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Alexia Crow Cave of Heroes A wrong step has sent Alexia tumbling down into a mysterious realm filled with ancient secrets.
Angry Brain Heroes The zombies can never imagine that there beloved food, brains can someday strike back. Patapon 2 The Art of War To take back their stolen home, they will master their enemies to the beat of the drum.
Description: Embark on an epic journey through the lands to grow ever stronger and defeat your enemies.
2011 - Multiple award winner Minecraft has now sold almost 2 million copies and spawned a worldwide cult around its charming open-world game design. 2010 - Playdead's stark monochromatic platform title Limbo is a smash hit on Xbox Live Arcade, following its summer 2010 release, picking up a 2011 Game Developers Choice Award for Best Visual Arts.
2010 - The team behind 2009 Student Showcase finalist Tag: The Power of Paint are hired by Valve to implement new paint gun mechanics into Portal 2. 2009 - The Behemoth's follow-up to Alien Hominid, the IGF-winning Castle Crashers, tops XBLA charts to critical acclaim. 2009 - IGF multi-award winner World Of Goo launches as one of the best-selling, best-reviewed WiiWare titles of all time, alongside a popular PC version.

2009 - Petri Purho's Crayon Physics Deluxe spawns an iPhone version courtesy of Hudson, plus a popular PC downloadable version. 2007 - Design Innovation winner Everyday Shooter is signed by Sony for distribution on the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network, after Sony's John Hight plays the game at the IGF Pavilion during GDC 2007 - Everyday Shooter's Jon Mak also appears at the inaugural Independent Games Summit.
2006 - Grand prize winner Darwinia gets both digital distribution via Valve's Steam system and U.S. 2005 - Fan favorite N wins the audience award, and, as N+, releases as a hit XBLA title, as well as notable Nintendo DS and Sony PSP versions. 2003 - Super X Studios' Wild Earth, a photographic game based around a worldwide safari, takes multiple prizes and subsequently becomes a motion simulator ride and eventually (in adapted form) a Wii title. 2000 - Tread Marks, created by the late Seumas McNally, which the IGF's grand prize is now named after, wins 3 major awards.
If you see any information about Potty Racers 3 that needs to be corrected or updated, contact the IGF Chairman.
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Saving Private Duck 2 Save the little ducks from the archer's arrow by using the shield to protect the ducks.
Puzzle Mania Cloudy with a Chance of Meetballs Fix the pieces exactly on the picture frame.
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