyone. We hope we never find ourselves in need of pottery repair again but if we do I know who to turn to. Once it comes let me know what the additional cost will be & I'll ship you out a check asap.
In usable, displayable condition but there are 3 tiny flakes to the glaze, one on each nipple and the nose. We may not end up using all those tiny pieces but let the restorer decide which pieces to use or not. It is recommended that the repaired items not be subjected to liquids, food, scrubbing, temperature above 200 degree F. It can not be removed with solvents, or heat without risking destruction and the only safe remaining option is cutting and grinding.
When items have missing pieces, Lakeside Pottery can match the ceramic material and restore the original look and feel. Best candidates for the Kintsugi style repair are: Far east antiques china and pottery, wood fired pottery, Raku and Bonsai pots or trays. We now have this very meaningful piece back in our home, thanks to the craftsmen at Lakeside. They stayed in constant communication throughout the process and the end result is just beautiful.
It may not be the most priceless piece of pottery in terms of dollars but it is in terms of its emotional value to my wife.
Fed-ex immediately agreed to waive the shipping and reimburse me for the cost of all of the items, but this obviously did not alleviate the massive disappointment.
I am blown away that they got the statues (each broken into 15 pieces or more) into a state that really looks better than new.
Please express my appreciation to the gentleman who also worked on the restoration process as well.
I believe the piece came from the base and was broken off so long ago, probably when my husband was a young child, that it just became the way the bowl was. When I purchased the item off of eBay and received it damaged I was upset, but the Santa looks great now.
Antique and vintage items by their very nature show normal wear to finish and miscellaneous scratches, nicks, and dings due to age and use. Most epoxies, fillers and cold glaze start to fail at 180 - 200 degree by getting softer and therefore cemented parts could start shifting and other failures.
And when necessary, we have the unique capability, as ceramic artists, of sculpting or taking an impression of missing pieces, reproducing them from clay and kiln firing the duplicated pieces (instead of a Polymer based filler option) to insure uniformity of materials and retain the restored item's value. Many years ago I had a specialist who worked at the Boston Fine Arts Museum restore several statues. Within days Morty called me to tell me that it was going to cost a little bit more, but they had some options.Instead of repairing the jar, I ended up finding the exact same one on Ebay and sent that to Morty.
There is no one out there like Lakeside Pottery and I would have lost my precious vase if not for them. Before he commenced the repair work, Morty walked us through the procedure he intended to employ. They were very courteous and helpful and told us that they would try their best to mend it. Plumb or pommegranate like fruit in a deep, rich pinky red, with raised detail in aubergine. As we define very good condition relative to the stated age of the piece, we would expect to see character marks consistent with that age and could include minor nicks or dings to a wooden, metal, enamel or chalkware object, minor wear to a painted surface, minor speckling on a mirror, light crazing, wear to gilding, or small manufacturing glaze skips in ceramic finish, or slight wear to a label. Wrap each individual piece in paper, towel or bobble wrap so that they don't come in contact with each other.
Worst case scenario is when the silicone adhesive was used with porous material such as terra-cotta. The painted it the exact same way to match what my grandma had done and got the top to fit the base of the one with my Grandma's initials and date. In the past 6 months, Lakeside Pottery just completed my third restoration project with many many more to follow. I can't even tell it was ever damaged and they even put a reinforcement coat on it to strengthen it. He sent us detailed photos pin-pointing each of the areas of actual damage and areas of potential damage that we might wish to address since we had the opportunity to reach the interior of the sculpture while Morty was making the many repairs. These are surrounded by foliage in a variety of pale and dark blues, lilac and lavenders and fantastic lustrous green and coppery gold that have an oil-spot effect, changing colour as the light catches them.
Sun or UV light will, with time, fade the restored colors just as if you left a painting, a fabric or furniture in the sun for long periods. The silicone adhesive soaks in the material porous surface and the full depth of penetration needs grinding further reducing fit, thus, increasing restoration cost. So, you actually improved on the original and nobody but you and I will ever know the difference! As the work progressed, he invited us to visit the studio and explained the process to date and steps towards completion in intricate, fascinating detail. Very good condition would not include chips or cracks in any glass or ceramic item, but could include very minor fleabite chips to the edges of a marble item. Place all the wrapped pieces and put it all into a box (place the larger parts in the box first) to keep it all together and protected until you are ready to drop or ship to a restorer.
All the materials Lakeside Pottery use are with the highest UV resist rating but none are 100% resistant for indefinite exposure, thus, if you wish for your restored item to last for generations, avoid direct sun or near florescent light placement. Morty called me throughout the process to give me plenty of options and to keep me abreast of his progress. Upon completion, he packed Olga in a very safe, professional manner (too bad the movers hadn't taken these precautions). A couple of hours after Olga was picked up for delivery to the house, Morty called to make sure we were happy with the new Olga and that the placement of her in our home was a success.
Every leaf and every flower pedal looks like the original but better in its construction, paint, and artistry!
Our official estimate proposal will indicate schedule as it applies specifically to your project. Additional Information Mark: Royal Goedewaagen (1779 - today)Founded in Gouda in 1779 as a clay pipe factory, Goedewaagens Pijpen- en Aardewerkfabriek was started by Dirck Goedewaagen and honored by Queen Wilhelmina with the title Royal (Koninklijke) in 1910. We hope never again to be in a position to utilize Lakeside's services, but if any of our art work were damaged, there is no question that we would run back to Morty. Goedewaagen still makes two types of clay pipes to honor its roots, but has been producing decorative art pottery since 1912, including Gouda and Delftware. Goedewaagen became a large producer of blue & white Delftware when it purchased the defunct Zuid-Holland in 1965. Goedewaagen declared bankruptcy in 1982, but was purchased and re-opened in 1983 in Nieuw-Buinen by Jan Kamer under the name Goedewaagen-Gouda B.V.
Goedewaagen produces high quality, hand-painted, blue & white, polychrome and Frysia style Delftware and guarantees that its products will never craze.
We take great care in shipping your repaired piece back to you and have a perfect track record.The cost of repairing damaged ceramic, china, pottery or porcelain depends on the type and extent of the damages taking the following into our calculations: Is removal of an old repair attempt required?How many breaks, cracks or chips?Are pieces missing?
If yes, will we be required to fabricate them?How large of a surface needs to be repainted? Style:DELFTWAREThe European craze for blue and white Chinese export porcelain in the 17th century lead to the development of the Dutch East India Company, which imported millions of pieces of Chinese porcelain as well as other Chinese wares.
Levy later manufactured pottery under the name Mark-Charles, but this company was active only briefly, perhaps a couple of years.
Dutch potters from the city of Delft quickly filled the gap in the market with their own production of blue and white ceramics that duplicated the look of Chinese export porcelain by using the tin-glazing technique learned from the Italians. The Delft potters were the first northerners to imitate the tin-glazed earthenware pottery of Italian majolica, or faience.
Production of Delftware proliferated and by 1700 there were more than 30 factories in production of high-quality pieces in the city of Delft.
Decorative plates were made in abundance and featured native Dutch scenes with windmills and fishing boats, hunting scenes, landscapes, seascapes, and scenes of people in daily life. When Chinese exports re-entered the European market by 1685, they came back in color, especially in greens and pinks. This sparked the production of Polychrome Delft, which refers to the use of colors other than blue and white. Besides the popular cobalt blue on a white background, Delft potters had a full color range that consisted of yellow, orange, brown, green, purple, dark red, and black.Despite the huge success of Delftware manufacturers, the market for Delftware eroded through the 18th century until eventually only one factory in Delft remained in existence. Since that time, over one hundred potteries have come back into existence producing what is known as modern Delftware, which no longer uses the tin glazing method of majolica.In the period from 1876 to 1940, many high-quality, beautiful pieces of Delftware were produced. More Delftware companies opened in the 1950s to 1970s, specializing in pieces made for the tourist trade. Delftware has been produced in Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, Japan, and the US, and is still in production today.

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