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Durable, flexible in that it's a self contained unit and you can remove the seat to put onto your own toilet later.
Padded Tush StatsStatistics and reviews to help you find the best cloth diapers for your baby. About Latest Posts Tara PorterTara Porter began using cloth diapers in 2011 when she felt that using disposable diapers was costing too much money.
Yes, I’ve had trouble with this with some of the night diapers that he really saturates. The toddler seat and lid are prone to falling down onto ones back when sitting on the main seat. If there's a soft-close, light construction dual toilet seat out there that doesn't have any of the aforementioned issues, please tell me about it! Specifications are available on the Lupi Lu website to ensure your toilet is suitable for a Lupi Lu. LoopyLulu, the fixing bolts on your Lupi Lu are adjustable to allow the seat forward or back on the pan for the best fit. After much research on getting the best and easiest seat for toilet training, I was excited to be getting the Lupi Lu seat - all the comments on the web were positive and there was no additional cleaning.
The Lupi Lu can fit wall hung toilets, you just need to get the blind fixing hinge attachment. Yes, there are blind fixing kits available for a Lupi Lu if you get home and realise you have a blind fixing toilet pan (bolts are not visible from underneath). Balked at the price for ages then after several friends had recommended it I finally gave in (when it was on sale).
In terms ease of use, My daughter started using it by herself since 2.5 years old, with help of a little stool of course.
There is never a need to remove it if they outgrow it - other small visitors will always appreciate it and the adult seat is always there. My soft close stopped working within a couple of weeks, but didn't really find it a problem not having it.

He loves the music when he goes to the toilet and it's a real incentive for him to actually stay seated long enough to go! It is worth the extra money to purchase this potty than have to buy a separate potty and kid's toilet seat later. At that point, I set a timer for 15 minutes, gave him a ton of juice, and after 2 accidents, he got it. The only problem is, if I wait until I had a full diaper pail of diapers, 2 weeks will have passed and my house would probably be taped off as some biohazard from festering diaper stink. Then I just wash it with clothes using the standard cycle I would for clothes (normal wash, Kirkland* detergent to 1 scoop).
For those of you who have potty trained your kids, any tips for how you handled small loads of diapers to wash?
Carolyn and I have been working hard to find a different detergent to suggest to all of you, since so many have had Tide issues like ours. This has helped our 3 year old be independent with toilet training he puts the toddler seat down and comfortably sits on it all by himself.
Rotating these bolts may move the seat forward enough to allow the seats to stay up when lifted. It is very stable without me worrying my little girl will flip over or drop into the toilet.
Easy to clean, stays on the toilet - nothing to clean or store seperately, looks good, a very comfortable adult seat as well as toddler seat, soft close. Now, mind you, I did have him wear training pants while we reviewed them and we’d take them off and put them on while he sat on the potty for 1 second. Best we have heard of so far is Tide with Oxyclean, but we both are working through detergent boxes before we can try that suggestion! What she finally discovered was that her baby was skinny and a heavy wetter, and that diapers worked differently for those baby types.
Consider the slam-factor on a toddler practicing stand-up wees and the Bemis is outright dangerous. Annoying and unglamorous as it is, we have to store it to the side of the toilet with the little toilet stool.

We try to tighten it up but if the seat moves slightly, one of the plastic nuts will pop down the bolt a couple of turns.
Looks great in the bathroom, easy to clean, kids love it and doesn't pinch or make them feel insecure. My almost 4 year old has always baulked at the toddler seats that go onto the toilet and prefered to perch precariously over the loo unaided. My son is definitely not soft handed and this potty has withstood being stood on, dropped down stairs and having heavy toys smashed onto it. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review.
Because of her professional work with survey design and statistics, she designed Padded Tush Stats as a way to determine how different cloth diapers worked on different babies. Nonetheless, it does the job it is supposed to do - no leaks and does not pose a risk of slamming fingers or other body parts. I learned from my experience with my daughter that I should just wait until he expressed a little interest–or at least that is what worked in my own situation with my own kids.
I tend to put a load of laundry in every morning, so in would go his rinsed diaper from the night. Tara moved on to other career endeavors in 2014 but can still be found online blogging about health and fitness at Fit Baby Steps. I put the diapers on warm and just leave out the sexy jeans that can’t get un-sexy from shrinkage!!! We need to buy another one for our downstairs toilet where we current use a clip on toddler toilet seat but is not as stable and takes up too much room in the bathroom when not been used.

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