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Baby Annabell Potty Time, is the perfect nurture play accessory for your Baby Annabell doll. Help your Baby Annabell® to undress and sit down: the backrest will also offer her some support.
Opinia o sklepie moze byc jak najbardziej zadowalajaca ,czas realizacji zamowienia oceniam pozytywnie. Bardzo dobry i sprawnie dzialajacy sklep internetowy, bardzo duzy wybor ksiazek o szerokiej tematyce. Sklep posiada bardzo duzy wybor ksiazek, zarowno nowosci wydawniczych jak i rowniez starszych wydan. Jesli nie znajdziesz wiadomosci od TaniaKsiazka.pl w glownym widoku skrzynki pocztowej, sprawdz zakladke "Oferty". This chic BABY born Stroller comes in handy whenever you want to go shopping or for a walk. PRETTY PINK TUTU FOR BABY BORN DOLL , WITH LITTLE HEADDRESS .MATCHES GIRLS VERSION FROM FRILLY LILY , MATCHING BALLET WRAP , AND BALLET SHOES ALSO AVAILABLE.

Moxie Girlz are full of confidence & energy with a positive attitude & courage to go for it!
A fun present for little girls who want to be like mum, this baby boy doll comes with a pretty outfit in light blue with a matching hat. There will certainly have already been plenty of thrilling moments during your time together, but using the potty for the first time is sure to be one of the most exciting.
Juz wielokrotnie zakupilam w nim ksiazki i faktycznie w nizszej cenie niz w innych sklepach internetowych. Zamowienie zostalo zrealizowane bardzo szybko, przesylka zapakowana bardzo starannie i bezpiecznie. Jestem zadowolona z produktu oraz calej transakcji zwiazanej z zamowieniem, wysylka i dostarczeniem jej. If you are looking for the Best prices or just to save money in the UK then you've hit the right Uk offer and compare place.
With her soft body & big rolling eyes she"s the best cuddly friend a dolly mummy could ask for.

There lots of space in the shopping net & the stroller is also fitted with safety straps for your BABY born boy doll.
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