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According to Catholicism, it’s a sin to curse AT a person and to use words in a hurtful way, but it is not a sin to curse and use the words in communication to simply communicate or tell a story.
Thing is, a lot of Protesants (a large grouping of Christians, ie: Anglicans, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, and Presbyterians) believe that any type of cursing is a sin, whether you are using the words to be funny or to actually hurt someone. Some people have said that I come off crude, ungraceful, or uneducated by using cuss words.
Calah, from the blog Patheos, has a great article about why she, as a devout Catholic and highly educated woman and mom, loves to cuss. I will do my best to substitute those words with things like you-know-what, hoot, dern, darn, heck, etc.
Part of my decision to continue to curse is that this website is not a pretty, cleaned up version of me. So for now the cursing stays but I will keep it to the absolute bare minimum, but I am gonna keep being me.
I hope this post and my compromises makes you feel better if you don’t like it when I curse, and I hope that you will stick around regardless of a few damns, hells and shits around here, because there is so much good stuff here! I personally do not curse, it has just never been a part of my vocabulary BUT I have no right to judge others for doing so. I personally LOVE reading your blog and part if it is how funny and honest you are INCLUDING the curse words. So, I found your blog today, via just eat real food (who are promoting your cookbook this evening) and after reading this post am so sorry to see that Kate beat me to the punch but she IS right, and thanks for sharing it all, tidy or not!! I do not use cuss words because of my personal convictions, however, this is your blog to use as you wish. Oh girl, I am not gonna stop, just maybe gonna tone it down a wee bit, but def gonna keep on being me! Your blog is amazing and the rawness of it and how much your personality comes through makes it more unique than any other blog I follow.
I have to agree there are times that no other words will do justice and some days are crap and if we don’t blog about them people may just start to think we live in a la di da magazine pictured house, not the real world, and what fun would that be!?

Now if you were talking to me in person, and you are a close friend, it might be 2 curse words per sentence depending on what we’re talking about.
And believe me, at the crossroads of motherhood, health, kids, food, and slow cookers are a lot of Mormon women reading this blog! I’m not offended by your curse words, but I think your efforts not to use the worst of them is great!
I certainly don’t think that the actions of person in the LDS church represent the whole religion, because, ahem, what would that say about mine?! Some of them really were nice about it, and were very kind in their delivery, I guess in a concerned for my soul kind of way, but some were just mean. I asked advice from friends, collegues, and Catholic mamas who I respect, trying to decide if I would stop cursing on M+BL and even go back to edit all of my past posts that have curse words in them. I have always loved telling stories, and I love to get animated, use colorful language to entertain, and make someone laugh or engage them in my story. I have called my husband an a-hole on several occasions in our almost decade of being together, and I have called some women the b word, not to their face, but when confiding in my husband or a close friend about that person’s behavior, but I go to confession like a good Catholic and I know that is wrong.
When Penelope starts developing her own story telling and communication style, I plan on being very honest and direct with her.
There are no gateways to reading; therefore, the exit is also wide open if someone feels uncomfortable here.
Of course I agree that we should strive to always be kind and respectful of others’ feelings, but as you said, there is no obligation for anyone to be here.
I am me, all the time and everywhere and I use cuss words probably more than I should, but I do and that’s just how it is. And nothing has quite the same pizazz as a well-placed “asshat.” And yet, you don’t see blog posts from me chock full of profanity. I will let her know cursing is not a sin, but that she will need to be respectful of her surroundings and of course I will teach her that it is a sin to curse AT someone.
Mama and Baby Love is all about helping mothers on their own personal health and healing journey and enjoying life along the way.

If what I say or do offends someone then it is best that we do not run in the same circles. So I will tell you exactly how I feel about you, even if it may hurt a bit to hear the truth. I might feel very differently about all of this the day Penelope starts dropping an f-bomb when she stubs her toe at the house, but for now this is the plan. I find it completely ridiculous to judge others on anything, let alone something as trivial as a word. If she were to kick her toe or drop a glass and have it smash she would exclaim “shit!” And my dearest BFF, has only heard her once and she dropped her jaw and clasped her hand over her mouth in utter shock! I love your blog and would read it even if you dropped the “f-bomb” in every post! What if people told them they wouldn’t read their blogs because they were offended about them talking about their religion, would they stop! It’s because there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about them in whatever sentence I happen to be constructing that cannot be duplicated by using another word.
I know this, because I always reach for the less offensive word first, particularly because I know some people are very sensitive to cussing.
A less colorful, less accurate word chosen solely on the chance that the word I mean might offend someone doesn’t cut it for me.
In fact, I love language enough to say what I really mean and not dance around it with lackluster substitutes.

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