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I think that you might agree that this might actually take the prize for the most attractive option.
That is exactly what Dan Larsen, owner of Larsen Builders thought when he designed this porta potty.
I think it’s a great idea, much more pleasing to see in appropriate places where no other facility is available. Right now I have the “privilege” of looking out my Dining Room french doors at porta potty 30 ft away!
More than 61,000 people attended Burning Man in 2013, which just a decade ago drew half as many people.
The year I attended, so did over 61,000 other people, many of them in the tech industry.
While many people go for the full seven days, I previously only did four, so my experience may have been different from others.
For me, I loved biking around during the hot desert days looking at all of the beautiful art installations constructed in the middle of nowhere and taking advantage of strangers’ generosity by way of wine tastings, zip lines, and fried chicken.
I packed it full with costumes, sunscreen, sunglasses, flashlights, food, and other items on the official checklist.

Upon arrival in Reno, the closest airport, I hit a Walmart to grab last-minute necessities such as jugs of water. There was a communal tent filled with pillows, blow up couches, and chairs where everyone could hang out together. My camp was part of a larger camp that offered two large meals a day in exchange for kitchen duties like cooking and cleaning. Each bike has to be covered in el wire, which lights up at night so people don’t run into you. The first place I checked out was Distrikt, a Vegas-like outdoor club pumping music between the mountains. Including this fire-breathing octopus art car, where the bride and groom’s rings were made of duct tape. Art cars are a huge thing at the festival and people spend all year putting them together, like this pinata-themed vehicle. On the outside of the car there was an open bar, where people filled their Camelbaks intended for water with alcohol instead.
People hang out in booths just like in real bars — except you’re literally in the middle of nowhere.

At night there were wild dance parties played by DJs such as Paul Oakenfold and Major Lazer. But overall, it was a great experience that I would highly recommend to anyone up for the adventure. But the beauty of Burning Man is that everyone can have whatever kind of experience they want.
As the sun goes down, the lights of Black Rock City come up and the pulse of the music keeps people awake until well into the following day.
Everything you bring into the desert, you have to take back out — including dirty dish water.
I don’t have any so I had to do a cartwheel in exchange for sending a postcard from the working post office. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a porta potty in the style of a London phone booth.

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