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They’ll pay $150 to employees who sign up a child and complete a 3 month online program using interactive web-based tools feeding core messages about diet, nutrition, and exercise training. IBM’s senior vice president of human resources says addressing preventable health issues among children is simply a logical next step, targeting dependents as well as employees. The article goes on to say that “cash incentive programs typically result in at least three dollars in savings for every dollar a company spends. I mean, c’mon…Have you ever invited someone on WeightWatchers to join you for dinner?

I’m hopeful this is simply a win-win, and that IBM and ALL employees will use critical thinking skills to evaluate the merits of each and every program pitched to their families with payola. The easiest and most effective strategy to get children to move around more is simply to turn off the screens.
Working on a program that would collaborate with shaping youth program and would like to discuss. We're changing the channel of media and marketing influence toward a healthier worldview for kids!

Miller-Kovach says children need support physically and emotionally in order to keep their bodies at a healthy weight.

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