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This smooth, simple, light weight, and portable potty has no edges to pinch your toddlers thighs. This White Baby Bjorn Potty Chair is like a comfy "armchair" for your child and a good place to start an adventure in potty training. Most of them were okay, but just got nasty quckly, were hard to disinfect, or were uncomfortable for my son. We were "potty training" for a full year before we finally saw the BabyBjorn potty chair in a local boutique, and DS immediately sat in it. Within a week, he was trained, and began using the "big boy seat", so we saved the seat for our daughter. The seat has a higher back and sides, which gives the child support while sitting down, standing up, or simply sitting there. Overall, having tried MANY seats, this one was the absolute best for both our children, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a chair for potty training success~!
It is designed to be low to the ground to encourage the more natural squatting position for eliminating. When the musical sensor detects moisture in the potty bowl, it will play the classic favorite children's tune, "It's a Small World". It features a high back, comfortable armrests, and plenty of leg room all of which has made it a hit with both children and parents.

This white potty chair also has an inner potty that is easily removed for emptying and cleaning.
Parents of toddler boys are always wanting to know about the splash guard, rest assure this potty chair has a high splashguard!
The ones with the removable splash gaurd are not gentle and can scrape a child's sensitive parts.
It is super easy to clean - there aren't a bunch of seams to gather gunk, it's easy to wipe down with a clorox wipe and be done. This makes going to the potty fun for children, and easy for parents since the reward system is built right in.
This was such a big deal to my children --- also, they are solid colors that can look nice with your bathroom.
My son was 40" and 42lbs when potty training, and my daughter is 25lbs and a little shrimp, and this seat fit them both WONDERFULLY. The music motivates the child to go potty so that they can hear the song and receive their reward. We bought her this white babybjorn seat for our downstairs bathroom, with the blue upstairs. The surface is also nice that your child can decorate the back with cute stickers if wanted.

With our first, we had 3 in diapers, giving us MAJOR motivation to get him potty trained, so we tried almost every seat out there.
I still have both but have had my husband pull out the sensors as it sometimes works and sometimes not. However, the musical wetness sensor stopped working in about 4 weeks, which defeated the whole point of getting this potty. Also, it is pretty big and there isn't a basin that lifts out to clean out the poo so you have to take the whole thing to the toilet and rinse it out.
No grip on the bottom so it easily slides on a bathroom floor when my son tries to sit on it. It is very very difficult to for a child sit on and get up from without help unless you completely remove your child's underwear. This is compounded by the fact that the potty scoots on the floor because of the lack of rubber grips.
The music sensor is right in the middle so little boys won't immediately Potty Scotty (Jan 06, 2011) Reviewer: Barbara Hyatt I don't know how this works, but it does (no batteries).

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